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Spurgeon has a liking for only dark and poorly drawn comics...which hardly makes him a person to evaluate the best of the comics. I checked out the entire list and saw few worth reading.


I would have to second the opinion of cossian. I was singularly unimpressed with his list. Aside from a very few strips, quality does not seem to be Spurgeon's main criteria.

Tommy Nine Toes

of the ones I knew I agree with. Nobody knows the industry liek Spurgeon.


Why is it the "experts" (like Spurgeon) of any given genre have list that are so totally obscure?
Their opinions of things which have mass appeal are usually negative, and they consider the common reader to be uneducated or just plain ignorant.
Oh well...I guess that's why I don't usually read these types of lists. I just thought this one had a chance of being better.
There are many giants of the comics realm which were completely ignored.


I think it's pretty spot on. Who is missing? Get Fuzzy maybe?

He added Ink Pen, NonSequitur and Pooch Cafe to his list later that weeek.

Dave E.

No Calvin and Hobbes....terrible

> Bell

I agree with Cossian, nine toes & RC. Tom just lacks ability. I just visited this spot for the first time. I won't be back. Its
a waate of time for me. There are much better places to go for
comic lists. Robert.

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