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Sometimes when I'm alone ...


Oh, all right

It's been a blast to work with and meet you all, and thanks for the education and laughs the past few years. Feel free to drop me a line at lucashwetzel at gmail. I may be through at AMU but as I told Mr. Tatulli I'm very much in each of your respective corners. At least as long as Lio doesn't try to set off any M-80s at my apartment complex -- I've had my fill of that this week already.

And so this cycle of my career in the comics ends very much the way it began: guffawing heartily over a stack of printed-out Super-Fun-Pak Comics. (When's AMP going to put out a book of those, anyway?).

Godspeed and see you in the funny web/pages



Lucas is never far away via his Lucubrations blog: http://www.lucubrations.net
Catch you there, LW!


Terribly, terribly sorry to see Lucas go! He's a rising star in the editing world with some real keen insights that belie his youth. I have no doubt Lucas will find something else, I just wish he was still in my corner!

Matt P

That we will!


Your curly locks will be sorely missed, Lucas.

Lucas Turnbloom

What? That sucks! Rarely do I ever get to chat with another Lucas. Good luck, LW!

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