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What ever Greg Melvin is paid, it ain't enough. I heard he was on line to be canonized for sainthood for his work with Aaron McGruder.


I think we would have caught it if there had been yellow highlighter on it

John Glynn

Does exorbitant mean "more than a substitute elementary school teacher" ?


Makes you wonder what editors do to justify their exorbitant salaries, doesn't it?

R Thompson

I take full responsibility for this glaring screw-up (which nobody noticed as the line is only 2.5 microns in length, but I'm the one who opened his big mouth). It's what happens when I turn in a cartoon 15 minutes before press time. Wait, I didn't type that out loud, did I?

But I thank the genius editorial cartoonist Matt Wuerker for the word "tang". He asked me What do you call the little tang that points from the balloon to the speaker, thus answering his question and coining a word at the same time.

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