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penis enlargement pills

This doesnot have a lot to do with the story but the sentence knocks me out I think its the did not and had not constructions Anyway Zelda had told Scott his penis was too small.


Loved this. Thank you for bringing it to the blog.


This involves overall health, but also the choice to carry a child to full-term. 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors, in a stroke of comic brilliance, took this literally. Women are fighting back, but they now have an advocate: The Avenging Uterus.


Since when is becoming pregnant a fault of any religion? Catholicism especially encourages people to get married- and stay married.
Your above post is very incoherent.


Very fanny comic.


You either must be a man or a holy rocker religion... Have you learned nothing,?
Good riddance to you, from all good comics and their artist. It's ok to stick your penis in a woman and at least 90% of the time walk away without a care while SHE gets all the responsibility of having a baby and raising it?!! While there's a window of opportunity, to not have to go through this alone, and abort a cell not a baby a cell, which to begin with is the most excruciating time spent making that decision alone. But let's keep making Viagra and practically give it away while birth control is becoming unaffordable! Thanks to Matt Bors and other people who speak out for minorities etc...!!!


This "comic" in very poor taste. If this is the trash they are putting in the comics now, then I say so-long comics and good-ridance.

As for abortion, how is the destruction of a human life considered to be a "right?" This flies against the face of all reason and morality. It is not for a woman to choose if she is or is not going to kill her own child. Who gives that mother the right to determine the fate of that child?

It amazes me how the people who are the strongest proponents of "free healthcare" and "the end of the death penalty" can so hypocritically embrace something as evil as abortion.


Limbaugh to educating Congressmen that storks do not deliver babies, she is on a mission: to keep the world safe for lady parts.

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