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Cathy Malone

Sorry, to be a pain. When I go to the web http://blogs.gocomics.com/2010/09/check-out-our-cathy-tribute-video.html where do I go from there. I can't find where to go after I bring that screen up?? Could you help???? I really would like to see the video.
Thank you, Cathy

Richard Jakeman  Sydney Australia

What will I do without Cathy and the gang, I have all the books to look back on but iwon't be the same reading the Sydney Morning Herald, I only bought it for Cathy!
good bye Good luck and look after little Electra. XX


I felt like crying when I found out. I'll miss you Cathy! but I have all the books shown in the video so I'll just have to visit them again!


I remember reading one of the very first Cathy comic strips shortly after graduating from college and moving into my own tiny studio apartment. Cathy was unpacking a bag from the grocery store and realized she'd spent all her money and somehow didn't get anything to eat. Aaack, it was so true!! Thank you Cathy for helping us laugh at our own lives and not take ourselves so seriously.


Thank you Cathy. And you are attractive in the formal style photographs.


Are they moderating comments here?

I posted a comment, it seemed to go through OK, but seems to have disappeared.

Anyone know what's what?


Interesting video, but I'm not sure quite what the point of it was.

If we were supposed to read and remember high points in Cathy's life, the strips went by too fast, and were real hard to read as they spun past. They were also a bit small to read without studying.

If that was just to show us how long Cathy had been around, showing some 'outside the strip' events would have been much more effective.

Regardless. Fare well, Cathy, and thank you for a life well lived, even if only in a comic strip.


will you ever consider putting the all of the comics into a book? Will be missed!

Mary Cruz

Cathy, my daughter and I love you and identify so with you and your mother. I can't tell you how many of your strips I have cut out and sent her. We are going to miss you something fierce. Good luck and God bless you.

Mary and Luisa

Joan Little

I blamed my newspaper--where could Cathy have gone? Then this website told me you retired. This is so sad to say goodbye to Cathy . You made me happy every day all these years. Thank you and love to you always. October 5, 2010 at 4:15 pm

J. Hoye

I have every single Cathy comicstrip book. Is there going to be a final book now the Cathy has ended?


I most always related to cathy - I followed her thoughout the years - I laughed and I cried with her. My relationship with my partner was like Cathy and Irving. When they broke up my heart shattered - would my relationship end as well - When they made up and married - my heart soared (I am in a committed relationship not married) and now parents - what a lovely way to end the strip.

Best of luck in your future life - I enjoyed Cathy and will be pleased if you decide to bring her back.


Ms. Guisewite, please don't hesitate to come back when the urge hits you. You'll have fans eager and waiting! One of your talents has been in keeping issues current, especially with quickly changing technology and society's obsession with it. Because of that, Cathy has never become outdated in my opinion. The idea of baby boomer Cathy having to raise a daughter during these times is fodder for a whole new generation of laughs! Who knows what this child will be "into" in 7 years, 16 years?! Like every generation, she won't appreciate the pressures that Cathy had growing up. She might wear some of Cathy's hideous clothing because they're so retro. Being a mother yourself, I'm sure you have a lot yet to share with the world. Maybe you can come out with an occasional book, that would satisfy me!


I have always loved your comic. My morning coffee time will not be the same without you. Thank you for all the years you have given us. I grew up with you, totally. I will miss you. Your last strip was great...it made me feel a little better.


Think I have read Cathy from the beginning and have loved every minute. What a great way to end with a little Cathy! I, too, have my "fat clothes and my "skinny clothes". Take your year off and then come back. I'll miss you.


I will miss the visits to the dressing rooms...I've had one too many unfortunate encounters with fashion myself...thanks Cathy for all the wonderful years of meshing the craziness of life with humor.


Wow! Where did the time go? Weren't we just starting our careers together? Didn't we just shop for shoes and bikinis? And doesn't it seem like we both just got married? Cathy you are my friend DESPITE the fact that you are a comic strip character! You have made me laugh ALOT MORE than some of my so-called "real" friends! And you're alot smarter. So I guess that's why you saved a great surprise for the end o your strip... love the little pink "aack" coming from Cathy's tummy! Thank you for the mornings you brought a smile to my face before a hard commute and a harder day at work. Thank you for empathizing about the total weirdness of modern fashions and the total impossibility of modern electronic gadgetry! I will miss your bottomless handbags and endless ability to bring joy to my day. I love you, Cathy. Take care of that little girl!

Don Copeland

I became interested in Cathy about 15 years ago when a "ladie's man" friend of mine told me all he knew about women was what he read in "Cathy" so I followed suit. Thanks for the education, Cathy. I'll miss you, honey.


Thank you for your comic friendship over the years Cathy. I will miss you greatly, you were the sunshine of comics. I love the way your comic ended today, but I don't love that it ended. Sniff...

Go Blue

Thank you Cathy! We all miss you.


A tribute to the woman who has shown us....
Neurosis pays!


I have loved Cathy for years and now I have introduced my daughters to her outlook on life and they have fallen in love with the comic too. Thank you to Cathy for showing a cartoon character who understands what it is like to be a woman.


Kate, just press the little "pause" button to stop the video so you can read a longer 'toon.

Nice video! Lots of memories. That's our Cathy!


Video is a nice idea. Hate the spinning comics though-- I wanted to read them all.

Guess, I'm not very artsie.

I'll miss Cathy.

trina simon

P.s. for those who would like to see another unique cartoonist,from an earlier time,check out POGO by walt kelly.he was my mom's favorite;had a strip for many years & many books! thanks, trina, the pschedelic relic

trina simon

I met cathy in our hometown s.b. in the 70's at the i.v.co-op where we chatted about cooking & her strip,as i was a huge fan from the very beginning.lovely smile,generous light;don't know if she still lives here. i saw her in a book after that,about famopus folks that live in s.b.But I'm older than her so why retire - did I miss something? Plz stay in touch!Hers was uniquely intelligent,sort of like lily tomlin(another virgo I met in s.b.,twice!)a rare breed.thank u so much!trina simon,cre8lite11@gmail.com

Pamela Behrman

I started reading "Cathy" during my college days in the late seventies and continued to follow her through much of my adult life. It will be very strange not starting my day with one of Ms. Guisewite's funny---and often 'spot on'---observations about being a Baby Boom woman, pulled between the world views of Donna Reed and Gloria Steinem. It was often tough, as a maturing young woman, to balance conflicting and changing work and relationship roles, while maintaining a modicum of self esteem and sanity.

For good or for naught, we women of the Baby Boom generation were each others' best role models. Ms. Guisewite was and is one of mine. I want to thank her for helping me laugh at myself and our insane culture as I grew through my own crazy life changes.

I wish her well in the next chapter of her life.

---Pam Behrman, PhD

Teresa Schaeffer

How far did Cathy lift my spirits? Very, very far.
How often? Every day.
You'll be missed but not forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jim Stewart

I have enjoyed immensely following "CATHY" for some thirty years. Thank you for your dedication. I hope that after your one year "sabbatical" you may consider bringing "CATHY" back to us!

Nancy (nhgrmi)

thank You Cathy for devoting your life to the Cathy comic strip and for writing from your life experiences. You will be missed. Maybe Andrea could surface in the future if you ever get bored and need to release your creative juices again. Take Care.

Janice Peters

Dear Cathy,
I've been living your strip along with you since the beginning, and it has given me a lot of laughter and comfort over the years. I wrote you about your "I want a cowboy" and the "football time" strips, both classics, which are safely pasted into my scrapbook, along with your response note.
I gave your book "My Granddaughter Has Fleas" to my mom, as my dogs are the only grandkids she has from me.
I never got around to marriage, but enjoyed your illustrations of it in the strip.
And now I'm retiring after 20 years in city government just as you are retiring the Cathy strip. Perfect timing!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a funny, fabulous spokesperson for the single working woman, especially in the early years, when that kind of humorous support was so appreciated and enjoyed.
You're terrific!!
Janice Peters
Mayor of Morro Bay CA


video works for me

farewell cathy & cathy


The Irving in my life and I say a sad farewell to someone who understands us.

David Bethke

No video on this page, just a big white space. Tried IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


I´ll miss you... :(

Barbara Moore

I too, am sad to see Cathy go.I always look forward to her very expressive "Aacks!" and the reason for them! Maybe there could be re-runs?

Pam Young

I am soooo sad, just hooked to the internet, have followed Cathy since the beginning in the daily paper...Does nothing last forever????


Thanks Cathy and Cathy! It's been a great trip. Now stop making me feel old!!

Random Genius

Congratulations, Cathy. A great run and a comic that changed the landscape.

Aprildawn Walker

This is so sad. We've been together since the start and I'll miss you. I have a Cathy doll who even has her own photo album. And this is coming from a great-grandma. Sniff!


Fare thee well Cathy, May you and Irving find nothing but joy in your lives. You have enriched ours in ways we cannot imagine. Ms Guisewite Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these years of joy, sorrow, laughter and tears. I can just see Cathy, Irving, and Joh and Ellie Patterson sitting on the porch thinking about the old days.
Thank you again. :{)

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