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deep depression

There are varying types and degrees of depression. Mild depression is known as dysthymia. Unlike clinical or major depression, mild depression is not necessarily disabling, but it does keep a person from functioning normally and interferes with their social interactions and enjoyment of life. Dysthymia is diagnosed when the patient has been depressed for most of the time for at least two years (one year for children or adolescents) and has at least three of the following symptoms: low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence, anxiety, variable moods, fits of crying for no apparent reason, pessimism, hopelessness or despair, lack of interest in ordinary pleasures and activities, withdrawal from social activities, fatigue or lethargy, guilt or ruminating about the past, irritability or excessive anger, lessened productivity, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions.


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Ecomsfo - European comic strip freedom organization

Ecomsfo - European comic strip freedom organization

Ecomsfo publishes this idea for comics:

Comic strips can be done by many artists doing same strip or same picture, f.ex. like this: Someone starts a comic, and someone else continues to draw that picture or stirp earlier has done- or continues to add more pictures and strips to that comic.

EcomSFO has hereby published this idea first, unless someone else has earlier published it.


EcomSFO - European comic strip freedom organization


Gary Solomon

Misery likes company...Lets face it, depression 101 is a cartoonists best friend sometimes. I do a comic strip on Comic Sherpa at the moment called "ARE WE DEAD YET?". I find the best way to cope is to write about it.
Check us out. Here is today’s strip. http://www.comicssherpa.com/site/feature?uc_comic=cssai


I'm glad I'm not the only cartoonist who falls into the pit of despair at least once a year.

I just don't admit it.




It's a major public service to illustrate the problem so clearly while also calling people equally clearly to do something - the right things - about it.

I'm just really glad to see Corey put those things out there, even though none of us is likely ever to hear about it from most of the people it helps.

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