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iPod Touch Tutorial

Totally missed out on the eclipse and winter soltice because it was pouring here in Souther Cali

John Glynn

I'm still going to pray for you.

always working

It was a joke, JG.

John Glynn

too lazy to go to the office when the office is closed? That doesn't really make sense.

Some of our wonderful and talented cartoonists may be working every day and the holidays. Others, I know are not.

But I'm sympathetic to your work load and hope you can find some time for some holiday loaf and a glass of mulled wine. And maybe some more balance in 2011.

Bless you.

always working

Just because editors are too lazy to show for work at the office every day doesn't make the cartoonists (who ARE working every day, including "holidays") late sending the cartoons.

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