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riem cesare paciotti

the shuttle program, and/or Red and Rover have affected your life. The winning entries will be chosen on Sunday, May 15th, and announced later that week.

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The space shuttle program has done so much for us in terms of scientific achievements, it's a shame that they're retiring the program.

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That was very mean of the paparazzi to snap pictures when he was vulnerable and uh- exposed...!
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Did they ever announce any winners for this contest? I never saw anything afterwards on the blog about this. Thanks...

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******ilttle girls in my class who are six years old and already concerned about "getting fat" and talk about dieting. It really is a worry when they are size concious at such a young age.******

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Anyway, road was chosen by oneself! Once you've tried your best, never regret!

Paul R. Frederick

Why commemorate America's abandonment of leadership in space exploration?

Sharon G

I grew up in Florida and followed the space flights from the Mercury missions through all the Shuttle missions. I was fortunate enough to be able to witness many launches over the years at the Space Center. It was a wonderful time of learning about space and children dreaming of growing up to become astronauts. We all felt the pride in every flight sent up and the sorrow in every tragedy. These drawing from Red and Rover depicting the Shuttle are very poignant.


Thats going to be nice when it finally gets out.

Carolyn M. Coyne

One summer, I eas visiting my family in New Orleans when I saw on the news that the shuttle would be visible on its way to a landing in Florida. The newscaster said tha shutte would be flying from west to east and would be visible at a certain time. I convinced my mother and sister to go outside and watch with me. About 10 minutes went by and I knew my mother and sister were getting skeptical about my "bright" idea, when all of a sudden we saw the shuttle fly by. We were mesmerized. By the time we got back in the house, the shuttle had already landed in Florida. I will never forget that experience.

ted joslin

That drawing spoke for an entire generation that admired and lived the "Exploration Generation".

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