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Jim Lavery

All in all, how many submissions were intitally recieved?

Jim Thomas

I apologize if there are two responses, I hit post and nothing happened.

Just wanted to thank you for the response. I want to stress that I wasn't trying to start a ruckus or heaven forbid, rebel rouse. There was some web chatter (when isn't there) so I thought the best idea would be just ask.

Again, appreciate the answers.

Good luck to the process and the cartoonists!

Jim Thomas

That makes sense. Like I said, not trying to point fingers or raise hell. Was more curious than anything. I appreciate the response!

Wish you guys the best of luck with this!

**Gotta go with a smoothie with a significant amount of mango. Without that, really, what's the point?

John Glynn

I love darkhorses, underdogs and peach smoothies.

It came down to a timing thing, we couldn't stay on schedule and get the necessary clearance and materials from another participant.

I say this not trying to point the finger at the DQ'd comic, but we could not get a hold of him for multiple days, so we didn't know what his plans were ... by the time we heard from him it was just a few hours before the close of business on the deadline date.

Jim Thomas

Curious about the decision to post the disqualified comic (DQ'ed for being too successful, at that). Seems like it would have been more within the spirit of the competition to allow someone who could actually win the chance to be voted upon. I don't want this question to be taken the wrong way. I was a semifinalist so I am probably especially curious, but I also assume that I was #50 so wouldn't expect such a move to help me, but whoever was #11. I get that the strip in question deserved to be recognized for its efforts, but I would think there should be a way to do that and allow those that were eligible a chance to win. Everyone loves the darkhorse right?

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