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I'm guessing the "Information" he sought was the length of her leg; a round about way of sneaking-a-peek. Oh, what a puckish character is that PEPE!

tom gammill

Dio mio!

tom gammill

Oops, I meant Dios mio and also to say I read Pepe every day.

J. C.

I think he asked where to find women's shoes, and she showed him. He of course took the opportunity to look up her skirt. Viva Pepe!

Alfonso Machado

I read Pepe all the time, and given his history......

I'd say he's pretending to be an ambulant shoe salesman giving away "samples", and wants to know exactly what kind of shoes she likes to wear so he can find the the perfect fit for her......

Of course he's interested in much more than just her shoes....LOL

By the way, "Pepe" is a very common nick name in the Latin world (usually associated with 'Jose'), many times 'Pepe' is transformed into the diminutive "Pepito", and 'Pepito' is a very common character used in all kinds of Spanish language jokes, from political to risque, who knows for how long now...


I think he's a foot/shoe fetishist. I'm a librarian and I actually have had a patron ask to smell my shoes/feet.


A person asked a librarian for a foot-sniff? The world is weirder than I even thought possible.

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