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Pulitzer prize finalist, Matt Bors demonstrates the NRA's lobbying power in congress. They are a large organization with lots of money to back their initiatives.


A BIG thank you to everyone for participating! We loved the amount of comments that came with this giveaway contest.

The winner of this Matt Bors signed print is Nic Bermudez with the answer: "I would lobby for a gradual reduction of military spending and the reappropriation of those funds towards health care, education, and public services."

Please send your contact information to socialmedia@amuniversal.com to collect your prize. Thanks again for your lobbying wishes. Keep following for more political giveaway contests in the VERY near future.

Patrick Taylor

I would lobby to create a permanent storage facility for US nuclear waste and to have all nuclear power plants put in cold shutdown and decommissioned. Global industrial society will soon collapse because of Peak Oil, climate change, ocean acidification, and sheer plutocratic bad governance, and the developed world will soon be unable to take care of its 400+ nuclear reactors or supply diesel or electricity to continue cool them after cold shutdown. I believe many meltdowns will occur in the coming unrest after currency collapses and crippling weather events. All species, human and non-human, who reproduce after these events will suffer massive genome damage. We have no right to rob the children of the future of their healthy bodies, even if, at this point, we can do nothing to stop catastrophic methane releases in the Arctic.

money (g)

i would lobby for a 75% cut in the pentagons budget.

Steven Robinson

Right now it is blatantly obvious what is needed: election reform. The cartoon says it all...

Brian O'Connell

I would lobby for a return of a draft for national service. Male and female. Doesn't have to be the military, though that should be a choice. Options should be available: Peace Corps, National Park/Forest restoration, Infrastructure repair and replacement (bridges, car and rail roads, airfields), Project to connect 50 to 100 of the most populous cities in the U.S. with high-speed trains, Classroom aides in low-income and underdeveloped areas, Quality Health Clinics in schools and government buildings nationwide.

Pam Allee

If I were dictator... and I only get ONE wish? Dang! OK, if I were dictator I'd make sure there was a Constitutional Amendment saying that corporations are NOT humans, and outlawing money in politics. This would barely scrape the top of all we need. (Just one - Really??)

Bill M

I would lobby for doing away with gun control in New York City.

Grew up in the city, thought gun control made perfect sense.

Now live in a carry-permit state and feel much safer. When I'm in New York, I keep wondering what would happen if two crazies started at either end of a subway platform, shooting everyone as they came together. Would I like to know there were fifteen armed citizens between them? You bet I would.

Too bad the NRA is so fucking political.

Too bad "Anti-Gun" Mayor Bloomberg is so fucking political.


S'pose I'd lobby for reforms in how society is physically structured. That is to say, housing reforms first.

Linda Manfre

I would lobby for universal health care. It is criminal that a country as wealthy as the US has people bankrupt from medical bills.

SP Kelly

I'd lobby for libraries. An informed population can make the best decisions. (and they help educate our children, assist the unemployed and entertain us)

Ronnie Roberts

I would lobby to force all policy makers around the country to be bound by the average wealth of their constituents. If your district's average yearly income is 20k, then that is all you make that year. This would force our policy makers to truly connect to the struggles of their district.


I'd lobby for a proper recognition of the separation of church and state. It's time that we halted the gradual slide back to the theocracy the right wing want to return to the US and Europe!

Nic Bermudez

I would lobby for a gradual reduction of military spending and the reappropriation of those funds towards health care, education, and public services.


I would lobby to a law forbidding to a single person or company to be the owner of more than one newspaper or TV channel.

Steve Colberg

i would lobby to reverse the Citizen's United vs the Federal Election Commission 2010 ruling by the supreme court. Although, really any sense of campaign finance reform would be nice. Last I time I looked into it, Just Obama and Romney alone have well over $1 billion (including all their PACs). Just think about next time politicians whine about "government pork," the Pig Book says congress earmarked $3.3 billion in the last fiscal year (2012) and our presidents aren't that far behind with their campaign spending....

Gus Snarp

I only get one? So many issues, so few people willing to listen. So i'd go with currency reform Eliminate pennies, nickels, quarters, and dollar bills. Use dimes, half dollars, and dollar coins. It seems frivolous, but it would save some money and people might actually be willing to do it.

Brad VanRoosendaal

I would lobby for peace. Reduce military spending and increase money for education and reduce poverty in the U.S. and around the world.

Mark Maisel

I'd lobby for fixed funding of elections at the federal level including a fixed campaign period in an effort to remove any private funding and end the interminable, ugly campaigns that currently occur as a near constant in our lives. I would expect the effort to get no traction whatsoever, failing absolutely as those being lobbied have no interest in remedying the system if it will disempower them or their patrons.

Paul Bagosy

I'd lobby for raising the minimum wage to 25% above the poverty line at 40 hours/week and tying it to inflation.


I'd lobby for guaranteed benefits for cartoonists. Free health care for anyone funnier than Garfield, and a lifetime of gourmet coffee for artists that can make Stephan Pastis snort beer out his nose. And a penthouse suite in the Bahamas for Aaron Neathery.

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