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This is the main reason why even would pick up the news paper and wait to see what to do next Poncho. How often see my own dog Kodi on their actions. Kodi saved his family including myself and her husband, two cats and our dogs older deaf.

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Its funny how the poncho apparel grew outdate do quickly now back to your post
I love comic strips so off the bat i am interested in your story
I wonder how your character poncho will develop over time
keep on working

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B. Breath

I keep getting "Poncho" in my GoComics daily email, and I wonder WHO thinks this drawing, that looks like a garbage can, and has the most inane dialog, is even high school level material. It's a can with black bats for appendages.

In my humble opinion GoComics can only get traffic for "Poncho" by attaching it to quality comics like Shoe and Non Sequitur. And, the Cisco Kid is sad to see his partner's name on such a piece of fish wrapping.

GoComics editors, keep this unfunny, crass work to the back room and admit your taste, in this case, falls far short.

Giggles Rose

I used to hv a dog named Poncho. Definitely caught my attention. Maybe, he's being reborn again, with spots, even. (I think that's what they are.)


My sister is spiritually attuned with doggies. She just lost her husband to ALS (weird) and she starts each day with a biblical message and then the Pooch strip!

Lulu Yu

I also thought poncho's a subversive cat act - I still do, and I love it! Really looking forward to the arc. I hope it reveals his inner cat.

Simon Bromley

This would be a perfect time for the Daily Mirror (UK) to start running the strip again!

redemption lawrence

The world begins I love poncho but I always thought he was a cat LOL I guess not


Can't wait to hear how plank and Poncho became close friends, and how his relationship with his successful brother gave Poncho his hang-ups.

yolan  lopez

Nice... puedo imaginar a Poncho peleando por comida con sus hermanos, embaucandolos para quedarse con la mejor parte, aprovechando su condicion de bebe para sacarle el mejor provecho...


Did Poncho go to Puppygarden?

Jason Chatfield

Is it weird that I got really excited and a bit of wee came out?

It is, isn't it.


I'll let myself out.

Teri Gallagher

I am so looking forward to the in-depth exploration of Poncho’s character and a story arc that will follow his growth over a long period of time. Just think we will get to see Poncho as a pup and his litter mates maybe? I think this whole change will be great. Not that anything was wrong with the past. This is my favorite comic strip and Paul Gilligan would make Charles Schultz proud! So let's start at the beginning..Once upon a time a wonderful litter of pups were born under a porch and so on. Let the adventure begin, I am here for the whole ride! Dylanpup

mindy jones

I love this little dog. This is the main reason I would even pick up the news paper and looked forward to seeing what Poncho was going to do next. I so often see my own dog Kodi in his actions. Kodi saved her family which included myself and husband, two cats and our elderly deaf dog. I hope you do as much for other animals in the way of support that you do in making us laugh.

Kitty Miao

I'm in! It's a terrifically tempting tale. I mean, who is this guy? Do tell.


Poncho as a puppy? Even more self-centered, less mature, more childlike, less restrained? I'm in!

Brian Cahill

damn Paul, you have me interested in seeing where this story will
go. Good on you

D. Saison

I, for one, am looking forward to getting to better know Poncho !

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