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John Glynn

I deleted "Heavy's" comments because he was engaging in a little something I like to call rumor-mongering. ANd while I enjoy a lil gossip as much as the next portly soul, I didn't think it was productive.

But please note, I am not making a judgment whether or not his/her allegations were true.

John Glynn

Hey, whoa! HEAVY please no drive-by gossip in the comments. Let's leave that to sites with more integrity.


I don't know! You're the one who brought it up, so I assumed you knew. So just what are you talking about?


Well, what are you waiting for, Heavy? You can start by telling us which syndicate you're talking about.


I would like to reflect on Mr. Glynn’s reflection, only because I don’t have an idea for tomorrow’s strip.

Being new to the business, here are a couple of positives about publishing on-line:

Immediacy. You have an idea one day. The next day it’s published.

Going it alone. It’s just you and your readers. If you have something they want, you’ll get more readers.

I see it like this. I’m entertaining a number of people in a room. More enter the room. The crowd grows. I’m excited. What else can I do to keep them entertained?

And because it's just you and your strip, you need to believe in what you do. Find your voice. Experiment. Make it fun for yourself and hopefully it will be fun for your readers.

I would write more but I have to come up with an idea for tomorrow’s strip.

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