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Hmm. Gordon Yarley here, I think I could probably eat it straight for a week. Then I'd switch to pizza. It would be a nice change.

Gretchen Offord

Happy Birthday wishes Garfield! You do resemble that remark! ;-)
If presented with the opportunity, I'd be eating lasagna indefinitely as long as it was as varied, and might I add witty, as Garfield.

Joyce Benzing

I think I could probably eat lasagna for about eight days ... The pan of lasagna divides equally into eight and I would not want any waste!

Manuela Tinoco

HI! Happy bigcakebirthdayday! I could eat lasagna EVERYDAY... just had to change the side dish and the drink... PERRRRFECT... yummy!


Happy bday Garfield. I can eat lasagna all week long.

Vera Jensen

If we were to sit down to Lasagna, I could eat it for at least a week with you... but it has to be my lasagna cause it's the best!! Happy Birthday Garfield, Love from Vera Jensen <3

Donna Watson

Happy Birthday Garfield from one June baby to another! It's hard to say exactly how many days in a row I could eat lasagna except to guess until I couldn't eat it anymore!

Donna Watson

Chris Maclean

I'm thinking 5 days max. I love lasagna, but it would get tired after a bit. :)

Radhika Dimri

If I had Garfield for company (staring into infinity and dripping sarcasm all over my meals) I could eat Lasagna all year long!
Happy Birthday ol man :)


Have a Very Happy Birthday Garfield! I've not had a good lasagna in years. Just can't get good lasagna in Taiwan. So, I could probably join you for 10 days of lasagna and Chianti.

Thomas Barnett

Thomas Barnett here and I want to wish Garfield a VERY happy birthday! I myself, could eat lasagna at least 4 days a week!!

Lisa Velasquez

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Garfield!!! I've been reading you since I was 10... and I'm going to be 45...so that means I've been with you your whole life!!!

I know I could eat lasagna an awful lot... I'm betting 2 weeks of it would be enough before I'd need some BBQ... chicken... SOMETHING different. :)

Irma Eriksson

Grattis på födelsedagen! A Swedish birthday greeting for you, Garfield! And I'm pretty sure I could eat lasagna EVERY day! Especially the one I make!

A Facebook User

Darren M. Rolfe here, from the U.K. I think I could eat lasagne every day, as long as I was sat out in the Tuscan sun eating it! Happy Birthday, Garfield!

Teresa Allison

Happy Birthday Garfield! You look great at 35! I don't think I could do more that 3 days of lasagna. And for me, that's how long it would take to eat an entire lasagna.

Teresa Allison

Roslyn Simmons

Roslyn Simmons....Happy Birthday to the fattest, laziest and most awesome cat in all the world!! I could eat lasagna three days straight...Yummy...but must have some pasta variety.

Troy Peterson

Happy Birthday, Garfield. If it were Maggiano's lasagna...4, maybe 5 days.

Trusty Tate

Happy 35th birthday, Garfield! You haven't changed a bit. I'm sure I could eat lasagna for a week straight, not including breakfast.

David Adams

Happy 35th, Garfield! It's kinda hard to say how many days straight I could eat lasagna, since I actually haven't tried it before. Maybe I oughta start!
- David Adams

Jim Benson

I could eat it every day. I would swith it around a bit. But still every day. Jim Benson

Brian McCarty

Happy 35th Garfield! I've read your comics since I was old enough to read. As far as eating lasagna every day, I did it for a week straight in the Army. I would do it again too. Lasagna is pretty wicked. Pizza is also a good multi-day eating food.
-Brian McCarty

George Degyaw

Hey hey Happy Birthday Garfield? Big 35 huh? i bet i could go ^ 6 days straight eating lasagna and eat cake on the seventh . George Degyaw

Hal Jenner

I have eaten it for 30 days straight before when working in an Italian restaurant so I guess I am sure I could go for at least double that.


Brendan Libich here and happy birthday garfiled to me youre young because my moms 36 and I think I could eat lasagna forever

Brian Larsen

I hereby swear that should the opportunity present itself, I, Brian Larsen, would be happily inclined to eat lasagna for the entirety of a month before becoming quite tired of lasagna.

David McLaurin

David McLaurin here and I could eat it as many days in a row as Garfield could. It wouldn't be pretty, but I could do it.

Nathan Rivera

I would eat it everyday. Except Mondays. I hate Mondays.


Happy Birthday Garfield. It is an honor to share the same birthday as you JUNE 19 78.. !

Martín Coitinho

Happy birthday, Garfield!!!
I guess I could eat lasagna for a week, but not nearly as much as you.

Caron Lynch

Happy Birthday Garfield!! You're still my favourite.

I could eat lasagna for probably 2 weeks straight, especially if it's the 4 cheese lasagna that I make!

Nick Frayser

Nick Frayser
I could eat lasagna as often as needed.

Janna Cummings

Happy Birthday, Garfield! How many days could I eat lasagna? Depends on who made it. :) Probably longer than I should. I prefer to not go past four meals in a row, so I guess the answer is 2 days. (Less if I'm sharing with you.) More for you, buddy!

Justin Ruggerio

Happy Birthday Garfield! I am an Indiana native like you. You are loved so much here we named a cat like you "fat cat." Lasagna is one of my favorite foods so I could go a good month straight eating it. Happy birthday again from Justin Ruggerio!

Carrie Reich

Happy Birthday, Garfield...it's my birthday, too, although I'm a couple years older. As I kid, my requested birthday meal from my mom was always spinach lasagna (still the only way I'll eat spinach!). As long as it's not that yucky veggie lasagna, I think I could go a couple weeks eating it everyday, but I'd probably get tired of it after those 14 days or so. -- Carrie Reich

hamish Riddell

Happy Birthday Garfield !!! I would love to have lasagna every Monday from now until eternity just to put a little sun shine on such a notable day

Lisa Fisher

Happy Birthday, Garfield, from Lisa Fisher! 35 years and still making me laugh like crazy. I could eat lasagna for about 10 days straight. Then I'd have to switch to something a bit lighter - like sub sandwiches!

Anand Farias

Happy Birthday Garfield!!! I'd probably eat it for a week honestly... I'm no Garfield!!!

Jen Brewer

Happy birthday Garfield! *Plants a kiss on your forehead* I could eat lasagna 365 days in a row as long as you are with me helping! This is Jennifer Brewer wishing you the best year ever!

Ian Hron

Happy birthday Garfield! Here have all the pizzas you can eat on your big day. I Ian Hron could eat lasagna until the day that i die if somebody did the shopping for me because i would get fat after a coupple of years :-D

Adam Spearey

Happy birthday to you and me both Garfield! I could easily go 2 weeks on a lasagna only diet, seeing as how it's my favourite food ever!
Keep on keepin on Garf!

Sunny Fok

Happy birthday Garfield, my favourite comic character growing up!! I, Sunny Fok, can eat eat lasagna everyday forever. Cheerio!! :)

Sandy Hathaway

Happy Birthday Garfield!!! I am having a party in honor of you. I could eat lasagna everyday. Hot and cold, I love it!I had a great lasagna once when I was invited to PAWS INC in Muncie,IN with members of my fan club. Sandy Hathaway

Luray Nunemaker

Happy birthday garfield always love you to death. your my favorite cat. i even have a copy of your favorite teadybear pookie in my teadybear collection. i would eat lasga maybe about 1 wk long.

Gab Lopes

Happy B-day Garfield...and many more
I'd eat Lasagna over a full weekend, for sure...besides that (under the right conditions) who knows:))

Margaret Jennifer Villagonzalo

Happy Birthday Garfield! I can eat lasagna for 14 days straight or more ^.^ I bet I can't beat Garfield though. Haha ~ Can I have lasagna if I win? 0.0 ~~ Margaret Jennifer Villagonzalo

Chris Belanger

Chris Belanger wishes you a happy birthday, and to tell you that I seriously do not get tired of food I love and I love lasagna. I could eat it for at least a year and maybe more that and pizza!


I think I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner for at least 7 days before I get sick of it! Happy birthday Garfield! stuff your face with full of lasagna! And remember to share some with Pooky. ;]

Jean Tan

Happy birthday Garfield! stuff your face with full of lasagna! And remember to share some with Pooky. ;] I think I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner for at least 7 days before I get sick of it!

kim schnarrenberger

happy birthday you will always be my favorite kitty (shhhhhhh don't tell my other kittys Batley and Odie) i think i could only eat lasagna for a week but i haven't tried since it only lasts 2 days in my house

Oliver Davis

If it means getting a signed strip of the comic that enticed me to learn how to read, I'd eat lasagna every day for a 5 years!

Tonya Seals

Happy birthday Garfield! I'm Tonya Seals and I think I could eat Lasagna for about a month straight for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After that I'd have to go for something different.

Vandy B

Happy Birthday Garfield (I love that you share your b-day with me...I know that if everyone else forgets you won't) :) Could eat lasagna for a good week and love it every time.

kim kostelac

Happy birthday Garfield!!! I could eat lasagna only once a month or else I would look like Garfield!

Brenda Lewis

I'd be willing to eat lasagna every day but my doctor has different ideas.

Rob Lane

Hi, Names Rob Lane, one of my loves of Garfield is our Common bond over Lasagna, I could eat Lasagna every meal, every day for the rest of my natural born life, and pray there is an all u can eat Lasagna buffet in Heaven where I could have dinner with my Favorite Cat, Garfield , Happy Birthday Buddy :)

Dennis Konidis

Happy Birthday Garfield. You deserve a Great Big Hug :) Wishing you all the lasagna you can eat. I would eat lasagna for 7 days straight because anything more than a full week would be too much for me since I am no Garfield.

Annette Feteris

Hai, Here Annette Feteris form the Netherlands.
My answer would be 'none' But when Garfield visit the Netherlands... i buy him as much lasagne as he can eat :-)
My sons love lasagna so he better drop by when they are not around :-) Happy Birthday Garfield. Big hug from me

rachel booth

Huge happy birthday wishes to the worlds best cat,Garfield. As im 35 weeks pregnant and still having sickness issues, I think I could eat lasagna for the next 5 weeks as pasta seems to be the only thing that stays down

Desirée Boom

I could not eat lasagna at all: I don't like pasta! I'd rather eat a big birthday cake (now that I could eat for months!)
Happy Birthday Garfield, and I do wish you loads of lasagna (and a big birthday cake ;-) ).
Desirée Boom.

Randy K. Hubbard

Randy K. Hubbard. Happy 35th Garfield! Will you EVER get used to Mondays, or Odie?!? I could eat lasagna all the time, every day. I could out eat Garfield. Love ya bud! Here's to another 35+!

donna imer

I could eat lasagna every day for a couple weeks! Hey Garfield, happy 35th bday! I have been a fan and collector of everything Garfield since about 1980! love you so much I even named my live orange cat Garfield; of course!

Dylan Newhouse

Happy 30th Garfield! I would eat lasagna one night a week at most, so I wouldn't look like Garfield. No offence. There's a reason the character works... wish fulfillment. - Dylan Newhouse

Krystal Vinson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARFIELD!!!! :-D I think I could probably only eat Lasagna for about a week straight before I'd have to take a break with something else. I love lasagna though. Mmm...dang now I'm hungry.

marian bolton

Well if I was with Garfield I would not get to eat any as it would already be gone lol Happy birthday to the best cat ever xxx

David Flesch

Happy birthday to my favorite orange tabby! I think we could eat lasagna every day until we were both sick of it, and that should be years..... :)

Saara Button

Hi! Sara Button here. Happy35th Birthday Garfield.:)<3 xx
I could probably eat Lasagne for 7 days!!

Marco Santos

I have known you since I was I born. I´m not 35 but happy to know you for 32 straight years. Since then you are a presence in my life... Happyyyyyy Birthday Garfield!!!! Hope you have an awesome day with everything you love most... may I say Lasagna!!!! :) Alone I think I could go for 5 days, maybe a week... but with you... I would go all the way as many days you wished for lasagna... slight guess, 365 days in a year! ;) Happy Birthday my friend! May you count many more and make our days a laugh. :)

Oliver Davis

Happy Birthday, Garfield! If it means getting a signed strip of the comic that enticed me to learn how to read, I'd eat lasagna every day for a 5 years!

Sue Patterson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARFIELD! I'ld eat lasagna until I exploded! Then, eat some more after Odie licked it up.

JIm Atols

happy 35 Garfield. Keep up the good work

Frederik Sommer

Congratulations on the 35! And here's to another 35 years with our favourite cat! I would guess I could go 6 to 8 days only munching on lasagna - and I'm willing to find out if I should be the lucky winner.

With love
Frederik Sommer

jason ventura

Happy Birthday to the one and only Garfield. You always make me laugh. I would eat it for a week.

Jordan Russell

Happy Birthday Garfield, and i'd say i could eat lasagna for 12 days straight.

Nicole Steffey

Happy 35th Birthday Garfield! I could eat lasagna for 365 days straight if I were allowed other meals in the same day as well. If lasagna was the only course I could go at least 30. I've done that before. I've been enjoying Jon's books about you since I was a little girl. I still have most the collection. :) You and Jon have a great day!
Thank you for years of smiles!
- Nicole Steffey

Daniel Marcos

Happy Birthday master of masters, you who thought us to hate Mondays, despise raisins and sleep to our hearts contempt deserve the best regards. Not even yoda could have thought us nothing better. you even gave the answer to the question, just 1 days, that's enough time to deplete the world supply of lasagna :D. HBD. Daniel Marcos

Sara pennisi

Happy fatcatday!
I could eat lasagna everyday..yep.. I could..

Adam Favel

Adam Favel here, and I think I would last a few weeks straight eating lasagna...I think I did this during university back in the day...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

JIm Atols

Happy 35th birthday Garfield. I could only eat lasagna for two straight days.

Claudia Andrade

Bless you Garfield in this beautiful birth day. I could eat lasagna during 15 days I guess and I would definitely try different ones, not just with meat but with vegetables and with codfish and brocolis, amazing recipes that already exists and much more I would create myself.

Sarah hadley

I could live on lasagne! Lasagne salad, lasagne pizza, lasagne smooooothies! Mmmm momma! Happy 35th Garfield! I've loved ya forever! Got one of your original teddies! It's my prize possession :-)

Wingwing Cheung

10 days!!

Sam Harris

Many happy returns to Garfield! Sam Harris here, I wager that it would take at least a fortnight for me to have to stop eating real good lasagne. Have a good one!

Allen Helt

I could only eat lasagna for about a day before it started eating me! Happy Birthday, Garfield!
I have a black cat, Sable, who's trying to get bigger [and heavier than you (Garfield)are!
My Birthday is Friday.

Jeff Stutsman

Seven. And I would think of different ways to eat it each day. 1 straight from oven / 2 add extra cheese/ 3 mix with ravioli /4 eat by layers / 5 add to pizza /6 make soup /7 make desert version with cake and cookies

Jessica Wiles

To my favorite kitty,HappY BirthDaY Garfield! From Jessica Wiles <3 I would try to eat lasagna forever,it would have to change it up from time to time. One day meat style next veggie,etc.

Karla Enriquez

Happy birthday Garfield! Looking forward to the next 35. I think I could stick to a lasagna diet for 30 days tops.
Karla Enriquez

Patricia Schwab

Happy Birthday Garfield. Since i don't like lasagna i would eat it zero straight days, but good news there would be more for you ;-)
-Patricia Schwab

Nikola Škreb

Happy birthday on your very special day Garfield, I hope you will continue to eat lasagna next 35 years as much as you had those past years :)
I think I could eat lasagna for a week straight, maybe few days more if I manage to find my old comics:)
- Nikola Škreb

reuven mann

HEY! Happy birthday to the coolest Fat Cat around! i have always loved Garfield and lasagna became one of my favorite food choices because of him. i have eaten lasagna for an entire week and not bothered. im sure i could eat it for a month and still be happy. Congrats on 35 years!
Reuven Mann

Wyatt Butler

Happy birthday Garfield, i bet he could eat lasagna for the time he isn't sleeping or Watching Tv. Wyatt Butler

Courtney Bryant

Happy Birthday Garfield! In honor of your birthday, i could eat lasagna for 35 days straight! It is only because of you that i ever tried it in the first place! :) Love, Courtney Bryant

Tabitha Jack

Happy 35th Birthday Garfield today is my 35th also I think I could eat lasagna everyday I love it
Tabitha Jack

Dina Contarino

Garfield, wish you the best 35th Birthday a fat cat could ever have.
Enjoy your lasagna, I know I could eat it for at least a week straight.

Nichol Huffman

Happy Birthday Garfield! I think I could eat lasagna for only a couple days in a row! I like a variety in my pasta! - Nichol Huffman

Adam Gary Normand

Happy 35th Birthday Garfield!! I bet he eats at LEAST 5 times a week!

Maureen Pennels

Hello Garfield, Maureen Pennels here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my childhood. I would always look forward to reading your comic strips in the Sunday Times newspaper (The only time a kid reads a newspaper, huh?) and it would make Sundays less like Mondays and more like Saturdays. Happy 35th birthday you amazing great big fluffy cat, and I do wish you more magnificent years. Carry on brightening up people's days with your delightful humour and hilarious adventures. Wish you all the best. Enjoy a huge slice of cake on this glorious occasion. Cake and lasagne, I should think, would be a great combination. Speaking of lasagne, I would love to live on it. Lasagne, pizza and pasta. I would not complain a second, if I were to eat italian food every day. I think that would be great. Could invite Garfield around to join in the feast, haha. :)

Pui Sin Hung

Happy birthday Garfield!I wish i could eat lasagna forever just like Garfield...but i can't,i could probably eat it straight for a week,no exercise but snackcercise,lol.

Naomi Rogers

I Naomi Rogers would like to wish Garfield The Cat a very HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY! I remember getting the book "Garfield At 25: In Dog Years I'd Be Dead" exactly 10 years ago!

I could go every day of my life straight eating Lasagna because I actually love it to begin with, has nothing to do with being a Garfield fan XD

CONGRATULATIONS Jim Davis for 35 successful years of writing Garfield Comics!!!

Emily Lang

I know Garfield that you don't live for the past or future, but i do know you live for the present. I'm sorry but i don't have a present for you. I just wish you a happy 35th birthday, and on your birthday i would eat lasagna with you for one day, because i only need to be with you once because i know the shortest time with someone can bring the biggest amount of happiness. :3 Luv, Emily Lang.

Pui Sin Hung

Happy birthday Garfield!I wish i could eat lasagna forever just like Garfield...but i can't,i could probably eat it straight for a week,no exercise but snackcercise,lol. - Pui Sin Hung from Hong Kong

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