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That is so incredibly stupid and simultaneously so incredibly funny. I'm laughing my ass off.
By the way, do I notice a loop-point in that scream audio?

Lucas Turnbloom

Yep. That was so odd, it made my morning. Bravo, Tom!

BTW -- Mark, my local B&N and Borders stores won't, or can't get "Silent, But Deadly." What gives??

Tom Gammill

Yes, Mark, that was a loop-point, I can't remember why.
I think I screamed myself horse in earlier takes where
the audio wasn't working. TG


Lucas, I have no idea why your B&N "won't or can't" get SILENT BUT DEADLY.

Did you ask them why? Did they say the book was out of print?

Lucas Turnbloom

Mark -- Nope, the last time I asked they said S.B.D. wasn't in their warehouses and had no idea when, or even if they'd ever get 'em.
They said the same thing about Brian Anderson's DeD book, too. However, they did get a couple of those a few weeks back.

Lucas Turnbloom

BTW -- I'm in the San Diego area, if that helps.

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