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Congratulations Corey. I remember feeling very similiar when finishing my first novel. I also write late at night and had no one to call. Instead of calling someone, I wrote about how fantastic it felt in my journal. I still look at the entry when I need some spirit boosting.

I look forward to reading your book.

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Yet another example of the West's unending exploitation, manipulation and abuse of its privileged position.

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Tendulkar, Ponting, Muralitharan and "AFRIDI" in the same breath?

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That said, if he remains consistent at Sussex, then who knows what the future holds. I think his reputation as a 'comic' cricketer is slightly unfair.

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I really do think Monty's problem wasn't so much that he was worked out but that the strengths he possessed when he started

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So Matt, we have heard this story numerous times from numerous people and this provides no additional information let alone any constructive analysis. So far, so poor.

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Maybe we should have all pro players (especially premier league ones) referee at least one match (junior or accademy level) a season. Should give them an idea of how difficult the job is and a taste of their own abuse.


The unionists are still trumpting that a referendum on independence will not go ahead, problem for them now is they can not block it in parliament.


Tout ce qui peut utiliser vos compétences et le talent que nous appelons des emplois ou works.Just faire ce que vous voulez ..


with or without pysical disablilites could look at agriculture, horticulture and forestry to jobs, it is an industry people shy away from because of the hours and physical side of the work.

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Detailed descriptions can best reflect the author's creative abilities, which stem from life and are summed up from life.

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Blah Blah Blah

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