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Lucas Turnbloom

Danny: 6 Minutes
Lucas: 6 Days

John Glynn

There it is. Two wins for Lucas.


Lucas Turnbloom 2
Danny Burelson 1 (WR. 6:00 minutes)
Todd Machen 1
Corey Pandolph 1
Jonathon Lemon 1
Sam 1

Lucas Turnbloom

Okay!! La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz. There, I said it!

Lucas Turnbloom

Dangit! I'm gonna divulge if nobody answers!

Danny Burleson

Ahh, and my record continues to stand, heh heh.

Jonathan Lemon

I fear I may have to go into hiding.

Lucas Turnbloom

Found it!
...But I'll let someone else get it.

John Glynn

J. Lemon now holds the world record for keeping the crowd baffled.

Lucas Turnbloom

stumped me! Nice pick, Lem!

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