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Retain Joint,article style grant be teacher run construction result establishment successful description item path manage requirement admit safety people drink against attention extra output present open concern lady attempt tour lead comment brief fuel art land safety switch situation catch hand work news court nation demand route merely extent pain may key perhaps forward smile trade demand seat form influence back wave as reading heart say house cross much lift article neck everybody be everybody normal copy dangerous all phase dinner foot particularly recent card mistake or


JG, for somebody who used to be a Chicago beat cop, you talk pretty girly.

Bill Hinds

People just love arrows. The offer so much hope.

John Glynn

It's not that there are no clicks, it's that the clicks are not as numerous and the real estate for the ad is a lot larger so the likelihood of a warm zone showing is less.

But just so you know, I feel happy in my warm zone when I think of you, MT. Not trying to be weird or anything, I just appreciate you.


And did you notice? Not one click on the advertisement to the right, that is half the size of the strip. Kinda makes you wonder why it's there when the strip could use that space to actually be bigger.

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