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Hermes Scarf



Comics is a nice thing to me. It is very effective for keeping you spontaneous. Enjoy comics to keep you fresh.

Leaflet Printing

I love comics greatly. It makes me carefree. I feel pleasant that enjoying a comic. It cleanses our tiredness. Also brings freshness.


as of June 1st I'm not receiving any comics anymore. and yes, the email address is marked as safe.


Coming from Comics.com, whom I've always been happy with, the main difference I noticed is that my email-delivered strips are now in black and white instead of colour. I can live with that. Problem is, they delivered me the wrong ones. Instead of my usual 2 daily comic strips, I have somehow ended up with 3, and 2 of them were wrong. Nice account migrating, there, guys! Or was that a deliberate ploy to make me come and explore the new site so I could fix it?

John McLachlan

My comics.com list on gocomics has terrible email and has a lot of comics that weren't in my c.com list. but I've found I can go on line and read the ones that don't show up (not happy about that, but it's a solution). I've been moving the comics.com ones I want to keep to my existing go list, and that's been working well enough (except for today of course, when I got no comics emails - new or old..).



Has anyone been having trouble getting their comics in your email? Since 6/1/2011 I have not received one email with my comics. All efforts to contact them has been futile.

Don Dunkle

I am so dissapointed at your crummy site that I am through reading comics from you. This isn't an improvment, this is an absolute downgrade.


Well, June 1st has passed and even though I've updated my password and added comics to my page on Go Comics, I'm receiving only 4 or 5 comics--some of which I've never selected. What gives?


this sucks..I was with comics.com and got my 6 or 7 comics emailed to me each day direct and free, since jun 1 they have stuffed up and i get one comic only and the first day it wasnt even one that i had selected, I dont want to have tovisit the site everyday...


Completely unimpressed!!! Only one comic in my email. I have tried to reset my password and I am given an error message of my email is not on file. How in the *&^ can it not be on file when you are sending me ONE comic each day? I have sent multiple emails to the contact section…. no response. I had been with comics.com for many years and now this. Beyond unimpressed!!!!!

Chrisotpher Amatulli

i just hope they restore the rss feed for the comic collections... i dont care if they embed advertisements, but the comics.com rss feed was the only way i could make time to read my comics. the gocomics site is to slow to browse to each one, and the mypage takes to long to load because of all the ads and such.


So far not too pleased.. only one comic in my in box today. that was a bummer. and now i can't find my comics at all. not a happy camper.

Jeff Sindelar

I agree with the sentiment that Comics.com was WAY better than Gocomics. I'd happily pay a buck a month for GoComics (I paid for Comics.com when it was a pay service) if it functions like Comics.com did (daily emails with all of my comics displayed on a single page and the option to view all of my comics online in a single page). Even if GoComics is completely free, it's not worth my time if I have to click through for each individual comic. Please, please, please, copy the Comics.com format and ditch the GoComics format. There really is no comparison between the two sites.

John McLachlan

Half of my comics.com strips are neither in my email or on line :(

Rod Montrose

I guess I was one of the unfortunate that already had an account at gocomics.com. My settings from comics.com didn't get moved over and I don't get the 2 free months of the Pro membership. Today I got an e-mail with a single random comic they picked.

Lise Brouillette

I don't mind one bit paying for my choice of comics as long as the site doesn't make it impossible to pay at all. Not everyone has a credit card.

With DailyInk, it's possible for someone exterior to you to make you a gift, so I've been having a friend of mine use his credit card to pay for the subscription as a gift and then I pay him back. GoGomics doesn't accept that, nor does it accept payments by check. Make it as hard as possible, why don't you.


Though I am currently a freereader, I would not mind paying a subscription if GoComics adopted the Comics.com RSS feed system. It offered any comics of my choice in a single custom-made feed. To me, the e-mail option that GoComics seems to prefer just clogs up my inbox.


I don't mind paying, but it looks as if I can no longer embed comics in my posts. I thought that was a great feature. Please tell me I'm mistaken.


I can not find "Working Daze" on GoComics, is it gone? Did we loose it with comics.com?

John McLachlan

Well, first email from gocomics this morning - didn't include all my comics. some not in color. duplicates of some and missing others (has a title but no comic panel - as opposed to not being there at all)

Let's hope they do a bit of a better job tomorrow. sigh. thanks to comics.com for continuing the emails for a bit so I can see all my comics.


Same comments as the others. One service is a low yearly fee, and one is Free - what will the new service be?


I agree with the comments about GoComics being difficult to use. It takes too long to load each one and the ads are very intrusive. I love the way Comics.com posts their cartoons all on one page.

chris mountjoy

I can't wait it's gonna be awesome to have all my fav comics on one site!

Ruth Ann Orlansky

(1) Wanna get rid of ads on your screen? Easy! Install Firefox browser and the Adblock Plus add-on! I've had it for a couple of years now, and it's GREAT. (2) What's this business about "free"??! The "pro" subscription to this site is less than $30 a year! And that's for comics 365 days a year. The last time I checked, an adult trip for ONE DAY to Disney World cost more! Ya know, used to be if you wanted services you had to pay for them. (Would YOU work for free??) That's before some nincompoops came along and said that Internet access to certain sites would be "free" because the running of the site would be "paid for" by ads. So, of course, you now have screens cluttered with junk that you can't get rid of without an ad blocker. Personally, I'd rather pay a reasonable price for access and not have the ads. You might get higher quality "content" too. Just watch the news and see how many people are getting killed on those "cheap" buses. You get what you pay for!!


PLEASE, keep all the comics.com features and interfaces, I like them all better then the GoComics ones!
I want to keep getting my chosen comics in one free daily email. And also I like the possibility to embed the rss feeds on MyYahoo page and see the actual comics and not only text links...


I have never once had a problem with Comics.com. Not when they were a paid service, not when they went free--not ever.

GoComics, on the other hand, is an idiotic service apparently run by retarded monkeys. My account autorenewed this year; they charged my credit card--without warning, I might add--on my anniversary date, starting my third or fourth year of membership, but my e-mails disappeared.

I started getting the "Upgrade now!" one-comic e-mails, and received them for a full month. During that month, I e-mailed customer service four times asking them to either provide me the service for which I paid or refund my money. FOUR TIMES. The first three times they chose to simply ignore my e-mails--the fourth time I threatened to go to my credit card company and claim that it was a fraudulent charge. Suddently they felt the need to get in touch with me, but without any apology, explanation, or attempt to make up for the month of service for which I paid but did not receive.

In fact, they made it sound like I was being stupid and unreasonable by letting me know that they had resolved the problem by turning off my auto-renew (which I really should have known I could do myself... oh, and, while they were in the account screen, they turned the membership I'd paid for a month earlier back on, as a favour).

This merger is NOT a good thing.

Russell Berry

OK I am trying to sign up for my Gocomics transfer from Comics.com and the link comes back error 404. Doesn't recognize that I am a comics.com user. Wants me to start from scratch. This is not an auspicious beginning. How do I fix this?


From the comments so far, this change doesn't sound promising. For myself, I'm perfectly happy with my free access and comics.com. I don't need anything changed, and can't imagine anything more convenient...

Luis Ast

What will happen to all my saved favorite comics on comics.com? WIll they transfer over?

By the way, I subscribe to both services, and comics.com is WAY better. I'm sorry to see it merge. It has larger (zoom) comics, better search capabilities, and is more user friendly. Gocomics has recently GREATLY limited the zoom feature. Gocomics does not have button to click to read the first comic to appear (it used to). It is hard to save a URL if looking at archives (and if you accidentally click a link, the page you were on is GONE! To get back, you have to use the calendar feature (AGAIN!).

Antoine Lowray

This is what happens with buyouts and takeovers. Contract probably states that no employee can say anything negative about the controlling company even though employees wanna curse about it.


Yeah, Anon does have a point there. The name "Comics.com" would be a better choice than "GoComics.com" in the long run, no matter who came out on top in the merger. It just sounds better and is easier to remember.


Well, since I already pay for Gocomics.com and Dailyink.com, I'm fine with the merger. I hope everyone on your end is OK, though. Mergers usually mean job cuts, which always stink.


Well this is stupid.

Why "GoComics.com" when you have "Comics.com"


Not happy at all. Comics.com is way better than gocomics.com and gocomics.email sucks. But I'm guessing gocomics is the buyer, so there-go that. I'll be searching for another site.


Not looking good. Recently the daily MyComicsPage email is missing subscribed comics from GoComics. Now the comics.com RSS feeds are not working. Both sites are having problems. What happens when they are combined?


I think the Pro subscription is around 15 a year. I get my comics in a daily e-mail with all on one page. A simple click on any comic takes you to the comment page almost instantly.

Jym Dyer

=v= If you learn one thing about combining forces with comics.com, let it be this: move the user comments away from the last panel of the strip. Make it a link, a collapsed div, anything but what you have now.

What you have now is a comic strip, is a well-balanced condensation of an idea or gag, done by one of the few pros you've chosen to syndicate. On your site, this is followed immediately by a random amateur remark, ruining the strip. You even let users pick larger fonts (larger than the text in the strip itself) and upload graphics. It's a horrible way to present graphic arts.

User comments have their place -- I participate in them myself -- but please put in some separation.


Also Gocomics doesn't have the frustrating code to copy when you want to submit an opinion.


I subscribe to both sites. I prefer Gocomics because it's easier to go back to previous dates. I hope my two accounts merge successfully.


Wheen you're trnsfered to go comics, you can set up different Comics Pages. I have 3 editoral Comics Pages, a Page of Single Page Comis, and 3 pages of regualr Comics. Plus Go Comics is adding new Comics too.. You'll love Go Comics.

Comics Guy

What about comics.com embedding ability?

Kit Sullivan

Recently GoComics stopped letting me search by tags, something that Comics.com lets me do. Now what? Will the combined service - I subscribe to both and gladly pay - let me search? I would happily pay more for that option.


I zero confidence in smooth transitions, so I'm not looking forward to this. I doubt resetting my password is the only tweak I'm going to have to do, and I suspect I'm going to miss out on a number of my daily emails during this...and possibly in the future. I'm hoping that after this I won't be seeing any shrunken comics amongst the normally sized ones, anymore.


Does anyone know what the "pro" membership will cost? I've never heard of GoComics, so I looked them over. They have lots of enticements to sign up "Pro", but no cost is mentioned. Makes me wonder--you know the saying: "if you have to ask...."


We get 46 comics in the newspaper, and have been reading both Comic.com and GoComics to keep up with the strips that USED to be in our paper. If you keep the RSS feed option of Comics.com, then I'll probably pay for the service. If you keep the GoComics format, which requires a separate feed for every comic, then I may as well get "pirate" comics from other sources.

Perhaps the best option is to have a streamlined, user-friendly format (Comics.com) for those who subscribe, and an inconvenient, clunky format (GoComics) for the free users. That would give incentive to those who can subscribe, but don't.


I have an account on both sites that uses the same name and email, hahahahhaha, looking forward to yet another fun attempt to make life easier. lol. What about saving comics? JOy Joy.


I have a account on both site BUT they both use different email address (and username). Does that mean I will land with 2 account? or will I have the ability to merge them using only one of my emails?


I got scared, but the only difference is (for us without GoComics), now there is a pro account option. Phew!

Ads do not bother me, it is, "news," I want to avoid.
If I had to pay for "Scary Gary, though, I would. B)

John Mc

Same comments as the others. One service is a low yearly fee, and one is Free - what will the new service be?

And, of course, will both my comic streams be merged, or will I have to do a lot of maintenance to get them merged myself?

John Maldaner

Unless something is enhanced I will rue the day this happens. Go Comics is almost worthless due to all the spam screens that open along with any comic I choose to read there, I am a member but generally avoid the site. Comics dot com, however cleanly sends me all my comics daily and does not make me go to their site AND does not charge me for this. I do not look at this buyout as progress, except perhaps for some investors somewhere. Convince me otherwise!

Louis P. Battaglina

If ypu're going to make me pay more than I want Far Side and Pogo.

Veers Right

People are fucking idiots.


Look, folks, if you ain't gonna buy newspapers, the bucks to pay for comics has to come from somewhere, right?

Tucky Mudge

Cartoonists don't need to eat. Give me everything for free.

Wayne Wright

I knew Comics Com was too good to last. I see the discussion between free and paid. For me I won't be able to view any, I am handicapped on disability and only have $50.00/month for ALL my personal expenses, It comes down to catfood and toothpaste. Good-bye comics. Such a great deal? Excitement? Yes for the accounts! Not for us little people that have no say into the end result.

Bob Rudeseal

OK, I take it back.. GoComics has RSS feeds, but it does not allow you to create your own comic feed like Comics.com.. It is feeds of the individual comics.. wow.. how inconvienent instead of an upgrade, this will be about 8 steps backwards.. AND I am a paid user on both sites.. Hope and Change is not a good thing...

Bob Rudeseal

Will the RSS feed from Comics.com be transferred over also? GoComics.com does not have an RSS feed (that I can find) so I used the Comics.com to get my comics on my IPOD..


I subscribe to both services. Count me as another who wishes that the comics on GoComics looked as good at larger sizes as those on Comics.com. PLEASE improve how they look on GoComics!

Mary Catherine

I like the fact that my comics emails will become fewer. And I pay for Gocomics and Daily Ink (Comics.com is free now)---skipping a couple of Starbucks mochas, and I'm entertained for a year! These are the last subscriptions I would get rid of in case of a budgetary crisis! Nice that I will get them in fewer emails


Given how messed up the GoComics e-mail situation has been for the past couple of weeks, please forgive my qualms about how things will be on June 1. Fingers are crossed.

Terry K.

All for free??? Oh please, that's what is wrong with this country now....everybody wants everything for FREE! I have no problem paying a bit for MY choice of comics, not what some idiot at the newspaper THINKS we want to see. Most of the comics in our local paper are worthless. I for one like the old classics, like Beetle Bailey, Andy Capp, etc. You can keep your moronic "modern" ones that seem to be prevalant today. I have no problem with the changeover.


I would like to get it all for free, otherwise you will not get my business.


It really would be great if gocomics could adopt the format of comics.com. It's much more user friendly and displays the comics far more crisply at much larger sizes.


Can I still embed comics?


One thing that drives me NUTS is having to look at a featured comic for a week that I can't stand.Give us a button that says"Don't show me this again!"

If it ain't broke...

Comics.com is so much more user friendly. What about the rss feeds? That's my preferred method of viewing.


This isn't cool. Currently, when either GoComics.com or Comics.com goes 'down' (and it happens to each site, at least twice a year), I can still read at least 1/2 of my daily comics and wait for the site to come back up. (WHICH, has taken upwards of 3 days before!!!)

Did the admin's really use their brains when thinking this through, or just their bank accounts?


You make this sound like a good thing, but when I have to start paying to get more than one comic in my email, I'll have to look elsewhere (ie not authorized) to read my comics.

Not happy!

So the 'My Comics Page' will be displayed like the one on GoComics.com? I like the way it is on Comics.com. Why don't you guys change it to that? I hate having to wait for each comic to load and if all the comics I read are together on this site, it would take me at least 45 minutes to read all of them.


You can get more than one free from comics.com now...I get 6 comics every day for free.

h saffell

If I get one free comic emailed to me from each site, will I continue to get Shoe and Raising Duncan, or will I have to make a choice? Peaarlandpeach

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