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Re: Flash viewer

Dump it. It's not worth the overhead to your users. And, for those of us who use Firefox and browse with Flash blocked (http://flashblock.mozdev.org/) , it's a PITA.

You've put 2 of the 4 comics I read in flash so far. Any more, and I probably quit visiting.



None of the flash comics are showing up today. :(


The should make a new book called "The Five Fists of Thunt." it'd be about a rogue Web operative who doesn't play by the rules ... but damnit he gets results! He'd travel by night via an individual jet pack and wear some sort of sombrero to strike fear into the weakhearted. By day, he'd go back to his job of auctioning antique hummels on eBay.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you a proposal. I will warn that my fees are very high so don't bother if you're not prepared to pay.

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