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Ted Kerin

I got the new, supersized "Lio" book for my birthday yesterday (yay!), and it gave me a whole new appreciation for "C"! I hadn't realized it before, but that photo is a spot-on, real-life re-enactment of Lio's first Sunday panel.

By the way, the book is fantastic -- it's loaded with lots of Tatulli's "inside" comments about the individual strips, which is a format I always enjoy. It's the book that's made to look like a well-worn "Tales From the Crypt", although the back cover is even better than the front. Highly recommended!


B, definetely B. He has the look and the face and look all his Lio friends are around him, just like Lio would have in the funnies.

Neil Ottenstein

I'd have to go with E


D you are a Character!!!!!!!!! I love your Hair Doooooo


D represented Liosssssss


I vote for D!!!!!!!!!!

Rangi carroll

Seriously between A/D

Very realistic and A is very well represented.

But I'll stick with D


B for definite, with E as an honourable mention. Great pics, Lios! :)) Mxx


I vote for D!

Penelope Kinzer

Personaly I think the dog is cute and the baby is silly, of course I don't know who Lio is.

Peter B. Steiger

I still can't tell how the photo identification works... I'm not seeing letters with each picture and I must have missed the instructions somewhere along the line. First off, this isn't a "cute baby" or "cute pet" contest, so those two can go off to "Family Circus" or something. The two with death and the one on the couch are the only ones that put any effort into it, but my favorite by a narrow margin is the one playing the game of "Life" because it's such a perfect recreation of a strip I remember fondly.

Totally agree that there needs to be a special award for Lio's dad. That's great!



Kanye W.

ok ima let yall finish (your voting), but the baby has one of the best pictures of all time. Of all time!

J. Holan

What? My choice is last (so far)? A has a great scenario, but B is the right size kid, and has a big cartoony face. Cute.


A vote for the lion (dog) Kiefer gets my vote! Go Glo!


A, definitely.

Willaim D. Wilkerson

Top right entry [on couch with props and BIG hair] gets my vote... are we supposed to vote somewhere else or is this the place ? No other link would connect anywhere to anything that looked like a "voting" page.

Hope the winner enjoys.



A is the only one that actually looks like a panel from the strip.


I didn't even have to use gel on my dogs hair, it just stands up that way. We get laughed at when we go for walks in the park, but they are laughing with us, not at us. I think....

Katherine D

Okay this was hard and fun. The baby is good with the outfit hair and all. Playing the game Life with Death that's wow...something Lio would do, plus he won. The picture on the bottom right hand corner is good with the hair,outfit, and comic strips. the person in the upper left hand corner did a good job laughing it up with Death plus the outfit. The dog has the hair and an interesting face. The picture on the upper right hand corner is cool with him laughing with gowls and the oufit. I congradulate them all and casted my vote. I wont tell for who...though I allow you to guess.


Vote for D! That kid looks just like Lio.


D all the way man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I vote for F--the dog~!!


That dog is my dog Kiefer. His mohawk runs from the top of his head, down his back where it's 4" tall, and halfway down his tail. The rest of his body hair is smooth! He's 1/2 pit bull and 1/4 chihuahua. Wrap your mind around that! He's really smart, he tries to form words instead of barking when he wants something. He tells on the cat if he brings down an outside bird (because he lives a parrot!) Thanks for anyone who actually voted for him! and oh yeah, I love Lio's dad's pic too!




D !!!!! Great Talent Humor kid!!!!!!!!

Ted Kerin

B for the hair alone, and for best props.

E is a strong second, for the sheer audacity of his parents posing a baby with a skeleton. Now those are some parents with real values and priorities! This kid could actually become Lio someday.

Also, gotta say I am crazy about the Lio's Dad photo. Awesome! If it's not too late, Mark should retroactively create a special prize for him.

s. mcdonald

A is the Champ!


(Contestant E) He is such a cutieee :)


of course contestant E no doubt


Yeah, the dog is great! Now THAT'S creative. And look, even as a baby Lio handled that skeleton!!! It looks like he's either choking it or cuddling it... either way he's one brave lil cookie!

Tom McDonald

A takes the cake.


Someone oviously needs some glasses.....LOL (Beef)

beef welington

you guys are all ridonkulously wrong, the dog is by far the best lio look alike. hes got my vote.


comparing the baby to dressing up an animal is ridiculous....the baby is adorable!

Earl Nissen

I like candidate A


A and C made me smile like Lio does.
D and B had nice details
and sorry watching adults dress kids up as things is as annoying as people who do the same with animals. (at least the 'Lio' dog wasn't forced into people clothing)

Rangi Carroll

D is the man!

He's only an inch short of a nine inch punk rock nail

and he looks completely in character.

Everyone else pretty much look gromed and manicured.

THe baby with a skeleton is not a good look.


I think "E" IS THE BEST


I think the baby definitely looks the part. Very creative. I vote him!


I think the baby should win. aww he's so cute^_^


And by the way....how did a dog get into the contest?


Baby is cute but doesn't look like Lio. And this is a Lio look a like contest or isn't it.

Marc Stiles

I vote for A.


I vote for Contestant E, adorable.


I like A.


Contestant B gots the outfit down to the purple pants, he got my vote. Look at that face next to the real Lio.


Yeah, I'm predicting a win for the baby, even though it did not get my vote.
Would be nice to have higher resolution images...


I think that Letter B looks like Lio the best. Dont you?


Clearly, Contestant E (the cute baby with the skeleton) should be the winner, hands down!

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