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R. Araya

Whoever was the one who blew up the Yankees' season with Baltimore and Detroit.


THE RULES: Nominations can be made only for an INDIVIDUAL -- not a team, league, organization or corporation. Make only ONE nomination, OK?

Joseph Clark

Mike Shanahan, although he also counts for 2013. He's going to ruin RG III.

Tim Sayeau

Lance Armstrong.

Ric Rivas

Gary Bettman.

Virginia Wesner

Gary Bettman.

For the locking out NHL players for the 3rd time in his career. For removing hockey teams from stable, well loved markets and putting them in places that only see ice on a rink. (ie Winnipeg Jets & Quebec Noriques). For receiving a salary of 5 million to do what? please. Tell me what he does? Other than trying to destroy a wonderful game. For not doing a proper contract negotiation. Its a JOB. Treat it as such. Monday-Friday, 9-5 every week until the contract with the CBA is settled.

Bob Ingersoll

Lance Armstrong.

Because what Jerry Sandusky did was too heinous to be made light of in a comic strip.

Barry Allison

Bob Costa, hand's down. The Michael Moore of sport commentators.

Bob Berg

Lance Armstrong

Ed Fenstermacher

Rob Parker

For the "Cornball Brother" remark about RGIII. Time to move past the racism, dude.

Paul Denman

Obviously Lance Armstrong

edward thomas

Gary Bettman because of the third and a (half)season cancellation in eight years. This was nothing but a power play to take money for already rich owners from not quite as rich players, while screwing the fans and the ancillary hangers-on (restaurants, bars, cab owners) and the club personnel. He needs to grow a pair and tell the owners they are killing the sport in markets like Columbus where the fan base needs consistency. Yes Lance Armstrong has been a jacka$$, but he didn't stop an entire sport, one which already was rife with doping.


It HAS to be Gary Bettman

Kevin Yamamoto

Gary Bettman - Lockouts are a weapon of last resort when conducting labour negotiations, rarely the 1st option. Poor tactics created a win-lose situation for negotiations. It will be challenging now to create a win-win situation with the NHLPA. Very difficult to grow the game when so much mistrust exists between the two parties. Hockey is no longer part of the "Big Four" sports (NFL,MLB NBA) as NCAA Football/Basketball and NASCAR have surpassed it in the USA. Mr. Bettman destroyed any momentum for growth (LA Kings Cup win & 2012 Vancouver Olympics) with this lockout.


Gary Bettman, though I would believe that a former assistant coach of Penn State should be given a lifetime Sports Jerk award.

Guard SGT

The entire NHL, owners and players, for screwing up the hockey season.

I know it is supposed to be for an individual, but this disaster deserves special consideration. It was a multi-person disaster based on greed by both sides. There is way too much blame for any one person.

Zorro to some

From what I read Sepp Blatter.


Lance Armstrong

K.E. Moriarty

Rex Ryan would be my number one choice. Tattoo aside, he's been a complete jerk all year.

Terry Dexter

Brent Musberger, 73 year old broadcaster for his wildly improper on-air comments.

Terry Dexter

University of Alabama quarterback who is dating an Auburn co-ed. Hasn't he hears of the Iron Bowl?

Rick McDermott

Gary Bettman. 4th work stoppage in hockey since he became commish.

Ray Caswell

Gary "Beavis" Bettman. What a maroon.

Mary Sharrow

Lance Armstrong because he just can't figure out what he did that was wrong.

Dwight Billings

Gary Bettman, worst sports commissioner EVER!

Mark Trebing

Jerry Sandusky.
Hideous criminal and destroyer of Penn State football.

John S.

It is a pity that a team or organization cannot be nominated, for the white supremist fans from Zenit St. Petersburg (who lobbied the club to exclude gay and black players) would surely take this year's prize. As for an individual, Gary Bettman deserves it for wrecking the NHL season.


Brent Musberger for his insulting, drooling, perverse commentary on Alabama Quarterback's girlfriend during the National Championship game. Shame on a dirty old man!


Another vote for Bettman. What a world-class jerk. He's killing the league.


Donald Fehr - I guess trying to destroy one professional league wasn't good enough for this Lord of Greed. He seriously felt the need to take another one to the brink of extinction.

Tim K.

Gary Buttman, oops, I mean Gary Bettman...for screwing up the NHL season so the Billionaire owners and the Millionaire players can get more money out of the fans who are going to have to pay for all of the raises in salary. I mean, come on, these people make more money in one game "playing" than any hard working person!

Bruce Baskin

The more we learn, the more Lance Armstrong becomes not only the top choice for SJOTY, he becomes the ONLY choice. Bettman is a rockhead, but Lance is downright criminal. Jerry Sandusky is worse than any of them, but (as an earlier poster noted) what he did shouldn't be made light of in a comic strip.

Ken Uhlik

Don Cherry,biggest cry baby ever!

Rose R.

Jerry Sandusky - because he's the scum of the earth!

Greg Whittmore

Rangers GM John Daniels


Gotta be Lance Armstrong!

Angie Mortimer



Bob Costa

For transforming sports commentary into political opinion. Jerk.

Jack Marsh

There can only be ONE winner this year. And last year, and the year before and the year before that.

GARY BETTMAN - Is the fans worst nightmare, a "Little Man" in a "Big Man's" world.

There are many fine words that could be used to describe the performance of Mr. Bettman, however children might be reading this post.

Just let it be said, that in the entire history of professional sports and most likely the foreseeable future. There has never been a worse Commissioner of any sports league.

And if that does not qualify for "Sports Jerk of the Year" there is no need for this award to be given out.

Diane LaPorte

Lance Armstrong - people were so excited for someone from the USA winning the Tour de France so many times - he was just in for the wins. He didn't care that the win was tainted.

David Davidson

Lance Armstrong

Mike Donahue

Roger Goodell. He single-handedly brought down one of the NFL's premier teams on flimsy evidence and did not reverse himself until after the New Orleans Saints season was already beyond recovery.

M. Engells

Jerry Jones
Look how badly he has Mangles the Dallas Cowboys...AGAIN!


Lance Armstrong, he so blew it

John Grace

Bobby Valentine. The smartest guy in the room used his baseball wizardry to bring the Red Sox their worst season in decades, and largely blamed the media for most of it.

Greg Heineman

Gary Bettman: I think the award should be named in his honor so he's mentioned every year. The Gary Bettman SJOY!

Larry Wade

A couple of years late but still feeling the pain. BILL HINDS for ending "CLEATS."

r. massey

Bobby Valentine. Granted the Sox weren't loaded this year, but all kinds of discord were brought about by this egotistical twerp.

Dick Crepeau

It's a dead heat between Bettman and Armstrong. Lance could tie it up with the Oprah Interview.

Paul Vroman

Sammy Sosa, for coming out with a company (Injex 21) specializing in applying (normally) injectable drugs with out using needles. OK, not so much for the company, but because of his reaction on a company press release of "Even if we weren't inducted on our first time, we are still winners and there is always a next time." Sammy - get a clue. You used steroids to get huge. We all know it. You will never get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. If you really think you belong, shouldn't you be distancing yourself from anything related to drugs?

Sorkh Razil

Former UTEP Miners head football coach Mike Price.

Jim Bredemeier

Shanahan gets my vote for playing RG3

Shawn Desjardins

#SportsJerk = Gary Bettman should win this year, holding once again an entire sport and the fans hostage over greed.

Terry Gustafson

Lance Armstrong is a no-brainer for this year.

Mark Miller

Lance Armstrong. A decade of lies, now he seeks absolution (from Oprah, no less) and wants to rat out others.

Ken Lafex

Lance Armstrong of course for doping, and having a Federal Agency, the Postal Service, bankroll him so the tax payers get hosed again. But mostly, for being a big girl and spilling his guts to Oprah. What a turd.

Jeff Ede

Tom Brady. Get some morals, Tom! Will this guy ever retire? Hope so. Soon!


Quote "Brent Musberger for his insulting, drooling, perverse commentary on Alabama Quarterback's girlfriend during the National Championship game. Shame on a dirty old man!"

I just don't get it. He said wow! she is a beautiful woman. Perverse really?


My vote is for Cam Newton.

Blu Monday

Gary Bettman, I agree. He did his dance in 2012 and did stop the whole sport. Lance has been a bad boy for over 10 years at least. This is for 2012. But let's see if there will be a Lifetime Achievement award, everyone already knows the 2 that should be first.

John O. Dalke

Gary Bettman

Teri Noel Towe

Bud Selig, Baseball's Commissioner of the Status Quo Ante!

Brian Hamilton

Gary "The Vicious Dwarf" Bettman for permanently erasing any headway the NHL has managed to make in the majority of US markets since 2004. Whatever professional sports market share they had, has suffered irrepairable in the name of the greedy owners Dwarf represented. The greedy players didn't help either (zillionires versus millionaires) but there's one person who represents the entire mess; Bettman.

Gene Meints

Lance Armstrong. He was the leader in bringing down his entire sport.


Donald Fehr, for his role in the NHL lockout (I think he is far more to blame than Bettman and the owners).

John Grigsby

Lance Armstrong because of his defiant denials for so many years.

ken hunt

Mitch McConnell Minority Speak of the Senate. He loks like a Casper Milktoast but this quickly changes when he begins to speak. Poison oozes out of his mouth starting with when President Obama was first elected McConnell said; Our primary mission is to make him a one term president. This epitomizes his lack of character wanting to work for the American people, for which he was elected.

Peter Addams

Dwight Howard, whose antics destroyed the Magic and are threatening to destroy the Lakers.

I'll nominate Lance Armstrong next year, since he finally admitted he was a jerk in 2013.

I like the previous poster's suggestion of Rex Ryan, but he's just a plain old jerk, not necessarily a sports jerk.

Marge Mathis

Lance Armstrong, without a doubt. His motives were utterly selfish; he cared not about his effect on the sport, on all the rest of the contestants, about his image as a model athlete. And let's ignore his current whining.
Posted by Marge Mathis

Scobi Erfeldt

Sports Jerk of the Year is Lance Armstrong hands down!!!

Glenn LaBauve

Joe Paterno for acting like the bishop of Penn State and instead of doing the right thing he covered it up.


Pete Carroll of seattle


RG3 for tweeting like he's a war hero, disgraceful


Bettman. Hands down.

Al M.

Chip "I'm not leaving Oregon for the Pro's" Kelly for lying to the team and the A.D. about taking a pro job.

calvin  moody

mike shanahan,but worst of all obama


Rex Ryan
For so many reasons!!


Hurricane Sandy, if it is possible to nominate a weather event.

Think of all the football fields, soccer fields and other outdoor sporting venues that were ruined by Sandy. And how much money it will cost to remediate the mess.

Hurricane Sandy for Sports Jerk OF the Year.

Runner up nominees:

The entire NHL
Whoever blew up the NY Giants' chance at getting a playoff spot.


Joe Winn

Gotta be Lance Armstrong.


Stealing from another poster:

Lance Armstrong.
Because what Jerry Sandusky did was too heinous to be made light of in a comic strip.

angel ferrer

lance armstrong

John Hummel

Lance Armstrong. Jerry Sandusky is so vile that we don't need to hear any more about him. Armstrong played the system and attempted to destroy those who questioned him.

Rudy Dracka

Lance Armstrong lier lier pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire

David Perry

roger goodell for ruining an entire football team, city and the entire who dat nation for the entire season...while there are those who will argue that point, when you have his predecessor, tossing out all of the suspensions, you begin to wonder if there was ever anything there to start with. if you don't like goodell as a choice, then i would go with gary bettman, for killing an entire hockey season....because even if they start now, the fan base is going to be hard to get back...he should be fired for incompetence.....


Lance Armstrong - for years of doping and denying it.


Too easy. Manti T'eo He rode the blind idolatry of sportsfans to a new low not seen since Tiny Tears Tebow love. We're all sports jerks. We let these overgrown children jerk us around too much.

David Green

T. Boone Pickens, the "George Steinbrenner" of college football. His only claim to fame is that he ruined the largest and best oil company in Oklahoma. (Phillips)

Bob Jones

Gary Bettman for all the reasons listed above.

Dan Ryan

Tommy Tuberville is my choice for walking out on Texas Tech.
Looks like Lance may be a shoe in, but Tuberville will likely be a candidate again because...

Rod Gonzalez

Should former Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen be nominated?

Roy Creamer

Bob Costas....who should stay with broadcasting and leave the politics out of it

greg forrester

Lance Armstrong, not only his doping scandal but suing anyone who tried to bring it out into the open the last 15 years.


Lance Armstrong, for obvious reasons.

David Johnson

Rex Ryan - Totally mishandled the talent on the Jets team this past season.

Mel Hatcher

Lance Armstrong who else could it possibly be?


Manti Te'o - I know they haven't sorted this whole thing out yet, but whether he was the victim or the perpetrator, it stinks "Jerk".


I concur with David Johnson (above). Rex Ryan lacked the imagination or talent to combine the talents of Tebow and Sanchez. Everybody lost this year, particularly the fans. Well said, David!

Alan Stephenson

Josh Hamilton, the new Darth Vader of the Angels(Devils. Even though Lance will get it.
disturbed Rangers Fan

Bill Welliver

Gary Bettman. He'll do nothing for the next eight years until he can screw hockey fans again.

Julian S.

Ozzie Guillén. He was so stupid saying the things he did about Castro.

Ron Orndorff

Yeah I gotta go with Lance Armstrong too, especially since he's shown no remorse for lying through his teeth.

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