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So lets see,,,, to send a comic to 2 buddies the "old" way, it took me less than a second, click, select names, send. Now with this meebo crap I get to select email, then type in the names, hit send, try to decode some twisted screwed up hard to read letters, hit send again,,,,, oh hell yeah, what a great way to totally eff up a simple operation. And I PAY for this?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meebo Hater

I also hate the mebo bar. Strange thing is I never saw it until the day after I did the latest cumulative security update for IE8 on 4/10/12. Adding meebo.com to my hosts file blocking only changed the color from grey to white, but did not restore any screen real estate.

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I hate the Meebo bar. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE it. It slows my PC to a crawl, and it has forced me to disable Javascript in Firefox, just to make this despicable panel go away and stay away. I may just read the comics elsewhere, because of this nuisance.

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Mature Canadian

I hate this new "stuff" at the bottom of the page. It slows my poor old computer down and is impossible to use. I have tried the various methods of sending someone a pertinent or hilarious comic and no luck at all. Get rid of it please it doesn't live up to its billing.

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