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Geoff Elsworth

I'm pretty sure I was 5 as we came from Victoria to Queensland in 1956 and I am sure that my first comics were in the Courier Mail and the Telegraph. Comics were in black and white in those days and they were an important part of my education.

Paul Gabbard

Probably around the age of 7 I would think. My hometown didn't have a daily paper. Our paper was printed once a week and it only consisted of about 4 pages none of which could be even remotely considered funny, let alone comical. Right about the time that we got a nice big floor model RCA color television, my dad found out that the sunday paper from our nearest metropolitan area came with coupons and a free TV guide. He started picking up a Sunday paper, and I started reading the funnies.

Sunny K

around 5 years old


Always, I think. Practically, it must have been when I was about 4, but it could have been a year or two earlier. Comics provide a superb gateway to reading.


I was in elementary school, about 8 years old when I started reading the comics. I would read them while I ate breakfast.

Renee Miller

I've been reading them since I started reading at age 4. I'm sure me parents read them to me before that.

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Luiza Blands

At age 4 I could already read and even write, thanks to the fact that my parents introduced me to comics since I was born. I am very thankful for this, and I proudly say that to everyone!
Comics' not only helped learn my own language, but also foreign languages and thought me appreciation for arts.
I would be honored if I won the Cul de Sac print. My dad is going through the same as Mr. Thompson, and I think it would be a great inspirational gift <3


I was 3 and would read them with my mother! I've been reading them every day since. :)

Ken Nichols

As soon as I could read...probably about 5. My faves at the time were Marmaduke, Andy Capp, Tumbleweeds, and Lil' Abner.

Hal Jenner

I was four years old because I taught myself how to read on Peanuts

noah sturdevant


Anthony Pankuch

I read them occasionally around six or seven. Then when I was about ten or eleven I began to read them regularly.

Richard Martens

Started in the 50's when I was 5. Now I am really enjoying the ones by Brooke McEldowney. Add in Rose is Rose, Cul de Sac, Red and Rover and some others and it is all good.


As early as I can remember...so, 3? My dad loves comics too, so I'd read them with him.


I was five years old. When I was ten I collected all the funnies from the newspaper into books with a little glue. Lot of fun!


I was about 6 when I first started reading the funnies. My favs back then were wizard of id, peanuts, hagar the horrible, and beetle bailey!

Lee Collier

I remember being obsessed with "Peanuts" paperback collections, and asking Grandma to pick them up for me whenever she went to the store. I'd copy them in my notebooks, including all the dialogue that I didn't fully understand, and then ret-title it "Almonds". I was about five when I started reading comics, and about seven when I first plagiarized Charles Schulz.



Michael Pohrer

I am not sure exactly when but reading comics has always been a daily event for me.

Tim Tribbett DVM

I was 6 when I first started. Peanuts was my favorite.

Ace Brown

I probably started about age 7 or 8 (1949-1950) and followed most all the comics in our paper. I remember my favorites being Mark Trail, Dick Tracy, and Little Orphan Annie. Most strips then were continuing stories rather than the one joke strips of today. I remember going to a 2 week summer camp when I was 12 and having my parents mail me the comics so I wouldn't miss anything.

mike fladlien

I was 10 when I started to read the Des Moines Register editorial pages. Thanks for reading this.

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marguerite Ahl

I started 'looking' at them at age three, reading them at age 6, when I learned to read in 1st grade.


I think I was 4. I'm pretty sure I also started with comic books at that age.

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i was 6 when i first got a peanuts paperback from then i was hooked incedently the book was youve got to be you snoopy i still have it


Maybe seven.


I was probably 4, 1962ish. I would sit on my dad's lap and he would read the Sunday comics first, before the headlines (I still do the same thing!). His favorite was Pogo and he would laugh and laugh. I would laugh along with him though I had NO idea what was so funny. I just liked the cute animals in the swamp!

Tom Mattesich

We were pretty poor and my mom would use the funny pages as a makeshift diaper, so my cute rumpus was reading them before I was.

jann laborde

I was laughing at everything since I was a baby but I was about 4 when I started reading the funnies

Megan Harvey

Does getting it read to me count? I would have been 3 then, or when I could start to read on my own would be 5.

Scott Howes

I started reading them around 8 or 9 years old when I found out that sticking silly putty to the funnies takes an imprint of them. Very cool!

Jonas-Olof Rosin

I can't remember a time when I *didn't* read comics. When i was too young to read I just looked at the pictures and made up my own stories. Among the first favorites were Lolly, Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Andy Capp, Tintin and of course Li'l Abner. Li'l Abner is one of the reasons why I learned to read at a pretty early age. I really wanted to know what was going on.
The first time I realised that I could read was one evening reading Donald Duck. I started "reading" the way I always did, but after a while I realised I was actually reading the text. I jumped out of bed and ran down to tell my parents.
I've been reading comics ever since, and I'm not going to quit!


It was about 1941; I was three years old. I loved the Teenie-Weenies in the Sunday New York Journal American.

Tom Kelley

Not old enough to know better, thank god! I was hooked early - before I could read I would puzzle over Krazy Kat, Gasoline Alley, Katzenjammer Kids and more...all the while delighting in the comic forms and colors. And *then* there was Pogo!


pretty sure I began reading them in my previous life.


I was 4 or 5 back in 1954-5. My parents would hand me the comix and I recall Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and Alley Oop. I became an avid reader in 1961, when I became a Detroit News delivery boy, and from then on, I was hooked.

David F Rehberger

I was about 5 or so when I started reading the comics in the Philadelphia newspaper. Since "Prince Valiant" was not in the news paper my family subscribed to my neighbor would toss the weekly episode over the back fence for me.

david middleton

I have always believed the earth was flat because my world was. I'd lay the funnies down the floor and plop down with them. It was linoleum heated by a wood stove in winter (a form of a campfire tale). There was no Hobbes but there was a Snoopy. I was not yet in school but lived for those daily panels(and really lived for the Sunday colour edition of the comics in The Star Weekly Magazine).

D Bryk

I would have been 4 years old. When the Saturday paper arrived, it would be split into sections amongst the family--and I would get the comics section! After I finished, it had to be passed on to my mom next, and then my brother!

sheila Simpson

I was 6. I remember going to my grandparents house so my gramma could watch me. Well, she watched my cousins too. I was a weird kid and got picked on allot and I started reading the comics as an escape from my bullying cousins. Got my love of reading started too

Wilbur Garrod

I think I started reading the 'funnies' on Sundays back in the early 60's.
Wilbur Garrod

Bob Stockton

They were called 'funny papers.' Few of the strips from my childhood remain and most that are still around are drawn by either second generation cartoonists or cartoonists that have purchased the rights to a particular popular strip. My first remembrances are of single panel strips such as 'Our Boarding House' which featured (Fap) Major Hoople with his ever present cigar and fez, 'Bringing Up Father,' the strip that chronicled Jiggs, an erstwhile blue collar worker who became wealthy and his wife Maggie who was forever trying - in vain - to wean him from corned beef and cabbage. Other memorable strips were: The Katzenjammer Kids, Chic young's 'Blondie' which I remember had a double decker bus with the perpetually late Dagwood hanging on to the back rail, Ernie Bushmiller's 'Nancy', Mutt and Jeff and a host of others. the "funny papers" both in print and now on line have been a daily part of life for me for more than sixty-five years.

Curtis Hoffmann

I don't remember my family getting the newspaper when I was really small, and the only books I had access to were at the library - almost no comics collections there back in the early 60's. I did a lot of reading as a kid, but I don't think I had access to comics until I was about 12. The earliest ones I remember are Prince Valiant, Peanuts, Dennis the Menace, Buz Sawyer and Li'l Abner.

Lisa Gerber

I was 6 when I started reading the comics. We always got the Sunday paper and that was the part of the paper I read. I also loved putting silly putty on them and watching them appear.

Susan M Craig

I was about 4.... learned how to read by the comix! Felix the Cat & Popeye! Now my favorite is Frog Applause!


Must have been about 3 or 4. I learned to read with the comics!

mike sullivan

know that I could all ready read some before I entered elementary school. So I would guess some where between 4 & 5 years old. Still love to read and the comic's are still a favorite.


Probably about five.

Steve Bartholomew

I believe I was about 5. I'm not sure how I first learned to read, except I remember a teacher explaining that the letter S is shaped like a snake and makes a hissing sound. Reading the funnies made me become literate. I was reading Prince Valiant, Smokey Stover and Popeye, among others. Back in those ancient times, there was also a strip called Teenie Weenies, about little people who lived in the garden and used peanut shells for boats.

Sam Riseman

Comics were a weekly ritual for me long before I could read. I remember making transfers with Silly Putty, trying to draw the characters, and pestering my parents to read the words to me. Probably started actually reading them myself around age five or so.

Michael Martin

The first comic I remember reading was Hagar the Horrible when I was about seven. I would scour the funny pages any time I could get a hold of a news paper. Loved the classics, Garfield, Peanuts, etc...

Beverley Fries

Probably around 6. I read comic books for so long at a sitting my eyes would ache. We found out later that I needed glasses.


8 years young.


Well, my mom says I started reading at age four, so it was probably then. I'm sure I was captivated by the pretty pictures well before that age, though.

Srini Bhukya

I was 11.5

A Facebook User

I'm thinking about 10. I ues to deliver the newspapers and read the comic strips.

Good luck, all.


The Old Wolf

Would have been around 1960 when our class started learning how to navigate a newspaper - the Herald Tribune, go ndéanai Día trocaire air - so I guess I was about 9. My folks only took the NY Times, which never had funnies, but if you count the New Yorker, which was always in our home, then I was probably around 5 or 6.

Mark Shoenfelt

I can't remember how old I was. It seems like I always read them.


Reading them myself, probably 4 or 5. But, I can remember my Dad reading the to me probably around age 3.

ricardo roberto

I was too young to know better and then I was hooked.

Rotifer Thalweg



My grandfather started reading the comics to me before I went to kindergarten, so probably when I was 3 or 4. By Kindergarten I was probably reading the comics on my own, but Grandad still had to explain "Pogo" to me (usually several times. I remember that the reading books in school were hard for a while because the pictures never seemed to go with the words, and they repeated the same words so many times. Then I realized they were supposed to be harder -- it was school.

Justin Gardner

First time I remember reading a comic was when I was 5 years old. It was Peanuts and I wanted to a Snoopy doll ASAP. It didn't happen immediately, but that Xmas...


Must've been 6 or 7 when I started reading Garfield. By the time I was 10 I was reading all the comics our paper carried.


I'm sure I was at minimum 5 or 6. Sunday Funnies were the best!


How old was I? I dunno - four or five? Probably started out looking at the pictures, then progressed to actually reading them as my reading skill developed.


I began reading them religiously around age 7. We were stationed over seas and comics were the only thing I could find to read.

Benjamin Gabbay

7 when I started reading Garfield and Calvin and Hobbs. I became obsessed with reading every day's funny papers by the time I was 12.

Dallan Christenson

I've been reading the funnies for as long as I remember. I started by simple looking at the pictures (about 4-5) and started reading them at around age 6...and I've been reading them ever since.


I started reading comics about the same time that I learned to read -- probably four or five years old.

Eric Davison

I didn't start with the news papers. I was given a B.C. paperback when I was 6.


I believe I was about 5. My parents used to get the daily newspaper, and I got hooked on Peanuts, mostly because of Snoopy. That was back in 1958, when newspapers were printed on stone tablets! Okay, maybe not, but the pages were sure a lot bigger.

chris christmas

i was about five or six years old.

Andrew Shuping

hmmm...I was probably around 5 or 6 when I got hooked on Peanuts and Garfield and then onto Calvin and Hobbes and the Farside

Joyce Benzing

I was 3 ... my fave was the Family Circus!

Willaim Long

Must have been around 5 when I learned to read. So I read "Frank and Ernest" and "Mutt and Jeff"

Chris yingling

I remember when I started at about three, every Sunday, reading the funnies at my Nana's house. My favorite was (and still is!) Peanuts.


I was 4 when my dad handed down his collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics to me. i was glued to the funny pages ever since obsessing over the late great Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot and currently really digging cul de sac, stone soup, pearls before swine, get fuzzy, and many many others!

Teresa Allison

I was probably about 4. I'd sit on my Dad's lap and work on my reading with him.

Julio Vazquez

Tough question. I must have started around 5 reading the Sunday Daily News Funny pages.

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