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I'm seeking the author's name and the full text of a short piece of
humor entitled, "A (or The) Cliche Expert Testifies on the Atom." I
read this piece in a humor anthology in the early-to-mid 1960s. I
believe there was a whole series of humorous pieces with similar
titles, e.g., "The Cliche Expert Testifies on War," etc. The nearest
I've come to success in my own fairly extensive on-line searching was
in the Library of Congress on-line catalog, where I found a reference
to a humor anthology, dated 1969, containing a piece titled "The
Cliche Expert Testifies on War" attributed to an author "F. Sullivan."
I have not seen the text of this piece, but the author's name, F.
Sullivan, does not strike me as the same as the author of the specific
piece I'm looking for, i.e., "A/The Cliche Expert Testifies on the
Atom," although I cannot rule out the possibility that it is the same

Lucas Turnbloom

On a side note, was it wrong to root for Patrick Bergin's character in "Sleeping with the Enemy?" Hypothetically speaking, of course.


Ha! Ok, that makes sense! Too funny!


Did the "Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler!" cake make the cut?

John Glynn

Best Wishes, Suzanne. We will miss you.

They probably ordered it over the phone and told the clerk:

"Please write, 'Best Wishes, Suzanne.' And underneath that 'We Will Miss You."


I'm just curious...what was this cake supposed to say?
"Other than that, we will miss you"?

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