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Hey! Just discovered your blog. And i would like to make an account here. I'm enjoying the post here. Can't wait to see more!

Shamika Bagwell

By now you have probably modified your Comics page to incorporate even more of the comics you love.

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I sign up for comics via email. Now it's looking like in order to keep getting THAT, I'm going to have to pay.

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So, gocomics took over comics.com, and, as a reward for not canceling my account, I get to have everything I had before for a little bit longer, then I have to start giving gocomics money. That bites.
I don't do the e-mail or feeds, just want all my comics on one page. That's why I signed onto comics.com, and that's why I'm still on gocomics, despite the stupid "Howdy" greeting at the top of the page. (That greeting really irritates the crap outta me!)


HEY GUYS, I am getting a bunch of comics that I ordered and getting them every day, just like I always did, Don't know what I did right or wrong but everything is good with my comics.


I would have gladly paid for content, but I do resent the bait and switch. No one said we were on Pro Membership, so we all thought that what we are getting now was the norm, like it was on Comics.com. I don't take advantage of the e-mail function, but not all of my chosen comics would be on the homepage if I switch to free membership? Ads are fine but this is holding entertainment hostage. I'll check out the websites of my favorite comics and stop going here - the site tends to have a lot of problems loading anyway.

Mike Metague


Mike Farkas

I miss the mouse over descriptions of the comics. If that was added on I would be very happy.Twelve buks a year would be nice also!


The migration from comics.com to gocomics.com was awkward at best. I never saw any advance notice and actually thought I had a corrupt address.
I appreciate that the setup isn't "perfect" for every person, in fact it isn't for me, but it's much better than some other places and the selection is actually pretty impressive compared to some others.
That being said, I will most likely pay the small price for the convenience.



Rhonda W

I see my Pro membership is extended for comics.com members, great. Im still not getting daily emails with comics. I used to, but nothing after July 21. Why not?

Fritz Goebel

If you are going to charge for the comics, they all better be there every day and in color, too!


so you want me to pay for you nonworking email service which always worked flawless on comics.com?

make it work first, then i might consider paying...


Why don't you have the archives available that were on Comics.com? I'd been reading the old Rose Is Rose and now it only goes back to May 2011


I came over from Comics.com, not so much at my choice, because I didn't like the way GoComics was laid out. The "somtimes-working, sometimes-not" zoom feature of GoComics, is why I preferred Comics.com. Now that they've merged, I've had to accept Go's crappy zoom. I hope you get this fixed! On Comics.com, when you enlarged the cartoon, you didn't lose any clarity like on GOComics. Please fix this!


If you had invited me to pay $12 a year, no big deal. If you had explained what percentage of my fee went to each comic artist, or even put a price on each comic, I'd understand that.

But migrating me from a free site without my agreement, and declaring that I'll be paying in the future, while acting like you're doing me a favor? And then you block the "drag and drop" feature that used to let me save occasional favorites on my computer, if I needed a pick-me-up? Nope, I don't believe in rewarding bad behavior. Please rethink your attitude and your procedure, because it is needlessly offensive.

Anonymous Reader

I was perfectly happy with comics.com--viewing comics separately online takes several times longer than one email and is a lot of work besides. I guess I'll just have to go without my comics after this "trial" is up, since I'm not willing to pay and the "free" account doesn't sound like much >:( Oh well, I suppose if I really cared I would pay, but I can live without it, though I do enjoy the comics. But I would hardly call this an "improvement" on the previous site.

Maria Nej

I used to get those comics in one email for free.
They told me I should switch to gocomics and I did.
Now they tell me I have a [trial] pro membership.
I honestly don't remember being told that when they told me to switch. Well, I definitely don't like that.

Dan S. (Puddleglum1066)

Yeah right. I had a membership in comics.com (which, by the way, was a much better place to view comics than gocomics) and another in gocomics. Somehow they got smushed together when microsoft acquired apple--excuse me, gocomics swallowed comics.com--and since then I have NEVER received any of the "pro" features that comics.com members supposedly got for varying periods of time. I've pretty much given up on expecting gocomics to keep any of the promises it makes.


The comics that are in the email are not the ones I

want or usually get and I cannot seem to correct this.

Not too happy.


Are you going to make the RSS feed work like comics.com did?


I guess I don't object to $12.00 a year for comics, however...it would be nice if the pro account actually worked correctly before you make us pay for it. It seems like almost every day at least one of my comics is missing, or I get a comic I don't subscribe to. I won't pay for a service if it's not proven to work correctly.

Honestly, i never once had an issue with comics.com delivering the right comics every day. What happened to all the guys working for them?


I thoughts this website provided access to comics strips we can no longer view in newspapers. After 45 days do I have to pay for the access?


So basically I would have to pay to get from GoComics what I was getting for free through Comics.com. Wow, great welcome, what a deal! No thanks.


Here's a short follow-up to some of your questions:





Pro membership users will receive knowledge of the secret handshake that grants free access to the GoComics executive salad bar. (The bacon bits are made of real bacon!)

Teri Brady

Why is my "Pro" membership being extended for 45 days? What happens after 45 days? Am I going to have to start paying a fee for these comics then?


This has to be about the worst idea I've seen. I used to get my comics in an RSS feed and read them right in Google Reader. Now the RSS feed is just a link to a page to read the comic, no embedded images.

So, I sign up for comics via email. Now it's looking like in order to keep getting THAT, I'm going to have to pay.

Thanks but no thanks.


Is it possible to flag comment spam, self-links to blogs or commercial sites?
Or can I post my travel, baby and pet photos?


So what happens after 45 days? Will my credit card be charged again after only recently renewing my account? Will my comics continue to come to my email address? Please explain.

Michael Mitchell

I am both a GoComics and a Comics.com user. Since you've given the Comics.com users temporary Pro Membership, my email still shows only one comic per day instead of all of them.



Yes, what exactly does happen at the end of 45 days? We're charged for membership? Lose access? Renewed again?
When comics.com migrated here, I don't remember being notified that I had a "Pro membership", nor do I remember being notified of any time limit on anything!
Please elucidate!

Jean Pighetti

I must have missed something! I don't believe I requested membership in the Pro Account. What does that entail and what
(if any) is the cost? As of this date I receive a daily e-mail listing 6 of my favorite comics and I'm perfectly happy with that.


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Some of my strips are duplicated, Sundays is the worst of duplicating.
Please fix.

A Davis

Dot, at least I'm not the only one getting empty emails. Gah.

Dot Sieradzki

Thanks for migrating my comics to the pro account, whatever that is...it must explain why my daily emails contain a blank page.

Crissy Rearley

So that means that after 45 days, the comics won't be sent to our emails anymore? & I thought that was just some random awesomeness that happened... Sigh. Well, to another fun month!

Claire Narbonne

And after the 45 days, what will the cost be?

Tom Gammill

Today (Saturday) when you click the comments page there is a loud commercial for a James Brolin movie called "Royal Reunion" and a spinning hamburger for Sargento Cheese slices.

A Davis

My email has been showing up empty for the last couple of days, just a header and nothing else. What's up with that?

Also, how would I delete my ID if I wanted to?

Tom Gammill

You click on the comments page and suddenly this loud ad starts playing. Several of my readers have mentioned it too. There's always stuff flashing, but now it's annoyingly loud too.


Tom, we'll check it out. In the meantime, can you give me an example?

Tom Gammill

What's with all the horrible videos that keep popping up on the comments page now?

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