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As Clifton Hassam, a Florida 16 year old junior in high school, sat in class, his blood sugar began to reach dangerous levels. His monitor, which is attached to his hip, began beeping to inform him of this. Hassam reached down to turn off the beeping noise and take care of his blood sugar levels.


As usual, you were afraid to answer the question because it would incriminate you as a commie - Truther.

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Wonderful here i saw new things about this tmnt movie!! It's some what different thing to me.And have no words!!

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I wouldn't have much use for comic books on my cell phone, but I have a young son who things a bit differently!

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comic books on my mobile phone! oh i've been waiting for this

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Really like the Turtle Ninjas, probably one of the best cartoon sequels ever ! :)

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Actually I watch movies on my cell phone when I have too much free time and do not know what to do.


I hope another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film would be shown this 2010. I miss the group so much!

Rich Syn

The greatest superhero ever is Batman. I have been a Batman fan for the last 30+ years and even built a web site with every type of Batman collectible out there.

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What strikes me, in thinking about the fusion of comics and cell phones is the shift it seems to represent, the big changes such a fusion may represent for our culture in the future. Certainly it’s true that comics have been available on the internet for some time, but getting them from the internet, it seems to me, is vastly different from getting them on a cell. Cells are, obviously, far more portable, and receiving this kind of information on the go turns it into a replacement for the newspaper that the internet never quite represented. Sure you could always access the news online, but you had to log on, never mind sitting down at your computer, booting it up, signing on, navigating to the website. Suddenly, if we can get the news, even the comics, while we’re sitting on the subway, or waiting in the dentist’s office, then the newspaper really does become obsolete. And so too, might some other common products. Why, for instance, not read books with a cell? Obviously there are many possible questions this possibility raises about our future, but the one that comes most to mind is, does this mean then that books and news could increasingly become disposable? What does it do to our notion of information when, once we’ve read it, we delete it and it’s gone forever?

Mobile Phones

Very cool, and I will mention it to my daughter. At 9, she already has her first cell phone, and an abiding interest in all things Ninja Turtle. Particularly in anticipation of the film, this will really get her going. Do you know what the cost is to download? For my own part, I’d like to see more alternative comics from GoComics. They do carry Doonesbury and Opus, and say they will be adding Boondocks soon, but outside of strictly political cartoons, I would be interested in seeing work from underground artists such as Harvey Pekar or Charles Burns. But perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part. After all, underground means underground, and one can’t expect underground to suddenly go mainstream. Still, with political cartoons from around the country offered on the site, maybe it isn’t too much to hope that someday . . .

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