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Lucas Turnbloom

"Tom was kind enough to lead an expedition of cartoonists on a Fox Studio tour and lunch with Matt Groening."

Holy crap! Tom, how cool of you to do that.

Mark Tatulli

It's guys like Tom that give me hope for Hollywood yet! What a hilarious guy and what a gentleman! My new favorite person (after John Glynn, of course).

John Glynn

"The New Show" was A-MAZ-ING.

There was a Pross-Gammill skit with John Candy called "Good Mailman/Bad Mailman" that made one 15-year-old hold his stomach till the laughter subsided. My cheeks hurt after.


I watched "The New Show," which was on in early '84 iirc. Anything featuring Valri Bromfield is worthwhile.

Tom Gammill

John Glynn -- your acting wasn't bad, either! The new Learn to Draw video should
be posted in a week or so, chock full of celebrity cartoonists. TG

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