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Not Joyous

I have enjoyed reading the archived strips on my iphone for the last several months and now I find the browser automatically lands on gocomic's mobile site, which is horrendous. If I'm doing something wrong here, please let me know. The number of strips appear to be restricted, and of those available, only the past week's strips are shown. Then of course having to click through each panel to view an entire strip. Not happy. Granted the annual subscription is very nominal . . . but I am a paying subscriber nonetheless -- not many sites can boast to having a paid subscriber base at all. Please don't blow this opportunity -- once a site loses its paid subscriber base, it is nearly impossible to urge them back. I've also emailed the site's "contact" and am eager for a reply.


I am also disappointed with the changes. The curtain menu guarantees extra clicking. It always opens on a-c. I liked the drop down menu.
Have the calendar show by default instead of making me click to display the dates. Or at least a previous day arrow.
I've stopped reading some comics just because its too much hassle to get to them.


I can't log in. It tells me that my user name and/or password are incorrect, but I know they are not. I also am not very fond of the layout. I prefer to have a drop down to get to my first comic, then click a link from that page. I'll get used to it, but only if I can log in and read my favorites.


not only is th e"new" site devoted mostly to ads, I find the pop-up ads have doubled - I am getting two per comic despite pop-ups being turned off in my browser - plus when usung your navigation system, you get ads in between and need to wait to select "skip ad" - like another user, I will bookmark the comics I want and eliminate interaction with your "improved" site entirely - however, does anyone really expect these comments to make them go back to the old method - the ads pay for the site - this is the new priority with the internet - selling ad space!!!

David M.

I just figured out how tagging works. I have to admit, I like that. (Except "poopoo" is too big?)The comic page I made is working. So, no complaints here, other than the poopoo, but maybe I don't get that.

Once Faithful Reader

As a loyal comics reader, I find this upgrade (beta or not) a sad improvement. This site looks less and less like a syndicate's website and more like a poorly designed "fan site" every day.

Horizontally, your comic strips use less than half of the available display space. Advertisements appear to be the feature you're selling because they dominate in size and quantity. The only reminder that this site is supposed to be for comics is a speech bubble wallpaper.

And to top it all off, your "NEW COMICS" section advertised a feature called "Mal and Chad" but the most recent strip says that it will be on hiatus until next year???

Way to GO GOcomics! I'm outta here!!


I just discovered my activation notice. It had gotten tossed into the Spam folder.
I've made a personal comics page, and I really like the interface now. Now more searching down the long menu for the comics I like (and sometimes missing one).
The personal page is a great improvement.



With the old pull-down list, it was click, scroll, click. Now it's click, click, click. At the very easiest it was move my mouse to the comic suggested by the current comic, and click.

This is better how, exactly?

Oh, right - it's not. It's change for change's sake. Just like Dilbert. Well, after two weeks of that crap, including not being able to view Flash movies because the programming idiots were checking for browser/OS, so because I use Linux and not Winblowz, I couldn't see them. They finally fixed that. Still, the site is now so cumbersome and time-consuming to load, that I gave up on Dilbert.

You guys are heading in that direction. You're taking a long walk on a short pier; be cautious.


I must say, I hate the new page. it takes so many more clicks to read my favorite comics. I miss the drop down menu. I miss the suggestions for other comics if you liked the one you were reading.

I could care less about "tagging" comics - (be the first to tag this comic!!) maybe if I was 12 years old, this might be interesting. I don't care about favoriting, either. I just want to read the comics.


Hi. Looks like you worked hard on it but have to admit I really don't like it. (trying very hard not to use the h-word).


I have started an account, but my password failed. The new password sent to me failed also. I started a new account with a different user name. That password failed also.
Please go back to the old format. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." It was not "broke."



What are you guys thinking!?

Old style- one click on the drop down, one click on the comic. Ready for next comic? Simply repeat.

New (allegedly improved style) - Click Comics, click Explore, click Comic Strips, hunt for title and click yet again.
Ready for next comic? Just go through all this again? Not worth the effort.

Oh yeah, this is much better (sarcasm definitely intended!!)


i like the new look.....for me, the comics are easier to get to as the listing is a better setup.



I'd definitely appreciate the return of the drop down list and the calendar for navigating comics. The new system is fairly cumbersome. As far as the look, though, it's nice and clean, which I appreciate.


I found it was easier and faster to just bookmark the explore all comics page and just reload the bookmark to get the comic I wanted.

Yes, it's easier to leave your site and come back than it is to use your internal navigation tools.


Hey all,

The Curtain/Dropdown issue is a top priority - thank you all for the feedback you're providing here.

Also, we're going to be adding a few enhancements tomorrow. (Today, actually. Wow, it's late.) I'll announce them here and in the Comics Action Feed on your Dashboards.



TMR - Yikes. You're right about the tone. That's what I get for hurrying. I can assure you there was no intent to condescend in my last comment, but I apologize anyway. I posted that comment too quickly, right before I shut down my computer for the evening and right after we had launched the auto-fill search bar, which I was just hoping would be out before I left for the evening. My only intent was to let everyone know that another option was now available for finding comics; it wasn't meant to be a reply to anyone's comment. In retrospect, I should have just gone with my first impulse and made it a new post.

Hopefully you can look at my previous and subsequent comments and see that I'm not one to condescend.

Okay, on to the rest of the feedback...


While I like the new design, I see no improvement over the old design. And like everyone else, the 'curtain' menu is awful and impossible to get to a comic without clicking two or three times and it LOADS SLOW. I read all of my comics on another site while just the menu changed from the A's to the D's and then to the actual comic I was trying to load. And BTW, I thought your little instruction injection above was condescending...I'd have to say every comment I read about the drop-down menu inferred they'd tried it your way and didn't like it.


When I commented earlier I had already used the curtain menu. The major problem is I do skip around to get to my favorite comics, and it takes way too many clicks to get to anything pass C in the alphabet. If you could either make the curtain menu scrollable with all of the comics available in one shot, I could deal with that. If not, please bring back the drop down menu!

Bill Roberts

I don't like the new layout at all. And go back to the drop down list for selecting comics. Two levels of selection (first by letter, then the comic sucks.


Try out the new auto-fill search bar in the upper right corner.


That One Guy

Sorry, folks, but I don't like this new setup at all. While I normally like whitespace, this just feels weird. And as another poster commented, it now takes multiple clicks to jump from comic to comic. I much preferred the drop-down menu. Did it look as nice and slick? Probably not, but the functionality was way better.


Mr. Bruce, I hope you're checking back here. I took your case to GoComics customer service and they located your info, lickety-split. For you and for anyone else having trouble signing in: send an email directly to support@uclick.com and we'll get back to you with the info you need to get signed in.

Bill S. Bruce

I posted a comment, and after 2 verifications I am back to this screen. Did you get my request for sending whatever I need in way of password to my email address above. I have been a member for several years, and this is frustrating. Bill Bruce

Bill S. Bruce

Well, I've been a subscriber for several years, and I keep getting an error message that my ID or password is incorrect. When asked to give email address for my password, I get a screen that says I used wrong ID or password. It's a circle. My email address is above. Send whatever log-in info I need to that address. Bill Bruce

M. Orr

I've used the Explore tab and I still maintain the change is counterproductive. As others have mentioned already, it takes longer now to get to whichever comic you want to read. Simply put, I don't see the need for changing to the current form. The drop down menu was simple and quick.


Hey everyone,

We appreciate the feedback. Besides a few quick-fix technical glitches, several of your comments have been calls for the return of the dropdown menu. In this first release of the beta site we've deployed a "curtain" menu instead of a dropdown menu for selecting comics. You can access the curtain by clicking on the little green triangle to the right of the Explore tab. The comics are sorted in alphabetical groupings. It would be great if everyone (especially those of you who've already commented here) could give it a try and then let us know what you think.

And keep in mind that this is a beta release - that means we're still building, based on your feedback. We know that the free features we've added so far to the site - things like tagging, commenting, collecting, subscribing and sharing - are light years beyond what the old site could offer, but our goal is to add features like these while keeping the site as user-friendly as possible. It is, after all, all about connecting you with the comics. So keep letting us know what you like and don't like, and I'll keep you updated as we make changes.


M. Orr

Removing the comic list drop down menu for the current set up is NOT an improvement. Everything else is fine, but please bring back the drop down menu.



I have one good eye and a limited knowledge of the internet--I have used this site for the past several weeks and can read all of my comics without any problems. If I can do it, so can you. This is a much better site and requires very little effort to find and enjoy my comics...ron

R Pyle

Dear Dipwads:

Having to click back and forth and back and forth is NOT an improvement.

Having to visit 2 separate pages to read 1 comic strip, as opposed to simply using a combo menu, is NOT an improvement.

Congratulations! You've made this process MORE COMPLICATED!

Darwin Awards coming your way.




Frankly, I hate the new layout. It is much more difficult to select a comic now, my clicks to get to the ones I want to read have at least doubled.

First Dilbert and now you, why does everyone have to take a good working design and ruin it just for the sake of change?


Definitely needs tweaking. I like the overall look much better, but it's not easy to get to the select comics I regularly read (would appreciate the drop down list or some alternative that is easier than what you have now) and other features that were useful on the old site should have been kept (the hover calendar, for ex).

It is a much nicer set up otherwise.


It loads much faster than the old site, maybe there will not be a tendency to overdrive the cache with advertising. With a little time to adjust to the new site, I think it will be better. Good job.


grrr - where's the list of comics that I might like if I like the one I'm reading?? And the hover calendar?? what was wrong with the old site?


Are RSS feeds being eliminated? Because I'm pretty sure there were RSS feeds on the comics before...

Robert Nowall

Are you guys going to redesign GoComics *every* July 1st?


CSS needs tweaking, or my browser is running stale, the comments and what not are being displayed over the comic itself.

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