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No doubt that John C. of Selma received the award. He deserves to have that honour. That comic strip is enjoying and quite logical.


They called him the anonymous[e] strangler... of course they also had to explain it was a federal crime.

And how did this not win???

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I love that we can sit in the silence together and know that silence is ok!

James Dm Green

Everyone thinks they're funnier than they are. The reason the winning quote is good is that it says what needs to be said in few words and making you take a couple of cognitive steps to get there. It's a cleverer way to say what most of you funnymen (and women) are trying to say.

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Great post as always. Thank for creating time to write...Will continue to follow you.


The winning entries are ok - I like the ones you guys listed above as well as my own (I guess I'm biased too!-lol):
"After responding to a silent alarm at the home of the Krispy Kream Donuts CEO, cops were perplexed as to why only the new sardine flavored donuts were missing..."


Mine was also a tongue one.
Officer Pete finally understood the origin of the phrase" Cat got your tongue?"


Don't worry Cindy. I think the "tongue" one is funnier than the winner as well. Perhaps they received too many other "tongue" themed captions. I also liked the "blind mice" and "Capistrano" concepts better than the winner. All these have the added benefit of not upsetting the people at Disney, never a good idea if you are in the entertainment business. The winner seemed to have a good idea, but fell down a little bit on the execution (no pun intended). IMHO, I think a better caption on this theme would have been "The true story behind FINDING NEMO" This would have kept the title intact (good for instant reader indentification) and would have tied into the public's obsession with the true hollywood stories you are always seeing on cable TV. In addition, it left the condition of the victim to the imagination of the reader instead of the gory implication of the cat having eaten part of the subject, which is bad form in a family comics section.


I encouraged my husband to enter because he thought of a caption right off the top of his head. It made me laugh uproariously, while the ones selected barely made me smile. His was "The police finally discover where the cat's got your tougue" I'm biased, I guess.

Bill Bliss

My caption was similar - it was "After a lengthy investigation, Officers Marvin and Fred finally found Nemo. And Mickey and Donald."

Maybe I've been watching too much Dexter!

Diane McCall

I'm so disappointed. I'm 56 yrs old, and finally thought I'd created something funny. Oh well. I suspect you're wrong anyway. Helps me sleep at night. Love your humor - keep it up!! Thanks - Diane

Michael K

Nemo??? C'mon! And I don't even get the first runner up.

Okay, I'm a sore loser. Here's my entry (or entree?)...

In a gruesome discovery, the officers learned that Boots had advanced to 'people" food.

Judy Nobles

More than this one cartoon invited captions. (e.g. the vultures kneeling around their carrion). Why was this the only one on the web site?


Hmmm... Have to agree with others that the Nemo caption is pretty lame. In fact, most of the runner-ups are. The choice seems rather sub-par for Hilburn, as much of his Argyle comics are very, very good, imho. While my caption was "I guess we can stop looking for Mr. Arbuckle and his dog. Ewwwww... Tofu Lasagna?!?!?!", I'm not a sore loser. I just wish the winning caption was funny... at all.


I thought the chianti line was more of a typical Argyle comic myself. It should have won.

Raul Perez

"Finding the rest of Nemo" won? Wow, doesn't seem like Scott's quality of work. That was a pretty lame caption. In my opinion, mine was WAY BETTER and it was more of what you would expect from Scott.
For the record, this was my caption: "The police still had no suspects as to who had made the dog pot pies".

Betina Newkirk

I agree! Kudo's to Tony Lolli! I of course was partial to my entry, but his made me LMAO. It was much better then Nemo.

John Glynn

Tony don't take it so hard. Yours is not a bad caption, but there were 50+ that had a "three blind mice" element to it.

Tony Lolli

I'm disappointed - and on Christmas Eve, too. I think my entry should at least get an honorable mention, not to mention a valuable prize. "Three blind mice my ass, Ed. They didn't just wonder in there by mistake.

Random Genius

I prefer the Famil Circus line

Carlos Liscum

At first I got it, but it wasnt my cup of tea. But in the interest of the artistic value in us all, I totally respect the viewpoint.


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“Finding the rest of Nemo” The expression of the police who’s facing the fridge is surely hilarious. The caption really suits. Well, the idea is absolutely brilliant and quite fun! I bet John C. of Selma, CA got imaginative and creative ideas about such editorial picture. This was surely attained through having a focused brainstorming and being aware of it. he's a Nemo fan.

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