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My favorite is Pearls Before Swine!


Thanks for sharing!


There will be a total of THREE winners, including a grand prize winner.

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Get Fuzzy!


Toss up between Overboard, For Better or For Worse & Bloom County.


I'd have to say that my favorite is "9 Chickweed Lane"

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End town is my favorite. It's characters are cute but also brave and the plot/s are novel. This would make an excellent film.

mary grace villaber

im late...im a loser.....

Ismene Pampouca

the Peanuts comic strip with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy .... Snoopy - the beagle - rules.

Richard Martens

Please flip a coin for me. It is 9 Chickweed lane if it is heads and Rose is Rose if it is tails. There are also a lot of others right behind.

Mandolin Ziadie

I love Classic Peanuts!

Mari Mills

~ My current favorite comic in GoComics is "Pearls Before Swine"! Though, I read as many GoComic strips that I can during the day! Stephen's use of lame puns and insane characters, bring chuckles to both, my husband and I, each morning! Today, my retired husband, Jim, is cutting the grass before a heavy predicted storm and is wearing his favorite "Crocs" t-shirt, that we bought a couple of years ago. It reflects the clue-less "Crocs" buying a package of "zebra" seeds ~ Stephen's humor is priceless! I hope his mother forgives him someday, for changing her career goal for him in becoming a cartoonist, though a real nice Mother's Day gift would certainly help the process! ; )


Janet's World!


Pearls Before Swine!!


Endtown: Imaginative storylines with well-drawn characters. Interest is growing, but it deserves a far larger audience than it's been getting.

Jessica Trujillo

I like most of them but i have to say my favorite will always be Garfield. :)

Kevin Bell

My favorite is Pearls Before Swine!

Steve & Gina Bradburn

Steve's fave is Calvin & Hobbes. Gina's is For Better or For Worse. But this was hard to answer since so many good ones to choose from! Classics like those 2, Peanuts, Garfield, and Family Circle still make us laugh :) New ones like Argyle Sweater, Brevity & That is Priceless are great, too! This is a great page to read a lot of funny comics since the local paper doesn't carry all of them.

Jack Butler

Get Fuzzy

June Alex

Oh, Poncho rocks on Pooch Cafe, one of the best for laugh out loud fun. He is so bad that he is wonderful!

Ibrahim Khan





That's it! We'll gather names from comments and pool them together on Friday, May 4th at 12:00pm CST. There will be a total of THREE winners, including a grand prize winner.

Sunny K

Cul de Sac!!!

Jim Finerty

Big Nate

Dorian (aka Doriation)

Endtown is my favorite! (So tough to play favorites...)

Greg Trail

...and Calvin and Hobbes, Endtown, Dark Side of the Horse, The Buckets, Stone Soup, Prickly City, and then some Sherpa strips like BlueBonnets, Humoresque, and Zootopia.
Also, for what it's worth, my favorite non-GoComics strip is definitely Buckles by David Gilbert.

Greg Trail

Bewley, Citizen Dog, Cul de Sac, Argyle Sweater, Pooch Ca-

Oh, just one? Uh.... maybe... maybe I'll send out a hesitant vote for Cul de Sac...? Or Bewley...? Shoot, this is tough.

Ken Nichols

That is Priceless! Classic art and off-the-wall humor.

Robbie Dalley


Jason Gerstein

Pearls Before Swine!!

Sarah Siteman

Non Sequitur


There are some great comic on GoComic, but Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson amazes and amuses em.


Scary Gary..Leopold cracks me up!

Gary Landes

Basic Instructions!

James O'Brien

I am a big "Tarzan" fan, but I also really like "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria."

Matthias Peters

"Clavin and Hobbes", what else?!

Ed Held

Cul de Sac!

Account Deleted

pearls before swine!

Heather Modgling

I ran across Get Fuzzy, back at your old website. I loved it and daily logged on to read all about Bucky and Satchel! (even Rob) I've enjoyed this strip so much I have bought several books and calendars of the strip! I love this strip!

Val Yarley

Non Sequitor, definitely, closely followed by Doonesbury. :)

Carl Hudson

Get fuzzy!

Zoe Salloom

I have to choose!!! Darn!!...
I guess I'd have to go with Non Sequitur

Rob Theoret

F Minus. Can't get enough!

Danny Burleson

Without question: Liō


Cul de Sac

Paul Anderson

F Minus!!

Michelle Justiniano

ENDTOWN! Love it!


Pearls Before Swine


My favorite is Endtown then cul-de-sac also I can't be sure I have the name right but Lost tales of suburbia.
There are so many it's hard to pick an absolute favorite, but Endtown is the one I can't miss!

Rebecca Placke

I love Endtown!

debbie f


Halie Toth

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Endtown is easily my favorite. I look forward to it every weekday.

R D Barr

Endtown or Mythtickle, Mythtickle or Endtown. Decisions Decisions.

Chad Rocco

Endtown by Aaron Neathery

Erik Van Thienen

"Endtown" by Aaron Neathery


My favorite GoComics comic strip is Endtown by Aaron Neathery.

Tamatha Hiser

Garfield, followed by Rose



austin oconnell milne

my favorite is lost side of suberbia its fantastic

Jerry Beck

Endtown 2.0

A Facebook User

Endtown, best strip ever!

P. Falina

It can vary, but at present: PEARLS BEFORE SWINE !

Betty Wilcox

Bob the Squirrel, Get Fuzzy, Bob the Squirrel, Get Fuzzy... I can't decide!!

Bob the Squirrel. Okay, that's the one.

Mark Engle


Matt Dyal



Whoops! I meant the LOST Side of Suburbia, not the dark side.


The Dark Side of Suburbia or Endtown; I can't choose, as they are both equally excellent.

Bill Ashton

Do I have to pick one? today I'll go with Frog Applause

Arlene Gittleson


Karolinde Wilson


Robert J Bennett

Endtown 2.0

Kellie Gerlick

Argyle Sweater!

Terri Szczublewski

So hard to pick just one! I have to say it is Garfield, which I've followed from Day 1 (yes, I'm that old); but I love many strips that have cats in them, such as Get Fuzzy, 9 Chickweed Lane, and Arlo & Janis!

No am

F Minus! One scene that describes it all


Very excited about US Acres. I loved when that was a Saturday morning cartoon, and I still sing some of the songs from the show! "What harm can it do? What harm can it do!"

Rochel Rand-Sidell

My all time favorite: Calvin and Hobbes!

David Jones

Pearls Before Swine


The Argyle Sweater.

Christopher Banas

Dog Eat Doug - Go Brian Anderson

Tyson Cole

Hard to pick just one, but out of the ones that make me laugh the most consistently, I'd narrow it down to either F Minus, Loose Parts, Off The Mark, The Argyle Sweater, EEK!, Brevity, The Flying McCoys, Non Sequitur, Speed Bump, Lio, Pickles, Pearls Before Swine, Cul de Sac, . I love single panels. If you pressed me, I'd probably choose F Minus.

A Facebook User

Pearls before swine... and Charmy's Army close behind... Oh wait, that's a Sherpa strip.... Do they count?

A Facebook User

Too many to choose. But, at the moment I'm a sucker for Scary Gary.

Hilarious, day in, day out.



Mark Carder

Keep up the good work. My favorite is Doonesbury.

future NCS blackball

If you ask the National Cartoonists Society, the best comic is Dustin. Which goes to show how out of touch the national cartoonists society is.



Tim Green

Calvin and Hobbes.

Allen Lewis

Gotta be Frog Applause! Wonderfully whimsical, sometimes challenging, always thought-provoking. But most of all, ieffably Lame!

Jan B

Frog Applause is the best and it comes with a Frog Blog at no additional cost. It's funny and saves money - what more could one ask?

Brendan P. Bartholomew

My favorite comic strip is Frog Applause!


J.C. Duffy's FUSCO BROTHERS, I MUST say is my favourite.


For some reason my original post doesn't show up...but my favorite is "Pearls before swine" because he makes me laugh almost every day, with "Thatababy" being a close second.

Mark Scheef

The Doozies!!

David Nicholls

It would have to be Frog Applause because it is only on GoComics. My other favs can be found on other comic sites.

Bob Stockton

I cast my vote for a recently posted strip, Crumb. The strip is not only funny but the artist's rendition of the characters are funny as well. Case in point: the baby bird and the cat.

Kate Newton

Pearls Before Swine ... Gotta love a good pun.

Denise Bullen

Frog Applause and New Adventures of Queen Victoria

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