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Ed dillon

Childhood is timeless

Johanna Bouchard

I learned the importance of friendship and imagination.

Casper Joosten

I learned to appreciate life, wonder about the world and look and my surroundings with fresh eyes every day.

Alan Youngblood

i learned about the most wonderful places one can go in their mind.
- Alan Youngblood


I learned to never cease being amazed at just how big the universe is, yet to never feel insignificant by any means.

Chetan Rao

I learned that noodles can spell trouble. (I like maxims that don't encourage behaviour modification too.)

Michael English

There no limit to the freedom given by our imagination. Relish that freedom, follow your dreams and your possibilities in life are endless.

Janet Joers

I learned that camping in the rain builds character.

Conor Fryer

I learned that you don't have to be young to enjoy life

Jay Sweet

I learned imagination!


i learned that the most powerful thing on earth is not the mighty booms of nuclear weapons, the booming speeches of great leaders, or the complex world of the business hierarchy.

It's a child's imagination


i learned that the most powerful thing on earth is not the mighty booms of military forces, the words of an ernest politician, or the complex world of business gains.

It's a child's imagination.

Charles New

I learned that my imagination can take me anywhere, anytime!

Derek Reed

I'm reminded that kids have a fresh look on the world, and I am reminded that I once had that view as well (though maybe not sa well thought out)

Bill Krainski

I learned that you can use comics to illuminate your feelings and thoughts without coming across as preachy or condescending.

Jaime Martinez

I learned to always find the fun in everything you do. That and that scientific progress goes 'boink'.

Ian Chase

I learned that a boundless, and deathless imagination is the most incredible creation in the universe. Even if it is plagued with evil mutants and killer snow goons.

James Riendeau

I learned that the bylaws of Get Rid of Slimly girlS can be complicated if you allow a hopeless romantic tiger on the board of directors.

Adeel Ahmed

That greatest minds really are the ones that talk about ideas, rather than about events or people.

Ronald D.

I learned every child needs a tiger - preferably stuffed so that it doesn't eat the kid.


I learned that Calvin is much deeper than I ever suspected.

Susan Koch

I learned how to make the rules up as I go.

Tom Scheumann

Get outside and explore your world.

Richa Verma

I learnt that every moment can be fun filled with our best Buddies and a Li'l imagination! :)
Love u Calvin n Hobbes!

Lonnie Hortick

I learned that Stupendous Man is the greatest superhero ever, even if he stuck in his locker!!!

Brandy Shpeley

I learned to never trust a tiger.

Francis E. Lute

Imagination can take you anywhere.

Kimberly Marley

I learned that a stuffed animal and an amazing imagination is just about all you need.

Trevor Hayes

I learned that it's OK for a comic artist to quit when he runs out of ideas.

James McKone

I learned how to build snowmen

Stewart Kramp

Stewart Kramp
I learned that no matter how alone you feel, you are never truly alone when you use your imagination.


I learned that wanting simpler things that you can obtain (like a juicy sweet apple and a nice nap under a tree) is much more satisfying than daydreaming about a Maserati and my own private island.

Vamsi Kanamaluru

I learned that my imagination is my best friend.

Ken Walker

Your world is as big as your imagination 7 some fatastic Ideas for snow men

Elizabeth Hurlbut

I learned from Calvin and Hobbes that Imagination is the most powerful and inexhaustible force in the universe.


I learnt that you really need a true friend who is a reflection of yourself to have fun. You are your own best friend.

Jason Monroe

I learned to never grow up. (Though I think I may have missed the deadline on this contest)

Carol Yee

I learned that friendships are important

David C.

I learned that it was the best comic strip ever written and drawn. Period.

Anthony Nicolay

I learned how to roll up a spaceman spiff

Thomas Barnett

I learned that friends, even ones that only come to life in our heads, can share in life's most adventurous journey's!

Kim Kremer

I learned that roaming the woods beats an office any day.

Cesar Grilo

I learned that a can have a tiger anytime, anywhere, and talk to him.

Jayson Hart-Smith

I learned that this mystical world is meant to be discovered and you can discover anything.

Diego Aliro

I learned that childhood is much more complex and full of existential questions and emotions than adulthood... and much more fun too.


I learnt to live my life in the craziest way possible, to give my imagination wings and above all love your friend the most.

Molly Revill

Molly Revill
I learned best friends don't have to be humans!

Jim Kusz

I learned that we to keep dreaming and using our imagination in order to never truly grow old.


I learned that it's OK to be carefree and part of you should always be childlike.
--J.T. Bugos

Ricky Cannady

I learned that it really is a magical world that we should explore.

Barbara Turek

I learned from Calvin how to build awesome snowmen.

Patrick O'Connell

I learned that being a loner doesn't mean you're alone.

Daniel Martin

I learned that childhood is short, and no second of it should be left un-turned.

Ines Marrufo

From Hobbes I learned to be satisfied and from Calvin to always dream for more

Sean O'Connell

I learned that the monsters under my bed actually have a healthy sense of humor... unfortunately, they also have a healthy appetite.

Woong Ki Moon

Friendship & Humor

Tommy Ho

I learned that it’s a magical world.

Kim Gianopoulos

I learned that imagination can take you wherever you want to go and let you be whomever you want to be.

Douglas Maxwell

I learned a lot about being a parent from Calvin.

Yuen Mun

I learned that no matter how old we get, with a little imagination, the world is there for us to explore.

Karthikeyan K.Chidhambaram

I learnt how to explore the world with a unique insight of our own imaginations and to enjoy the life every moment of it. Also learnt to enjoy the loneliness, which opens up a new dimension of imagination.

Scott Messer

Life is an amazing adventure if you can find a true friend to share it with.

Jon Quist

Calvin never gives up. And we all know how well that works for him.

Chris MacLean

I learned that you can use snow to creep people out! :)

Richie Boyd

That you should do things with your best friend. That there are monsters under your need.
You never should grow up. Dads should be voted in
Day Dreaming is a must. Tigers are AWESOME.

Maryam Zulfiqar

I learned that a spoon full of excellent humor can help the harshest realities go down.

Mattia Barattin

I learned English

Karthikeyan K.Chidhambaram

I learnt how to enjoy the life forever, exploring the world with a unique insight with a flavor of fiction and humor. Also learnt how to enjoy the loneliness, which opens up the mind to render amazing imaginations and ideas.

Tyler Hess

I learned that girls are GROSS

David Sandahl

Calvin is the kid in all of us that are creative coupled with a mischievous mind. Case in point Calvin's use of snowmen that he wonderfully creates. If only Calvin and Hobbs had been around when I was a kid living in Iowa where the snows are heavy, deep, and wet. Hobbs is our pet dog or cat who listens to our problems they are someone we play with and will always be our best friend. The gift that last a life time.

Duncan  Parsons

oops oops oops! don't know how I typed that wrong!

I learned the rules of Calvinball from Calvin and Hobbes!

Duncan Parsons

Calvin learnt the rules of Calvinball from Hobbes

steve smith

I learned about myself. Seeing Calvin at the top of the hill on his toboggan while Hobbs is warning about the coming catastrophe and Calvin saying "oh no -- this time will be different" or the Aliens sucking the last of Earth's water while Spaceman Spiff is doing his best to save the world and the Aliens are saying "hey man -- it's just a job." I learned a broader perspective. Now sometimes that "Here I go again" feeling is followed by "What can I do differently?" They carry as much weight as Pogo's "We have met the enemy and they are us." They have become part of who I am.

Marcus Emerick

I learned that your mind is your own best friend.

Michael Bresnahan

Sadly, I learned that I will never be as good a cartoonist as Bill Watterson.

Bill Baxter

Go ahead, Calvin. Mom will never find out.

Shawn Kirkham

I learned its always nice having a tiger that can help you out in times of need.
Shawn Kirkham

Darby Andrews

*wax philosophical

Darby Andrews

Hurtling down a hill at breakneck speed is the best time to fax philosophical.

Erin DeLaney

I learned that you should always listen to the tiger

Aumna Kowsar

Calvin & Hobbes taught me that we never really grow up and to always reach for the stars.

Harrison Wheeler

Cardboard boxes are imagination machines!

John McKenzie

I have learned that snowmen are all evil!!!

Mandi Ziadie

I learned that even snowmen can be works of eerie art at the hands of an imaginative little boy

Amy Doloresco

Reading Calvin and Hobbes prepares high school students for the SAT and ACT vocabulary and reading comprehesion section. (Don't tell Calvin, just our secret, ok?)

Chuck Payne

I learned that in all those years in gym class, I was actually attending "Studies in Contemporary State-Sponsored Terrorism."

Nadja Claes

I learned that doing nothing can be a lot of fun.

Kevin Raskell

I learned that you need to take time and use your imagination on anything and everything. Live life with a kid like stature



Jacob Fisher

I learned how important it is to take the time to observe my surroundings, enjoy life to its fullest (even in the smallest ways), and to express that creatively!

Bhavya Kaushik

That you should be happy no matter what the situation is !!

Alan Stuart

I learned that all you need is imagination

Ivana Pavlovic

I learned that mom's midnight reassurances are never very reassuring.

Alan Stuart

I learned that all you need is a great imagination.

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