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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.


Happy birthday Red and Rover! I love this comic, he reminds me so much of my Golden Retriever!

Jonathan Crider

Congratulations on your anniversary!

jim kitson

just love this strip

Heather Modgling

I am a newbie to this strip, but I just love it.
Heather Modgling

Michael Kilgore

Happy Anniversary Brian Basset, and thanks for giving us Red and Rover.
-Michael Kilgore

Nancy Lockman

Thank you for so many laughs! A friend with 2 labs and I share your strip every day via email, commenting and laughing You always make me laugh. It is a good way to start the day. My 115 lb Plott Hound listens to me read the strip aloud, smiling while I laugh.
Congratulations on 13 years! We hope to read you for many more years. Dogs will certainly provide you with the material.


Happy Anniversary Red & Rover. This comic always puts a smile on my face. I read Red & Rover last each day, because I want to save the best for last. KEVIN FRICK


Happy Anniversary Red & Rover. This comic always puts a smile on my face. I read Red & Rover last each day, because I want to save the best for last. :)

Thomas Barnett

Happy 13th anniversary!

Jose E. Quevedo

Congrats! Red & Rover great comic strip...makes my day!!

pat de rose

love this strip!!!!

Maria Lopes

Maria Lopes

June Price

Happy Birthday- you take us back to a simpler time (seems like yesterday!). I have followed the strip from the beginning
June Price


Happy Anniversary!

Joann Crowe

Thanks to Red and Rover for reminding me of the blissful revelry of long-ago summer days, basking in the unconditional love of my canine companions. You've brought the happy memories of Jack, Blackie, Austin, Rusty, and Billy back to me in comic form, and I thank you for that joy. Many, many happy anniversary greetings!

Allyson M Dyar

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite strips. Allyson Dyar

Heidi Poulson

We all need more time to play fetch and trips to outer space! Happy Anniversary!

Martha Gast

Happy Anniversary!! And hopefully many more to come. My whole furry family loves the strip ^_^

William Schorie

always reminds me of a simpler time

Lena Fiore

Happy Anniversary! Love Red and Rover!!

Justin Dennis

Woo Hoo. Happy Anniversary. I am only a recent discoverer of Red and Rover. Love it!

 Tracy Skylstad

I LOOOOVVVVE RED AND ROVER. I keep my two original signed & framed Red & Rover comic strips hung on the walls of my dog boarding facility.... They (the dogs & my clients) would sure love to have a third strip. Myself included. Happy Happy Anniversary. I post your strip on my business FB page for my dog clients every week. Thank you for giving dogs words. I always knew they could speak.

Tracy Skylstad

Fred Yates

Congratulations Thanks for the daily dose of dog wisdom!Fred

Dale Stout

13 years are lucky for us. Happy Anniversary.

Greg White

Reminds me of me and my dogs

Chilo (Clark) Obolensky

Happy anniversary Rover and Red! I knew your magical creator way back when!!!

Terrance Byrne

Fabulous thanks for 13 great years!

Joyce Benzing

Happy 13th Red and Rover!

Jonas Rosin

Happy anniversary!

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - I have loved your antics forever! Happy Anniversary and many more fun filled years!

Erin DeLaney

Happy Anniversary and hope you all have many many more! Erin DeLaney

Diana Dysart

Love Red and Rover! Happy Anniversary ! Diana Dysart

mary dressler

Happy Anniversary Red and Rover! You deserve a flight in space to celebrate.
Mary Dressler

John Blachard

Red & Rover is every boys childhood dream. A best bud to have there in good times and bad. Love Red & Rover!!

Donald Rehrer Jr.

Thanks Brian Basset,Red And Rover for 13 great years of daily laughs...on to the next 13!


Happy anniversary!

Timothy Fisher

Cheryl Granger

Happy anniversary!
Cheryl Granger

Geoff Elsworth

Best wishes for this anniversary.
Geoff Elsworth

Kathy Tucker

Happy Anniversary!
Kathy Tucker

Andrew Shuping

One of my favorite all time comics. Happy Anniversary Red & Rover and may you have many, many more!

Kerry Flores

I love Red & Rover. I read it everyday with my nephew.

R. Freimark

As a dog lover and the mother of two (a furry son and his boy)
, I look forward to Red and Rover's escapades daily. I love the relationship between Red and Rover. Continued success.

Connie Williams

Happy Anniversary, Red and Rover! You guys are so sweet and cute! You always put a smile on my face!

Kerry Flores

Love Red & Rover!!!!

david black

Happy Anniversary - Red & Rover - I have enjoyed your adventures for a while now

David Black and his Shi Tuz - Chip Black

Colleen Robinson

Happy Anniversary! thanks for bringing so much laughter (and a few tears) to so many dog lovers - you have a wonderful way of sharing the heart & soul of our dogs with the world. Here's to many, many more! from Colleen who has her own "Rover" named Riley ...

Steve Dauw

Happy Anniversary, to an excellent strip; good art, good thoughts, make me smile.

Cathy Clark Betz

Happy Birthday, Red and Rover! From a McLean (VA) resident to Red McLean! Congratulations, Brian - here's to continued to success - and many more laughs.


Mike Homola

Red and Rover are pals who have become my pals too!

Dallan Christenson

Happy Lucky 13 Red Rover!

Mike Womer

Happy Anniversary
Thanks for the daily smile. It's always something I look forward to seeing every day.

Tim Atkins

Alway's enjoyable, I try to read it every morning as it always makes me smile.

gladys reid

Red and rover make my day every morning

So Happy Anniversary hope to see you 13 more years .

Wesley Hale

Happy anniversary Red and Rover! Reminds me so much of me and my pup! Here's to many more years.

Susan Saucedo

I adore this little guy & his best friend. I look so forward to seeing what they're up to that day. Don't ever grow up Red!

Penny Marzano

Happy Anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, Haaapppy anniversary! Love, love, love this strip, as it seems to mirror my family's life in so many ways. Penny Verkamp Marzano

Sherry Condon

Happy Anniversary to Red and Rover! I hope that they continue to bring me smiles for many more years.
Sherry Condon

Cheryl Goss

Happy Anniversary Red & Rover! I love your comic strip! It reminds me of our lab Nigel. I hope it continues for a very long time. Cheryl Goss

Deb Williams

Happy Anniversary: Deb Williams

Susan Richardson

Happy Anniversary Red and Rover! Rover, you are such a good boy! You talk just like my Great Dane, George talks.

David Adams

Happy 13th anniversary, Red and Rover! Here's to many more.
-David Adams

Jim Pflieger

Jim Pflieger Thank you for giving me this smile every day. If my Golden could talk I know that he would be just like Rover. Happy Anniversary.

Jeanne Basic

Thanks Red and Rover. Just like my Lab Charlie, you make my heart smile everyday.

James Zuber

Happy Anniversary!

Jesse Chou

Happy Anniversary. Keep up the good work =)
Jesse Chou


reminds me of my pups

David E. Conway

"A comment!"

Paul Knapp

Happy Anniversary! Red and Rover put a smile on my face every morning. It's amazing how close many of R&R's adventures mirror my own experiences and illustrate the joy a dog can bring to anyone.

Kelly McCracken

Happy Anniversary! Your art brings a smile to my face every morning!

Lydia Rypcinski

Happy anniversary to one of the best comic strips around. Love ya! (you're worth the price of the Sun-Times these days!)

Jerrie Branner

Nothing like a boy and his dog!! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you 13 more happy years...and then 13 more after that. :-)

Michelle Melby

Happy anniversary Red and Rover! I LOVE you guys! My dog does to!

Rick Hall

Welcome to your teenage years. My wife and I LOVE Red and Rover. Happy anniversary.

Adam Barton

Happy anniversary to "Red and Rover," you start my day off with a bang every day.

Thank you!

Jacqui Kluft

Happy anniversary to "Red and Rover,"
a comic strip that always makes me smile!


one of my fav comics Happy anniversary

Mark P Fleck

Happy anniversary !!!! Biggest fan in all of Calgary, Mark Fleck creator of Second Chances

Karla Enriquez

My dog Huey and I would love to win this one. Congratulations Mr. Basset!
Karla Enriquez

John Weber

Congratulations on making it to the teenage years, Mr. Basset.
-John Weber

Robin Crossman

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations Brian Basset. Cheers! - Robin Crossman

Mary Catherine Headley

Happy Anniversary Red & Rover (and Brian, lol) It is always a joy to read a strip that make me feel like a kid again, when everything is possible!

Jeff Payden

A very happy and well deserved 13th anniversary to Brian, Red and Rover. Part of my daily routine is reading this great strip. Best wishes on many more anniversaries.

james morris

happy anniversary..heres to many more years of red & the rover.

Matthew Crider

Happy anniversary Red and Rover! I am always reminded of my dog every time I read this wonderful strip. Happy birthday and to many more!

Zachary Snyder

Would love to get this framed and hung in my house!

Zachary Snyder

Travis McClinton

Just like Red, I have my many Rover's living with my family. God bless all dog rescuers. Travis McClinton

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