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Joe Boyle III

how many tons
of underweight Huns
Swept in from the Steppe
In the annual Schlepp
From their Asian home
To the portals of Rome
But tripped as they stepped
On the feet of the rest
Back in Buda and Pest?

Hillary Rettig

This might help:


Trusty Tate

Very nice post, Intern. That C&H strip is one of my favorites! Adam@Home is new to me. I had a chuckle at that strip. Instead of a thinking booth, I have a thinking hat. Its just a stripey wool stocking cap but it works the same way as the booth. When its time to wash it, I hesitate, because afterwards it doesn't feel the same on my head and of course doesn't start working again for a while. Ha! We're all weird in our own ways. Isn't it grand?!? Anyway, good work. Keep it up!

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