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Congratulations! http://www.hqew.net

Ben Klazinga

I'd love this bookset.
Ben Klazinga



Jordan Downey

Tracy Cox

Congats! Here's to another 25! Tracy Cox

David E. Conway


Dan Granger

I love FoxTrot! Hoping to add this you my collection!
Dan Granger

Cheryl Granger

I love FoxTrot!!!
Cheryl Granger

Jeannine Emmelot

My favorite comic strip!! I would love to win!!-Jeannine Emmelot

Jim Benson

Happy Anniversary ~ Jim Benson

Andy Bell

Foxtrot is an amazing comic, and it's hard to believe it's been around for 25 years already! Maybe we can get 25 more?

Andy Bell

Steven Gilbeau

To think of how glorious it would feel in my arms during the late night screening of this summer's Man of Steel!
Steven Gilbeau

Shane Snider

Wow 25.
Shane Snider

Hal Jenner

Fox Trot is great Love to win this

Hal Jenner

Susan Cunningham-Brett

Oh to win this fab prize. Love gocomics. :)

Mike Kruger

Seems like only a quarter century.

Jonathan Olds

I love the little geek, Jason. Reminds me of ME!--Jonathan Olds


Jack Edwards - FoxTrot is in my top 10 of favorite comic strips.


If I don't win I threaten to buy it myself.

Isaacs, Daniel

Teresa Allison

I can't believe it's been twenty five years. That would make me...!?! Teresa Allison

Art Munoz

Congrats on making us all laugh for 25 years! Love this comic and love that you were able to do what you're passionate about for that long. FoxTrot Rules!


This would be awesome!!
Erin Lassey

John Weber

My name is John Weber, and I've been a Foxtrot fan since 1995. Would love to have this collection.

Art Munoz

Congrats on making us all laugh for 25 years! It must be awesome to do what you really have a passion for! FoxTrot Rules! -Art Munoz

Lee Frank

Love the strip! Jason and Marcus Rule! Lee Frank

Victoria Coberly

Congratulations on 25 years! I've always loved the strip.
-Victoria Coberly

Felix Christen

Nice work. Felix Christen

Lissa Albert

I've been reading - and identifying - with Fox Trot for years. What a treasure this would be to own! Congrats on the milestone, hoping there are a LOT more to celebrate!
- Lissa Albert

Jacqui Kluft

Happy Anniversary!

Jacqui Kluft

Trisha Dickey

Trisha Dickey

Beth LeMons

They're that old already!? Best part of my 20's was Foxtrot.

Danny Aguilar

Very cool! Count me in! Jason rocks!

Danny Aguilar
Corpus Christi, Texas!

Mark Henry

I am an uber geek.

Curtis Hoffmann

Augh! It's Jason!
Curtis Hoffmann

Marty Lloyd

If not my favorite strip pf all time, definitely in my top three. - Marty Lloyd

Jon Glass

Thanks Bill, for 25 years of laughter, poking fun at my own family. ;-) And thanks GoComics for bringing the Fox family to us for the past five years. -Jon Glass

Austin Oconnell-milne

what happened to the international givawaycoming soon . i live foxtrot

Ramon Ramirez

Inspiring to me for the last 25 years too. Now sharing with my art classes that I teach. Lovin it.
-Edinburg, TX
Ramon Ramirez

Chris Hiuser

I would love to win, I've been a fan for years!

Michael Livote

25 years?? Absolutely went by too fast! Great comic and writer!
-Michael Livote

Dale Stout

I have never seen a picture of Bill Amend of FoxTrot.

He looks a bit like Michael J. Fox.

Bill is the pack leader.

Tad Martindale

One of the all time greatest strips, in the company of cul de sac, Calvin and Hobbes, pearls before swine... Love it.


huge Fox Trot fan. Congrats on 25 years!! :)
Janice Wei

Scott Richards

This is such an awesome strip! Congrats on 25 years!

Lok Leong

Congrats to Bill!

Greg White

I read the classics every day and of course the treat is sunday

Matt Thompson

Twenty five years? Wow! I'd love this collection.

Renee Miller

Fox Trot's been one of my faves for years.
Renee Miller

Chris Bryant

Was so sad when he went to Sunday strips only! Hope to win ^_^

-Chris Bryant

Jeffrey Gilligan

Love Fox Trot!

Richard Tucker

Been a fan for a long time.
Richard Tucker

Emily Gaskill

Foxtrot has always been one of my faves!
Emily Gaskill

Karolinde Wilson

So excited! I love Fox Trot.

Nark Shoenfelt

Even in reruns and black and white, Fox Trot and Calvin and Hobbes are my two favorite comics. I have them last in my lineup because I d\DO save the best for last. Mark Shoenfelt

Kathy Tucker

Fox Trot is my favorite!
Kathy Tucker

Stuart Chase

Have read the strips for years, maybe not all 25. Stuart Chase

Ruth McFarland

Love Foxtrot! Thanks for many years of happiness!
Ruth McFarland

Kristin Ramsey

Love reading FoxTrot since I was a kid!
Kristin Ramsey

Siddhartha Sirsi

Me gotsa have it!

Siddhartha Sirsi

Sonya DeBerte

Congrats on 25 yrs. I was just introduced to Fox Trot a couple years ago in our local paper. They have the strip only on Sundays. I'd love to win so I can enjoy more!
Sonya DeBerte

Christine Ziegler

I love Fox Trot. Happy anniversary.

Christine Zeigler

Robin Crossman

Congratulations Bill Amend, and Foxtrot. An outstanding comic!- Robin Crossman

Cliff Danby

The fox family has been a morning chuckle for years. - Cliff Danby


FoxTrot is so much fun!

Jeri Barnard

Happy Anniversary!!
Jeri Barnard

Jeri Barnard

Happy Anniversary!!


I love Foxtrot! - Jenna Osborne

Paul Gesting

FoxTrot is great. Wish it was still 7 days a week.
Paul Gesting

Elizabeth Hurlbut

I adore FoxTrot! It's a delight for the 'geek' in all of us. Winning the 25th Anniversary Collection would be an honour. It'd also be nice to read the classic strips with Peter's girlfriend Denise again.

Taylor Yankowski

Congrats Bill!!! That's amazing and I adore FoxTrot! Hilarious! <3

Jonathan Anderson

You gotta love FoxTrot! Even though Bill has only produced Sundays recently it's still one of the best!
Jonathan Anderson is definitely a fan!

Kimberly Dunn

I hope I win! Kimberly Dunn

Brian Graham

Brian Graham.

sandy ross

25 years? Wow! Congrats! I hope I win- Sandy Ross

Mary Catherine Headley

Bill Amend's faves? How can you go wrong with this Foxtrot collection (which would look great on my bookshelf, by the way..hint hint) Mary Headley

Michael Poland

I love Foxtrot! Michael Poland

Michael Bresnahan

I love Fox Trot! Funny stuff.
Michael Bresnahan


All time faves have got to be the strips from Quincy's perspective. Happy 25 Bill!
--Ben Proffer

Frank Boneno

Love the strip. So true on many levels.
Frank Boneno

Dallan Christenson

I'll do the foxtrot for FoxTrot!

Ann Michelson Charlesworth

I have always loved Fox Trot.
Ann Charlesworth

Kelly Haus

I love Foxtrot!
Kelly Haus

Janet Davis

Oooooo I want this. I wish the comic was still every day.
Janet Davis

Rob johnson

I love Foxtrot. I have been reading them for years.

Laura Bellamy

FoxTrot is wonderful, it's one of my very favorites. Congratulations on 25 years!
Laura Bellamy

Allison Payne

Oo! OOO! Pick me! Pick me!

Mark Chocolas

love Fox Trot! Mark Chocolas

Kevin Bell

Kevin Bell

Laura Koumos

Yikes - has it already been 25 years?? Ha, I was the ripe old age of 4 when Foxtrot began... Thanks for being such a fun part of my childhood!
(and my adulthood, though I'm still refusing to actually grow up)

~Laura Koumos

Matt Johnson

They were the first comic strips I would go to everyday ever since I could read. To me, I can really relate to the whole strip.

-Matthew Johnson

Deb Williams

Deb Williams

jim kitson

always get a good laugh
your the best thanks for the 25 years
Jim Kitson


Love Foxtrot. It's part if my daily GoComics page. Darlene Vendegna

Ross Hockman

I've been a Foxtrot fan for years! Thanks! - Ross Hockman

Donna Watson

Congrats on 25 Years! Hope many more to come!
Donna Watson

Erik Binion

Loved Fox Trot. I have almost every collection.

Erik Binion

Mark Fleck

Been a fan for years !!!!!!! Congrats

John Bintz

FoxTrot was my absolute favorite when I was a kid.

Laura Earley

I <3 Fox Trot! :) Good luck to everyone!
Laura Earley

Nancy Holmes

I love Foxtrot. I wish it still ran daily.
Nancy Holmes

Shawn Stendevad

My whole family loves Foxtrot! Congratulations!
- Shawn Stendevad

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