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Paul Gesting

I learned that it's never too late to try to stay up even later!

Renee Miller

I learned that hills always seem scarier than they actually are.


I learned the rules of Calvinball!

Rich Powell

Not enough.

Andrew Shuping

I learned to never give up, to always keep trying, and to keep a close friend by my side for every adventure that may come my way.


I learned how to be sarcastic.
~~Will Locatelli


That girls are G.R.O.S.S.!

Alexsandra Kyle

I learned how to connect with my dad. We both loved the comic strip, and it gave us something to talk and laugh about.


I learned that a comic strip can make me cry.

Dave Almeida

I learned that you never let go of your best friends.

Dianne Liukkonen

I learned that no matter how steep the hill is it usually ends up being fun going down it anyways and that snowmen can be super cool!

Zachary Snyder

I learned to never stop using my imagination...

Jim Hunt

I learned that each frame of a comic strip is its own work of art that can stand alone and be appreciated.

Jim Hendrickson

I learned that Spaceman Spiff is the greatest astronaut this country has ever produced...oh and that dinner smells like someone threw up in the furnace duct.

Mike Peterson

The truth of the old vaudevillian's rule "Always leave them shouting for more."

Tom Blakely

Everyone needs a swift kick in the butt.

Emilio Serafim

I learned that the satisfaction of teaching does not makes up for the lousy pay

Mike Kruger

I learned that reading comics as a bedtime story to my daughters would provide them with stories they would remember for years (and, as a middle school teacher, pass on to their classes).

Jared Wolf

I learned that the best memories are the ones that we create for ourselves.

Eric J

Sometimes going out on top or staying true to your personal beliefs is less important than sharing your exquisite gift with the world and bringing them joy.

Tyson Cole

You create your own reality, so make it awesome.

Sean O

I learned that Mercury was the god of flowers and bouquets.

Bonny Rabbit

I learned that although I may grow older, I don't ever have to completly grow up and lose the wonder. Also to stay true to your personal beliefs no matter what some people may say or do ;)

Bill Dussinger

I learned that bot Calvin and I are misunderstood geniuses.

Carrie Burton

I learned that the right snowmen can keep just about anybody away...

Cacciatore Spacelove

I learned that I want them books. And as an aside, someone needs to at least attempt to draw a strip half as beautifully as Bill Watterson did.

Dale Stout

I learned that there's a little Calvin in all of us.

James Logue

I learned that nothing beats curling up with a warm tiger in front of a roaring fire.


I learned that life really is magical when we let our imagination fly.

Austin Oconnell-milne

to have fun and use my imagination . and tigers make the best friends


I learned that there's never enough time for all the nothing you want to do.

Curtis Hoffmann

I learned that lightning strikes more than once. Often, twenty to thirty times if you try hard enough and hold a metal lined kite high enough in the air. I learned that a bed sheet makes a lousy parachute if your wagon goes over a hill less than 20 feet high. I learned that imaginary friends are more real, than real friends have ever imagined themselves to be.

Oskar van Velden

I learned that you are never too old for an imaginary friend ^^


I learned that sometimes the most poignant and inspiring stories can be found in the most unexpected places.


better late than never.. Never too old to learn and enjoy… A nice revival collection, I must say.

Thomas Locatelli

Thomas Locatelli
I learned that Calvin has a big imagination.

Jonas Rosin

I learned that the world used to be black and white and when everything got colours black and white photos stayed the same way since they were photos of the black and white world.

Ron Miyaguchi

I learned that it's okay to want something for nothing.

Craig Thomas

Craig Thomas
I learned to reevaluate the relationship with the Susie Wilbanks in my life. Someone I now call my wife.

Chris Mountjoy

I learned how to draw.

Jim Young

Jim Young

I learned all about creative things you can do with snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes!

Lee Collier

My name is Lee Collier, and I learned that comics can be art.

Michael Pohrer

Michael Pohrer
What I learned from Calvin and Hobbes is that a child's imagination has no boundaries.

Janet Davis

Janet Davis
My relationship with my Teddy when I was Calvin's age was real! And I remember it. I gave a stuffed tiger to my grandson and told him it would keep away bad dreams. It does.

Ben Skip

Too much of everything. A good philosophy of life.

Amanda macIntyre

I learned that life it too short to be serious all the time.

Ray Andrus

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Ali Bass

I learned how to make the best snowmen. Thanks, Calvin!

Donna Courtney

LOL! I learned what my son was up to and what was going on in his brilliant but mischievous head. I swore Bill Watterson had secret cameras set up in our house for him to capture material for the comic strip...LOVED IT!

Kathi Noll

I learned that imagination for kids opens up a whole world of healthy fun!

stacie vandruff

I learned that with a little bit of imagination, you can make life anything you want it to be.

Madison Ferguson

I learned the best mood for creativity is last-minute panic:)

Heather McLaughlin

I learned that people come from spores.

Jason Wesson

I learned to appreciate my life while I still have it, and that the things drooling underneath my bed are just as afraid of me as I'm afraid of them.

Natalie Freeman

I learned that your true friends are the ones who are right there with you during every adventure.

Patrick Cawvey

I learned that life long friends like Hobbes are hard to come by.....

Richard Barnett

I learned everything can build character!

Alex VanHoudt

That philosophy takes on a new level travelling at high speeds downhill.

Gustavo Garza

I learnt that each day is like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on.

Billie Hufford

I learned that a cape and mask can give you the courage to get through anything

Matt Oh

I learned to never grow up!

Marco Marchese

I learned how to travel through time!


I learned that tigers are great, and that Spaceman Spiff is the most badass adventurer ever

Gavin Riley

When I was growing up, I was a pretty awkward kid. I didn't have a lot of friends, and I was usually either by myself or with my parents. However, I had a very active imagination. Every day was an adventure to some far away land, and this attitude somehow made me feel a little less lonely. Calvin and Hobbes taught me that even if you're an oddball, even if you don't fit in, you can still live a full and creative life!

Wael Esmair

I learned to value and appreciate irony, vindication, and the paradoxical nature of the human being. To always question arguments from authority, to consider others, and to remember the kindled spirit of childhood. Most importantly, I learned to cherish friendship, the finitude of life, and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Misbah Ahmad

One thing Calvin and Hobbes taught me was to keep that imagination rolling no matter how many times you're called crazy, be inventive and creative, having a good vocabulary can help you out of situations and lastly, life's more fun outdoors so don't stay inside on beautiful days.

Jennifer Calvache

What I learned from Calvin and Hobbes is that the world around you is your playground and everyday is an adventure.

Darryl Small

laughter teaches lessons,, better then pain..

Todor Bradev

Ignorance is bliss.

David Kreal

I learned that you can never have enough s snowmen minions blocking the driveway.

Ian Rice

At a young age, I learned a lot about the power of creativity and individuality and how it can be difficult to maintain your individual voice as you grow up due to the pressures of society to conform. I think it helped me not worry so much about what other people thought about what I was doing and really let me be the person I wanted to be.

Elena Conejero

I learned to never lose the child in me!

Joel Sams

Calvin and Hobbes taught me that a great, vivid, varied imagination is a gateway to great adventures and wonders; that no matter where you are or what you have your perspective on the situation is the most important thing. Life shouldn't always be about following the rules created by the "grown-ups", but by thinking outside the box, experimenting with new ideas and in the end finding yourself in the middle of a game of Calvinball where the score is 6 to Oogy and there's a ghost-runner on 21st, but the opposite clause has just been enforced on your safe-zone and now you have to find a way to nab a wicket.

Nathan Locklear

I learned that in our imaginations we have no boundaries!

Greg Tulonen

I learned from Calvin's dad how to make up answers to questions my children ask, like how the world was in black & white until the '30s, or how they know the load limit on bridges by driving bigger and bigger trucks over the bridge until it breaks, then weighing the last truck and rebuilding the bridge.

Carrie Daggett

I learned that a kid can spend hours playing and having adventures with only a stuffed tiger and an imagination.

Peter Hendy

I learned that...hang on, this is a trick question, right?

Paul McNeely

I learned that it's a magical world.

Chris Pratl

I learned that as seemingly endless as childhood is, it's physically over before you know it. To hold on to childhood pleasures and gifts and carry these treasures over into adulthood keeps me sane and connected to an innocent period. C&H helps remind me daily that not everything has to end or "pass on" into that good night; we can have and keep all parts of our sum at any point in life. Nothing is ever trivial or dated. These little points keep me happy in some darker periods. I'm grateful for that.

M.L. Allen

I learned that there are some days that even lucky rocket ship underpants don't help but if you have a friend like Hobbes it will be just fine-----just don't touch his smock.

Calvin Yan

I learned that being named Calvin and having an imaginary friend is awesome!

Robert Brien

What I learned from "Calvin & Hobbes" is the world is what you make of it.

John Taylor

I learned life is best when it's shared with a best friend.

Jackson Vaughn

I learned how to seek meaning and question my surroundings in a seemingly random world.

Bridgett Palmer

I learned to accept the inner weirdo inside of all of us.

Steve McCutchan

I learned how to transmogrify.

Rodrigo Vasconcelos

I learned that too much imagination is never enough.


Michael Tutt
I learned to keep my inner child and imagination alive.

Jason D'Silva

I learnt that everything will be alright if you've got a friend.

Linnea Linton

How to calculate the ultimate load on a bridge! Well, that's from Calvin's dad...

And that there's a suit that can prepare you for absolutely anything, by golly!

Thomas Quang

I learned that scientific progress goes "boink"

Greg Dwyer

I learned that your imagination can be a better friend than a person.

Katie Molina

Some kids don't need siblings; just an awesome tiger friend to make life complete.

Rochel Sid

I learned that life is boring without using your imagination!!

Daniela Melo

I learned that the real monsters in our lives are the ones that we choose.

Maja Djordjevic

The painful realization: sparrows can be deceiving.


I learned that your imagination can take you anywhere and to question EVERYTHING.

Sinhue Gonzalez-Mesa

I learned that if you catch a tiger with a tuna fish sandwich you have to take it to the kitchen and stuff it.

wendy phillips

i learned that the inagination of a six year old cannot be matched. and that a person is never required to grow up

Matt Wilkie

I learned that when confronted by a tiger in the wild, the best defense is a good tuna fish sandwich.

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