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I bumped into your post. I don't usually post in blogs but your blog forced me to. Awesome work! Thank you for sharing!


A BIG thank you to everyone for participating! We are happy to announce that Jonathan A and Jane Black (Jbgoldcanyon) each won a copy of "Stupid Liberals." Alternately, Lois von Hippel and Larry each won a copy of "Stupid Conservatives." Congratulations winners! Please e-mail your contact information to socialmedia@amuniversal.com to collect your prize. Thank you again to everyone for entering our GoComics giveaway contest.

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I assume the "Stupid Conservative" is a much thicker and heavier book. This is the one I want, is there extra shipping charge because of this?


I'd like to win the Stupid Conservatives book for my friends here in Red State Hell. Duane Tate.


stupid liberals is my choice

Lois von Hippel

Because I'm a stupid Liberal, I'd make the best use of whichever one involves the least amount of fighting. Peace, man. :-)


I will take the Stupid Liberals please. Would you happen to also have one titled " I told you so"? Jane Black

Curtis Hoffmann

I'll take Stupid Conservatives, since there's less competition for those two books and I'll be more likely to win something this way. Curtis Hoffmann


The Stupid Liberals would be great to share with my left leaning friends. Being the only black conservative for 12 square miles, it will certainly become a conversation piece in my living room. Gary Larson

Jonathan A.

The "Stupid Liberals" would be nice to add to my collection. The name is Jonathan.

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