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The three then travel to Rebma, a reflection of Amber underwater, and there they meet their sister Llewella and Moire, the queen of Rebma.


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Tom Spurgeon


This is just a worksheet for people to use for help in making their own lists; it's not really a comprehensive list. And certainly isn't yet -- I haven't even gone over it yet to add in my own favorites! Like I don't know when Mark Tonra's James ran, but I thought that was a great strip.

I'll add all these.

Any other suggestions please send them to tomATcomicsreporterDOTcom, and thanks for this post!


Ink Pen, NonSequitur, Bad Reporter ... Pooch Cafe and What the Duck definitely. Get Fuzzy too.


...nevermind he listed PBF as an online comic...


...and not that I don't like Maakies...I just meant if they are including alt-weekly comics, PBF is a glaring omission.


No Perry Bible Fellowship? They gotta be kidding. that is the penultimate 21st century comic. How can Maakies make it in and not that?

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