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When it comes to votes, paper may be the wave of the future.

Justin Bieber Shoes

...We LOVE your hometown!...
am looking forward to celtx supporting novels...

Supra TK Society

When we arrived at Soupergirl's rented kitchen space in upper Northwest D.C., we entered into a frenzy of classical music blaring, pots simmering, boxes of farm-fresh produce scattered about, cooks frantically peeling carrots and chopping onions and getting ready to send out 350 quarts of soup for the week.

Seni Oyewole

Soooooo, where are the entries?

Supra TK Society

Really? Admirable but useless. Look, everyone knows that Blanton will be the first guy out the door in a trade to lower the payroll. And with Andy Petitte having retired, Brian Cashman will come calling for Fat Joe any day now if not already.

True Religion Outlet

We use friendship writing a book, a thick book.


I neglected to mention that I am not the artist who drew the Peanuts on the hand (in the blog link above). I've tried, but I can't track down the original poster/artist.


Not a contest entry. Just a tribute. Welcome Peanuts.

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