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this comic in email really works and i love baby blues and i think everybody should get comics in there email!!!!!!!!



They do send quality comics too!

Pravin Maniam



I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!.


Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be backp


I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOUr




Hi! I'd like to point out that the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip for November 12, 2006 is missing. :(

Ex Reader

FYI, Everyone: You Don't have to post your Real Email address in order to post to most blogs (including this one).
If you Do, you'll receive alot of SPAM from the spiders that crawl through these postings, collecting email addresses.


Between the flash issues, and now you want data to look at any but the current date cartoon, I guess I'll just be missing out on Non Sequitur from now on. Not worth my time...

Flash Gordon

This flash crap is really starting to get annoying. I'm now waiting for 10 minutes to get it to load, while I've already read and commented on other nice gif-based webcomics. I'm sure there must be some nice rippers out there who can give me fast-loading gifs.



We solved October 15th's comic
( http://www.gocomics.com/foxtrot/2006/10/15/ )
that featured a sudoku board in under a second.
( http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/588050/620708#target )

Props for maintaining accuracy.


How hard is it to post? One blog a month? Shut it down. It's worthless.


I put up with your site for a long time. (i was a fool thinking that your site was going to sometime be good) But the 2-day archive was the end.


(There i did it.
Now i can go to www.comics.com)


I love comics strips! How do I reach Mr. George Herriman with a business poprosal?


Okay, the pop up ads were the last straw. Not to mention that the flash on FoxTrot seems to be taking progressively longer to load. So, whatever. I'm outta here. Have fun in your Flash nightmare playground.


Well, the size appears to have been fixed, but now the "Previous Day" link is broken. Almost time to dust off the Perl scraper, I think. I don't want to scrape cartoons, because I think it's wrong and it denies the copyright holder their source of either revenue or statistics, whichever is more important to them. But if there's no other way to view them...


why is the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip for 9/10/2006 too small? Can something be done? >_<


Incidentally, for those who want to see the full size C&H, try the gif version here:



Another flash triumph on Calvin & Hobbes, I see. Just give up and go back to gifs...


What is with Calvin & Hobbes today? It's tiny.

The Scuba Skipper

There are a lot of random comments on this blog. I'm gald Go-Comics is so popular. I love Calvin and Hobbes on here!

~The Scuba Skipper


Your only expense is incovenience. Do you think sites run on altruism? It's a business, not a museum.

If you don't want the ads pay the $10 for the subscription.



That sound you hear is the noise made when something goes over your head. Fast.

It's not that my computer can't run Flash. In fact, it can. The problem with serving comics with Flash is more one of principal and trying to prevent a technology from overstepping it's bounds and being misused, so to speak.

Ever since Flash was discovered by the brainless hordes of marketing zombies, it has been abused. Full-screen unclosable ads, popups, animations, browser-takeovers, etc. Flash has taken in-your-face, shoot-the-dog, force-fed advertising to a new level. Sure it has it's place: it does well with multimedia such as movies and music, and of course games, but serving a comic? The only "valid" reasons are that it's (1) an attempt to prevent people from stripping comics from the page, (2) saving them to their computers, and (3) force visitors to have Flash enabled. In the first two cases, it will be ineffective; however, the third motive means GoComics can promise it's advertisers that 99% of users on it's site will have Flash enabled, and this will lead to even more extreme Flash abused advertising (and money in GoComic's pocket at the expense of it's users).

I (and many others) do not use Flash because it's downsides outweigh it's positives most of the time. If goComics decides to go exclusively Flash, then they will lose readers. It also means that artists like Amend won't be able to link to an image of *his* work from his homepage.

So fine, while I shake my computer like an Etch-A-Sketch, you can continue to play sheep and believe whatever people like GoComics and their advertisers tell you is best.

*Note: I'm not even discussing people who use operating systems or browsers that do not support Flash.


Instead of comics in my e-mail, I would settle for updating the comments you list every day or posting some note as to why not. goComics is definitely a step down from uComics


While we are on the subject of online comics go to Comics Sherpa's site (www.comicssherpa.com) and check out a few of my favorite reads there.
44 Union Avenue
Half Baked
The Super Amazing Duo of Justice

The guy who does Mythtickle is the one that "won" the opportunity to redraw the defunct comic strip "Unifit (if you remember the hubbub about Scott Adams (Dilbert guy) trying to preform artistic CPR on the strip for his friend. Of course it didn't pan out in the end and "Unfit" was Kavorkianed.


Hi folks! You may remember me from a few blog posts earlier. I'm here to tell you about a fabulous new opportunity. Do you like fun? Would you like to make your friends jealous? Well, then just sit back, relax and enter the sublime world of online comics.

Sure there's an ad or two, but you're getting them for free so quit your griping. I suggest starting with a fabulous strip I like to call Through Thick and Thin. After a quick browse of this strip, you'll be on the verge of enjoyment! You'll also come to the conclusion that ANYONE can do a strip!


If you'd upgrade your computer from your "Etch-A-Sketch 2000" you wouldn't have any problems.

Try shaking your computer.


So now Bill Amend's Foxtrot website (http://www.foxtrot.com/) is broken, as well as the gocomics Foxtrot page. Did you guys just temporarily break something, or decide to finally break everything by switching exclusively to Flash?


Greetings! Today I intend to blog the hell out of this blog! So tighten up your bootstraps and get yourself a piping hot mug of butterscotch!


Stop with the ponies!
They're just small quadrapeds with equine envy. Their dream is to be in a rodeo but they have to content themselves working birthday parties, barmitzvas, and plowing the fields of the midget Amish.


OMG Ponies!!!


It's only you. Everyone else loves popup ads.


Is it only me or do others also get annoying popup advertisement with a JavaScript asking for installation of antivirus software on the Calvin & Hobbes site?


I miss the good ole' days of reading Calvin and Hobbes all the way back to the begining. At least I got most of it in. So much for what was once a decent site.


You assume that things were at the top of the hill.
Really, everything has been resting comfortably at the bottom of the hill since the start.
The 2 day archive is for those with short term memories.
The color? What color? This is a monocrome site.


Not a big fan of the 2-day archive. What gives? And what happened to the colour? Things really are going downhill here.


Bad holiday weekend for me. I have to amend my previous post. #'s 1 and 2 stay the same but as for that last one.

3. Ponies are overrated. Unless they're C. Thomas Howell as Pony Boy in "The Outsiders." I always felt like the nicknames were really poor in those SE Hinton books, like what a housewife would think was clever, but certainly not a teenager. Especially ones that were supposed to be tough. Soda Pop? Pony Boy? Socs (pronounced SO-ISH)? Come on, Hinton. Haven't we had enough of that BS?


Has anyone looked at the comics on Comics Sherpa? (Comicssherpa.com).
A lot of them seem lame but there are a few that are pretty funny. Have a look. See which ones are good and which are bad.


My turn to do the blog...

1. Comics are a fickle mattress
2. Technology is fun
3. Ponies like fickle fun.

By the way there's an interesting article on the "Pearls before Swine" guy at http://www.napavalleyregister.com/articles/2006/09/02/news/local_top_story/iq_3579882.txt


Crap. I'll do the blog for you for nothing. Here goes:

1) Comics can be fun.
2) Technology is a fickle mistress.
3) I like ponies.

See ya tomorrow!


More tumbleweeds blow by....

R Pyle

Ok, I think "Um abraço" means "a hug". So someone said something nice, just not in English.


Bacana o site disponiblizando as tiras comicas em quadrinhos.
apreciei, parabnes pelo trabalho. Um abraço.


Geez, doesn't anyone have anything nice to say? I think Morgan is doing a great job :)


Is this a blog or just a marketing site?


What is with that Comcast pop-up ad? There's no way to close it.

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