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Patrick Burner

Get Fuzzy!

Jim J

I'd have to say that my favorite is "9 Chickweed Lane"

Chuma Onyedikachi


Sherrie Hall

Cul de Sac.


Peanuts...my daughter is named Lucy, after all!

Bob Pownall

9 Chickweed Lane, closely followed by Pearls Before Swine.


Broom Hilda. I grew up with it and it still makes me laugh every day. And this is the only place I know I can still find it.

Paul Gabbard

Pooch Cafe would have to be my new favorite, a story in every strip.

Marco Marchese

Get Fuzzy for sure!


Love is...ever since I can remember and then when I found you my dreams came true :)


Calvin and Hobbes

Daniel Beyer

Dark Side of the Horse!

Patrick F

I have to pick just one?? *sigh* My favorite is.... Garfield en Espanol (in tandem with Garfield) because it's a fun way to learn Spanish.

Darlene Vendegna

Just one?! Up until a week ago it would have been Jane's World, but now I have to also add Heavenly Nostrils.

Laura K

So easy - it's most definitely Frazz!

Luiza Blands

Pooch Cafe!! :^) ( got to know it thanks to you guys )

noah sturdevant

Pearls Before Swine


Agnes! Definitely Agnes. The irony of an adult combined with the sweet innocence of a young girl is absolutely priceless.

Jessica Hampe

Doonesbury! I started reading it in the 3rd grade to understand what politics were all about. Still do. The recent arc about the transvaginal ultrasound obscenity and the "shaming room" was incredible.

vijay sumanth

Calvin and Hobbes for sure !!


Dilbert, reminds me of my dad :)

Rotifer Thalweg

Frog Applause

Shane Johnson

Survey Says? F-Minus

Jessica Trujillo

Pearls Before Swine


My favorite GoComics comic is Wizard of Id. My wife's is Garfield.


I like Navy Bean. it's smart and honest and real, but also with a real sense of humbility.


Cul de Sac is always brilliant.


Brevity. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Brevity!!! :)

Linda Cantrill

Calvin & Hobbes !

Tim Tribbett DVM

Pickles is my favorite. Geezer power!

Justin Gardner

Calvin & Hobbes! Best comic EVER! :-)

Sean O


Mike Marino

Peanuts...love the classics!

Kyle Robinson


Dallan Christenson

Pearls Before Swine

tires  philadelphia

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tires  philadelphia

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Dave Almeida

I love so many, but I have to go with "That Is Priceless"!

Gary Goldstein

Ink Pen, well drawn and funny, deserves more recognition.

Wil Panganiban

The Duplex!


C'est la Vie by Jennifer Babcock.


Let's see. The word-play of Barney and Clyde and Frog Applause, the writing of Candorville, the creativity of Cul de Sac, or the drawing skill in Imagine This?

It's gotta be Frog Applause!

Allen Jones



Calvin and Hobbes, Doonesbury and Pooch Cafe.


Foxtrot has been, and will continue to be my favorite Gocomic ever. Jason Fox For President! :D

Rachel Esserman

Pearls Before Swine rocks


While I must truthfully state that I enjoy the whole range of comics at GoComics[I start each day reading my funnies],my-by far-favorite is Frog Applause.


I would rank them such:

1) Calvin & Hobbes
2) Peanuts
3) Garfield
4) Cul De Sac
5) Pearls Before Swine
6) Ink Pen
7) Pooch Cafe
8) Lio
9) Get Fuzzy
10) Foxtrot
11) Speed Bump
12) Doonesbury
13) Pickles
14) Brevity
15) Argyle Sweater
16) Adam
17) NonSequitur
18) Rose is Rose
19) For Better or For Worst
20) Frazz
21) In the Bleachers
22) FMinus
23) Incidental Comics
24) Kliban
25) Imagine This
26) Candorville
27) Big Nate
28) Basic Instructions
29) Bad Reporter
30) Tom the Dancing Bug
31) That is Priceless
32) Endtown
33) Lost Side of Suburbia
34) Stone Soup
35) Agnes
36) BC
37) Big Top
38) Lucky Cow
39) 9 Chickweed Lane
40) Shoe
41) Drabble
42) In the Sticks
43) Brewster Rocket
44) Last Kiss
45) Eek
46) Buni
47) Dark Side of the Horse
48) Cornered
49) Reality Check
50) Off the Mark
51) Over the Hedge
52) Real Life Adventures
53) Lola
54) Tank McNamara
55) Wizard of Id
56) Andy Capp
57) Mythtickle
58) Nancy
59) What the Duck
60) Ten Cats
61) heart of the City
62) Ham Shears
63) Frog Applause
64) Grand Avenue
65) Luann
66) Strange Brew
67) Meg
68) Overboard
69) The Norm
70) Monty


Toss up between Overboard, For Better or For Worse & Bloom County.


My favorite GoComic comic is Alley Oop!

Anthony Pankuch

A close tie between Pearls Before Swine and Cow & Boy. Lio follows close behind.

Deb Williams

So many choices. I'll have to go with Cul de Sac (at least right now).

Michael Farren


Matt Levin

Pat Oliphant, (editorial cartoons)
otherwise, yup, Calvin and Hobbes, creaky ancient as they be, still top contenders. Closely followed by fellow manic, Lio.

Cheryl Newsome

Calvin & Hobbes!


Thatababy! So funny and similar to my life with a toddler! Also, Spot the Frog, even if it is only reruns. :)

Matt Mulder

Def. Pearls before Swine

Matthew Johnson

In the following order: Pearls Before Swine, Garfield,Lola, The Barn, EndTown, Peanuts, Drabble,Liberty Meadows,Alley Oop, they are soo awesome and read them everyday sometimes 5 times


Cul de Sac by far, although I also really enjoy Imagine This.

Gabriel McGrath

Frog Applause!!

Nancy Wasko

FoxTrot is our family's favorite. We read it every Sunday on GoComics, and the FoxTrot Classics daily.

The Old Wolf

By the tufted ears of Mogg's grandmother, how can I pick just one? I am truly enamored of so many, and have great respect for their creators. _Sigh_ All right, I'll have to vote for 9 Chickweed Lane, with massive props to all the others whom I follow.

Tracy Cox

Lost Side of Suburbia. What is happening? Can't wait!

Mark Shoenfelt

Get Fuzzy


I think it's a tie for me...Get Fuzzy and Foxtrot.


Cul de Sac is my favorite

Andy Bell

I've always been a fan of FoxTrot. It hits the right geekiness level for me.

MJ Calrin

Calvin and Hobbs, Calvin is just so naughty! And Hobbs is So faithful!!!


9 Chickweed lane, love the art and plots.

Overton L. Hallford

I have a problem here. I cant decide if i like Haiku Ewe better, or The Barn. Rory is way fun. I guess i will say The Barn, because its daily.


marmaduke!! <3


Frog Applause!

Marguerite Ahl

My favorite is 'Cul-de-Sac'.

Number Six

If GoComics ran the original strips by Reg Smythe - my choice would be 'Andy Capp'. So 'No1' has to be 'CALVIN & HOBBES'.
'May the 4th' be with me! BCNU...

Michael Moore

My favorite GoComics is Pearls Before Swine.


Kit & Carlyle

Anne Wehrley

Pooch Cafe is my favorite current strip but Calvin and Hobbes is my all time favorite strip. I get a chuckle each day from Poncho who is so much like one of my dogs if he could actually do what Poncho does! Thanks!

Bren Shuler

Too many! 9 Chickweed Lane, PBS, Lio, Frog Applause...et al.

Rodi Vehr

Pearls Before Swine is magnificent!!!

christian louboutin



Calvin and Hobbes! Calvin is so cute!! xoxo

Craig Conley

Frog Applause


I have to have Calvin and Hobbes. I had a stuffed Tiger that I carried around with me when I was younger. It even went on high school sleep overs.


Frog Applause!

Curtis Hoffmann

Endtown. Best story about the end of the world featuring mutated creatures you'll ever find!

Steve McKee

Frog Applause

Denise Bullen

Frog Applause and New Adventures of Queen Victoria

Kate Newton

Pearls Before Swine ... Gotta love a good pun.

Bob Stockton

I cast my vote for a recently posted strip, Crumb. The strip is not only funny but the artist's rendition of the characters are funny as well. Case in point: the baby bird and the cat.

David Nicholls

It would have to be Frog Applause because it is only on GoComics. My other favs can be found on other comic sites.

Mark Scheef

The Doozies!!


For some reason my original post doesn't show up...but my favorite is "Pearls before swine" because he makes me laugh almost every day, with "Thatababy" being a close second.


J.C. Duffy's FUSCO BROTHERS, I MUST say is my favourite.

Brendan P. Bartholomew

My favorite comic strip is Frog Applause!

Jan B

Frog Applause is the best and it comes with a Frog Blog at no additional cost. It's funny and saves money - what more could one ask?

Allen Lewis

Gotta be Frog Applause! Wonderfully whimsical, sometimes challenging, always thought-provoking. But most of all, ieffably Lame!

Tim Green

Calvin and Hobbes.



future NCS blackball

If you ask the National Cartoonists Society, the best comic is Dustin. Which goes to show how out of touch the national cartoonists society is.

Mark Carder

Keep up the good work. My favorite is Doonesbury.

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