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As we've never seen him before? Does that mean he'll have his shirt on?


I am SO sad Hawaii is not on the tour! Just think of what a business write off that would have been! THink about it for the future - I'll be the first in line!


When the USA is bankrupt, we won't have time for comics

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No east coast shows? Book Ends in Ridgewood, NJ would love to have you!!


What do you know about my brain, anyway?

I mean, other than my reading your strip, which immediately makes it suspect.


Maybe next time Houston? My dad and I always call and laugh with each other daily thanks to your comics! Keep 'em comin'!!!!!!


I second that comment about Book Ends in Ridgewood, NJ!


ATLANTA - ORLANDO - we need you there! Or is Orlando on your December tour? (little time in the sun while you are down, Disney, Universal, beaches - some tour hehehe)


No Bay Area? For shaaaame. We'd treat you like royalty. Probably like Louis XIV of France in Sept. 0f 1792. Sound enticing?


Book Ends is awesome!! They always have something going on, but I truly believe this would be as big a Namath or Ripken!!



Irreverent to the end with the missing musical guests. Me likey!


Aw crud. Of course you'd be in my hometown area when I'm not there.

No love for Chicagoish area? >_>


Isaac Brock and the mouse?? What would rat think??


Hey!?!? What about Houston??


Damn. I have choir practice during the Portland trip. Next time, check with me before scheduling!


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Storbert Kravil

Thanks for posting the tour locations. Now I know when not to be in those cities.

Gregg Kopsa

You need to take a right turn at Seattle and head over to Spokane, Wa.

Lyle Wiedeman

I have your guard duck. If you want him back, come tour Southern California. Of course, if you dislike SoCal for any reason, I've solved your problem. Or the duck will.

Rose Marie Holt

I love 3rd place books - I have a house about a mile from there. Sometimes they have live music in the adjacent area so maybe you'll be drowned out by some local music. It's all a big open space. Sadly, I will be Not In Seattle :(

Jeff Heise

Tell the crocs that zeeba naba going to be in SoCal-maybe they could drag you here...

Bill Dyson

Forget Orlando - just come to Atlanta!!!!

Linda Smither

Please come to Atlanta, and bring Rat. He rocks!!


Why does Denver get Night Ranger and Detroit doesn't even get a visit?
See if I ever email you again...


Hey man; when you comin up to Canada?


Where is NJ/PA on the tour? Soon, please? Shirtless Pastis - I would drive 3 hours in snow to see.

Sara zander

Was the thought that minds in the Bay Area weren't twisted enough to appreciate your humor? WRONG! One request: increase female characters in the strip. One cute Pigitta and a Zebba housewife don't cut it...unless Guard Duck is a cross dressing gal?




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Vinny Foti

Book-Ends in New Jersey!!! That gets my vote!!!!


Interesting cities. Is this where people owe you money?

Norm Lind

Thanks for coming to Minneapolis! Hall and Oates rocked! Well, Oates did, Hall not so much...





the bay area is a perfect place for him on his tour...better yet, santa cruz, capitola or carmel would be even better!

Z Blair

Please come to Austin, Texas. We would love to have you!

Josh Graham

was going to see him in Denver until I saw Night Ranger would be there

Sandi Lee

Why not just continue down the West Coast and stop in the beautiful City by the Bay? (San Francisco in case you were having trouble with your geography) If there's any city in the world that appreciates weird humor it's us, so please hitchhike down Hwy 1 and you'll end up here. Please bring Rat. A devoted fan ... Sandi

Anthony Barcellos

I don't know the current members of Night Ranger, but I've met Jeff Watson and I'm friends with his father. Jeff seems like a nice guy. I'll bet you could set up a gig with Jeff if you contacted him. After all, what good is being a famous syndicated cartoonist if your favorite rock stars don't take your calls?

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Maggie the Lab

East Coast show is a must! Do I have to get Military Duck involved...?!


Definitely come to the ATL. We will show you some true Southern hospitality.

Ann Schneider

I am so excited to meet you! I will be at Powell's in Portland!

Shannon elsemore

No northern California stops??? Sacramento would be lovely

Ron Parsons

I am saddened to inform you that Portland Oregon has burned to the ground.
Total catastrophe.
You will have to go somewhere else.
Anywhere else.

jojo junior

lol @ronparsons

Dave Hussell

Sorry you aren't coming to Ohio, most notably Columbus. I am surprised you mentioned Leo Sayer, lie or not, I thought I was the only one who remembered him. Damn I am getting old!

Beth Miller

AND come to jacksonville, fla. and bring leo sayer.LOL

Reeves Little

I'm in Seattle, but my wife really wants to watch Dr. Phil tonight. Could you please post your cell phone number so I can call into the book tour?

Douglas D. Douglas

Loved your presentation here in Lake City today.

Not that I liked the math you did - that part sucked - really ----- sucked... as an aspiring cartoon character I really didn't like the fact that my cartoonist has almost a better chance of getting struck by lightening than I do of being syndicated... really that just spilt the indian ink out of me.

White out please....

My cartoonist dude is reading your book and praying that there is something usefull in it... so far very bad news not a drop of helpfull stuff :D

Douglas D. Douglas


When is the East Coast/New England tour ?

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pauline munoz dondero

hope the tour went well and fun. as to the Drose comment: when the US goes bankrupt, that's all we will have time for, good comics!

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I for one votes for the Atlanta visit

Yoshiko Hoyle

Probably like Louis XIV of France in Sept. 0f 1792. Sound enticing?

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