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Chris MacLean

I love Working Daze!

Tyson Cole

I collect cartoon collections like these so I'd love one! Congrats on 90k likes!

-Tyson Cole

Jon Butters

Congrats on reaching 90k!


I love Dilbert!

cheryl tulkoff

I love Dilbert!

Mark Robinson

Congratulations on reaching 90k likes. I'm a big fan of Cul-De-Sac and Arlo & Janis!

--Mark Robinson

Deb Williams

Deb Williams

Dave Wright

This would compliment my Calvin & Hobbes complete collection in hardcover perfectly - Dave Wright

Manish Roy

Love Dilbert comics!

Paul Gesting

Brevity, Pearls, and Dilbert are the best!
-Paul Gesting

Cheryl Granger

Cheryl Granger

Felix Christen

You rock

Karen May

Look forward to new cartoons each day. Congratulations!

John O. Dalke

Love Dilbert!
John Dalke

Jason Miller

I look forward to reading GOComics every afternoon on my lunch break!!
Jason Miller

Sean Kleefeld

Nice collection there!
Sean Kleefeld

Lee Collier

Lee Collier needs Arlo & Janis!

Karolinde Wilson

Great selection! Karolinde Wilson

Christian Brady

Arlo & Janis continue to be one of my favorites!

Grace Potorti

Arlo and Janis, but adore them all!

Syed Zaidi

As soon as I board a bus to my work in the morning, I pull out my iPhone to check mails... Daily Dilbert is the first one I read... In other words my day begins with Dilbert. I think Dilbert comic is a hilarious way of describing relations at a work place... particularly for the IT guys like myself, I love Dilbert!

Laura Holland

Sweet! Laura Holland

Bob Pownall

I already have the A&J collection, so if I win, I'd probably go with the PBS collection.

mike stephens

Dilbert sometimes hits too close to home...

mike stephens

Kristin Ramsey

Love reading all of my favorite comics on your site! Kristin Ramsey

Robin Crossman

Congratulations Go Comics! Robin Crossman

Dallan Christenson

Pearls Before Swine all the way!!!

Greg White

I love reading my favs on here new and old classics

Sandy Ross

I all the comic strips in the collections shown above & many more!
Sandy Ross

Sandy Ross

I LOVE all the comics in the collections posted above..and many more!
Sandy Ross

Shelly Robbins

Love, love, love Pearls Before Swine!
Shelly Robbins

Allyson M Dyar

Love Go Comics! Allyson M Dyar

Dale Stout

90k is ridiculous - who was number 66666?

David Adams

Congrats on surpassing 90,000 likes! Here's hoping I win something.

- David Adams

Teresa Allison

Tough choice. Teresa Allison

Vicente Martinez

I love my comics page!

Jessica Hampe

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeese Jessica Hampe

Robert Guernsey

I hope I win! Robert Guernsey

Jeff Couch

Jeff Couch

Connie Webster

Connie Webster

Jim Brenneman

I live and breath Cartoons. I draw therefore I am!

Thomas Barnett

I wanna be a winner!

Stoian Mihai Gabriel

Stoian Gabriel


Wendy Owens

Juan Marcos Hernandez Purata

Dilbert is the best comic ever !
Juan Purata

Jim Benson

Got to read Peanuts, Pickles, Frazz, Off the Mark and Speed Bump every day - Jim Benson

Donna Watson

Donna Watson

Sonya DeBerte

I would love to win!
Sonya DeBerte

Joe Erickson

Hope I win. Joe Erickson

Eileen A-W

Congrats on reaching 90k!! :-) Loved all the books showing above!! I am so glad I have a place to read my favorite comics especially those not printed in my newspaper.

Naomi Powell

I love all of them - I always enjoy read them. Naomi Powell

Gus Hinrich

Love it!
-- Gus Hinrich

David E. Conway

"Burp....excuse, me."


Reading comics makes my day!!

Matthew LeDrew

That's great! Matthew LeDrew

Elisabeth Wells

Congrats on 90k likes! I love gocomics!

June Price

You have one of the best selections of comics around! June Price

Jesse Smith

When we get a chance, comic storyboarding with my 6th grade students is the best cut loose activity there is. I check GoComics everyday. It even taught me a bunch of Spanish. Anyway, loyal fan over here hoping for some love. It's also my birthday next week, no lies!

Jesse Smith

Arlene Gittleson

would luv to win.
arlene gittleson

Catherine Quintua

I love GoComics, specially their strips on Peanuts, Ziggy, Garfield and of course, Calvin & Hobbes - Catherine Quintua

Christine Uniejewski

Christine Uniejewski

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