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Cindy Zielaskowski

I love Poncho!

Gabor Vincze

Happy Birthday, Poncho!
Gabor Vincze

Steve Cianfichi

Happy Birthday Poncho!!

mary lascari

Great comic strip.

TJ Moreland


Bill Castner

I've only been reading for maybe five years, but have always enjoyed Pooch Cafe.
Bill Castner

Jim MacKay

nice. here's to another ten!

Tom Craig

Happy Anniversary, Paul! You consistently deliver a strip that cracks me up and is considered Required Reading for me to start my day.

Bruce Richardson

Good old Poncho! A constant part of my start to the morning.

Sue McDonald

As a dog person who somehow ended up with 7 cats, I start every day smiling at Poncho. What a fine little fellow he is!!

Tina DeVries-Zoller

Love Poncho! Tina DeVries (aka Cat Woman)

Margaret Schroeder

Happy Anniversary to Poncho and the gang, the Palmers and, yes, the cats!

Taylor Emery

Thanks for 10 years of dogma, and hoping for many more years of dog nose print art...

Alvaro Azlate

Poncho has been my favorite comic since I discovered it six years ago!!!
Alvaro Alzate.

Evan Kuz

Congrats on 10 great years!

Evan Kuz

Paul Simpson

Great comic I look forward to reading it first thing in the morning

Tayson Martindale

Pooch Cafe is the cat's me-ow! Wait that's no good. Pooch rocks!

kevin hiemel

This didn't show up on fb until the 8th. Probably because I have four cats. Conspiracy!

Elisabeth Munoz

Happy 10th Pooch Cafe! Love you!!!

Rhonda Reddick

Coming as no surprise to anyone ... Rhonda Reddick would LOVE to win!!!!

Jeff Gamso

And just before my birthday!

Elisha Trombley

It would look great in my living room!

Kathy Starnick

I open every day by reading Pooch Cafe and would love a print!

Mike Spautz

I love all comics but Pooch Cafe is my favorite!!!


From all the cafés in the world, Pooch Café is certainly one off them!
Mathias De Cock

Ellen Conlon

I oftern wonder if our dog sees our cats the way that Poncho does.
Happy Anniversary!
Ellen Conlon

Johnlee Raine

Yay pooch! Hilarious! Me and my dog both relate to Pooch.

linda franklin

Congratulations to Paul!!!! Linda Franklin

Kimberly Burnette

Pooch Cafe is my favorite comic! I love Pomcho!

Debra Duncan

My dogs insist on having Pooch Cafe read to them everyday. I admit, sometimes I censor it - I don't want to give them ideas!
Debra Duncan

stuart golds

Best strip. Has kept me laughing for years keep it up Paul !

Greg Staines

Ive only been reading a year but i love this comic ( I think my dog Mutt-lee has been reading it a lot longer, she has some Poochisms down TOO Pat!) Keep up the great work from Greg Staines (international lol pick me pick me!)


Happy Birthday to the PC gang. Congrats Paul.

Ian, Joyce and the MuttMutt production team.

Gabriel Cervantes

Pick me! Pick me! Congrats on 10 years of hilarity!

Sophie Suen

I love Pooch Cafe!
Sophie Suen

Doug Newman

My local rag dropped Pooch Café a few years ago so I've been following Poncho's adventures online ever since. Paul Gilligan is a genius. :-)

Vicki Sanders

I love, love, love Poncho and all the doggies at the cafe; they brighten my life every single day. Thanks, Paul, and keep up the great work for many, many years to come! Happy Birthday, Poncho!

Rob Tokarsky

10 Big ones, Hooray to Paul and Poncho, love this strip


Best dog.

Curtis Creech

Happy Bday Pooch!

Teresa Allison


Teresa Allison

Tim Miller

Pick me! Pick me!

I swear I'll frame it and hang it where my cats can see it!

Matthew Crider

What a wonderful cartoon Pooch is. Poncho is the biggest reason I look at the paper on a daily basis!

Matthew Crider

Maria Lopes

Congrats Poncho and Paul!!
Maria Lopes

Nancy Gilmore

I forgot to include my name in the comment.

Happy birthday again Pooch!

-Nancy Gilmore

Aaron DeVore

Happy Birthday Pooch!

Nancy Gilmore

It has been a great ride so far and I know Poncho has many more trips ahead of him. Happy birthday!

Markku Siira

All the best, Pooch!

Dale Stout

That's a lot of dog years - Happy Anniversary!

Gina Bradburn

Great giveaway from a great strip! :) Gina Bradburn

Matthew LeDrew

That Pooch has spunk!

Nicole Czarnecki

I've actually read "Pooch Cafe" before, and it's a generally-good comic.

William Schorie

William Schorie
got to love this strip, always puts a smile on my face on the train every morning.


Cheryl Granger

Love them!!
Cheryl Granger

Michael Pohrer

Congrats Paul on 10 years.

Michael Pohrer

Luiza Blands

I've been a fan for years! So glad to see it's taken off. Congratulations Pooch Cafe for the well deserved success! Here's to many more years with Poncho!
Luiza Blands

Donna Watson

Pooch Café is awesome! Congrats on 10 years!
Donna Watson

Mark P Fleck

Congrats 10 years !! Love the strip longtime fan Mark Fleck from Calgary Alberta

sandy ross

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pooch Cafe!! Happy 10th Anniversary!

Sandy Ross

David Adams

This is the comic that my local paper replaced Foxtrot with when it went Sunday-only. I've really grown to love it!

- David Adams

Jonathan Crider

Happy birthday Poncho! I've enjoyed your adventures over the past ten years and I look forward to another 10!

Jonathan Crider.

Karla Enriquez

April 2, 2010 is one of my favorite comic strips of all time. Happy 10th anniversary Pooch Café!
Karla Enriquez

Dallan Christenson

Happy decade Pooch Cafe!

david essman

Instead of a nice print can you replace Peanuts reruns in newspapers with Pooch Cafe?

Ken Collier

Happy birthday, Pooch!

Travis McClinton

Paul and Pancho have always rocked the Cafe

Ann Michelson Charlesworth

One of my favorite comic strips. Ann Charlesworth

Karen Fleck

Those are great!
Karen Fleck

chris christmas

yes, I need to win!!

Taylor Yankowski

I absolutely love this comic! This is the dog I wish I could have! Keeps me entertained and laughing all day long!!! <3 Hopefully I'll win so I can laugh even more!!!


I, Randall Paske, love Pooch Café!

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