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Cat Diva

Really. Really? You announce Women's History Month prize winners on the same day as you send--unsolicited--the sexist "Last Kiss" Playboy Bunny strip to me? Really? You owe an apology to me and all the other women who woke up to that same little "surprise" in their inbox this morning. (And yeah, I can hear all the 13-y.o. boys on the "Last Kiss" staff giggling and spewing milk out their noses at that last sentence: " She said 'inbox'! She said 'surprise!'" The older boys are probably shaking their heads and rolling their eyes: "Women just have no sense of humor."
How very '70s.
Too bad about "Last Kiss": such a brilliant, if recycled, concept; such juvenile execution. No wonder John Lustig has had his last kiss. Really.

PS. Bottom line: read what you like (1st Amendment and all). But if you're going to surprise people with one of your "feature strips", at least have a sentient adult choose it--preferably someone like Hillary Price or Roz Chast or Nicole Hollander or... well, you're in the comics business. Look around you.

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