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Watch anime online

hmm nice but who will download it on the phone ...

Amine G.

i confirm FlashBlock is very good

Rhomda Tchi

Guilstein on mobile phone... come on! Mayn people will like it, but I will never ever download it to my mobile.

Comics Without Flash

It IS incredible that heads have not rolled yet.

Must be that the executioner would have to submit to watching a Flash befor firing him!

Bryan Mills

Hey, what's with the popover ads these days? If there's one thing that'll make me stop reading comics at your site, that's it. Much, much more annoying than flash (and that's saying something!), and it's not as easy to control (FlashBlock for Firefox is very nice). Besides, nothing ruins your whole "legitimate company" image like using a kind of advertising that's so annoying it's only typically found at link farms.

Fire the morons

Still haven't fired the morons who thought that flash was a good idea, eh?

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