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Caroline Kelly

If I had to make it beforehand, a fortnight; if I just ate it, around a month.

However, if it is served as part of a nutritious meal with a side salad, a year.

Jonathan Crider

My wife creates the most amazing lasagnas of all time. I know that Garfield would be able to eat an entire pan easily! Happy 35th Birthday Garfield, I would like to invite you over to my house to have some lasagna!

-Jonathan Crider.

Cristina Santos

I could eat lasagna for 8 days straight! <3@Garfield
Cristina Santos

Maria Blands

As long as the filling varies, I could eat lasagna everyday!!!
Happy Birthday Garfield!
Maria Blands

Nancy Crider

I could eat lasagna every day!! Happy Birthday Garfield!

Luiza Lopes

I could go on and on eating lasagna, but the leftovers never last more than a day anyways...
Luiza Lopes

Cyrus You

Mondays wouldn't be so bad if I had lasagna for eternity.

David Bjarnson

Happy birthday Garfield! I could eat lasagna for a week. I love lasagna too much to eat it everyday. If I did I would get sick of it and never eat it again....that would be a lose lose situation.

Michael Newhouse-Bailey

Happy birthday Garfield! As one of my favorite reads as a kid, I am so happy that my daughter now shares in the Garfield love. Happy birthday! I think I could eat lasagna for 5 straight days. That's it!

Kristijan Gašparac

Hi Garfield! :D

Happy 35th Birthday from Croatia :)!
I could probably run some 7-day lasagna streak, provided they come with extra (make that extra-extra) cheese! :D

Bon Appétit!

Kristijan Gašparac

Richard Vasconi

Happy Birthday Garfield! I've eaten lasagna twice a day for 4 days in a row and always for breakfast. I finally had my fill. I'm glad I'm a good cook.

Jade Preseau

Happy birthday Garfield <3 love youuuu ;);)
I could probably eat it for about 2 weeks before getting tired of it,
Keep up the laughs,

Jonas Rosin

Happy birthday, Garfield!
If you were to serve me lasagna every day for a week I sure wouldn't complain (and I often have my lasagna that way).

David Shen

Happy Birthday, Garfield! I think I can eat lasagna for a week straight before passing out.

Richard Reilly

Happy Birthday Garfield! Richard Reilly could probably eat lasagna for a week just not for breakfast.

Ben Kjellberg

Happy Birthday Garfield!!! Well I think I could eat lasagne for 7 days straight – wouldn’t want to spoil it by having it too much and getting bored of it - tho I’m sure Garfield could eat it for much longer than 7 days without getting bored haha :)

Michael Thurmond

To be honest, while Garfield could eat lasagna 3 times a day, 365 days a year,I would have to limit myself to once a week.

Mark Fleck

HB Garf ...... 5 days of feasts , every different recipe I could find... Mark Fleck (Calgary AB )

Ken Warford

Lasagna for at least a week, maybe longer if I have some nice butter, spiced & baked French bread to go with it. A few random days of spaghetti with meat sauce or ravioli mixed in and I could probably go to two weeks at the minimum. The third week I could imagine it starting to get a little old. Of course all of this is assuming someone else is making the lasagna because that is a lot of work and that would make it get old much faster. Final Answer! and Happy Birthday!

Scott Lincoln

When I was but a youthful fan of Garfield, I recall reading an account of Jim Davis describing being a cartoonist as a good job. I had never really thought of cartooning as a way to make a living and so I pointed my life in that direction. I still blame him to this day.

On a more serious note, Happy 35th Garfield! Quite inspiring to see a strip with such longevity and still going as strong as ever, it does indeed warm my heart and I wish more continued success to Mr. Davis and his family.

As for how long I could eat lasagna, I could safely eat it for two weeks straight, but substantially more if I needed to.

Scott Lincoln

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams here . . . I could eat Lasagna indefinitely . . . especially given all the different ways it can be made! Happy Birthday Fat Cat!

Jack D Edwards

Jack Edwards here. I could eat lasagna for 14 straight days!

Greg Cravens

Happy BIrthday Garfield! You're the only cat who got me in trouble for laughing out loud in Health class in junior high school. It was your first book, and I wasn't the only one laughing at it while the teacher fumbled through... I dunno... something icky and less than funny.

I could eat Lasagna from one Monday to the following Monday, but only out of respect for the big cat.

Greg Cravens

Karen Fleck

Karen Fleck
I think I could probably eat lasagne 5 days in a row but you didn't specify if it was ONLY lasagne... If it was just lasagne, probably 3

Eduardo Ortuño

Happy birthday, Garfield! Thank you for making me laugh--since you're older than me--during my whole life! How many days I can eat lasagna? My grandma makes delicious lasagna! With her cooking, I can eat the same thing for a whole month!

-Eduardo Ortuño

Dede Bonelli

Dede Bonelli here. Happy Birthday Garfield! For me, it would depend on what kind of lasagna. If I could vary the types of lasagna (veggie, traditional, dessert, etc.), then I could eat it indefinitely. :)


Happy Birthday, Garfield!!! I'm Jorgelina Vega and would eat lasagna as often as I could! Mmmm...lasaaaaagna!

Jonathan Crider

Until I see MOLD forming on top of it!
Jonathan Crider

Allan Wright

Happy birthday Garfield! I've read you since I was six years old. I enjoy lasagna but I enjoy the cheese more. I could probably eat for a week straight.

Allan Wright

I could probably eat lasagna for a week straight. I enjoy pasta too much but I'm a bigger fan of cheese.

Petruta Carina

Hey there .. Happy happy Birthday Garfield!
i bet i could go 10 days straight eating lasagna ..have to try it

Susan Cunningham-Brett

Hi, Susan Brett from Cork here. I could eat Lasagna forever and ever and ever. The only problem would be if Garfield lived in my house, I would say I would never be able to eat it then. ;)

Nicolas Jobin

Happy birthday (fashionably-)fat cat! 35 years of lasagna? I could do the same. Easy shot!

Ujjwal Dey

I could eat lasagna twice a day for as many as 101 days to prove my love for it.
My Clerihew poem for you:
Our family cat Mr. Garfield
Eats, sleeps and zero yield
Jon and Odie are his toys
He plays, all of us enjoys

Happy Birthday Garfield and his team and dearest Jim Davis.
Ujjwal Dey, Mumbai, India. Love and Hugs.

Ian Mason

Happy Birthday Big G. I think that about a month would be long enough.

Josie Pettinelli

Happy Birthday Garfield. Love lasagna and could eat for at least a week and then some! Love you even more! Josie Pettinell

Vivi Rodrigues

Happy Birthday you fat cat!!! I could eat lasagna everyday til I explode!

Gina Bradburn

We could eat lasagna every day since we have a dz dif recipes...yum! Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos & Froehe Geburtstag, Garfield! Gina Bradburn

Fab Rosa

Happy Birthday Garfield! I'd like to eat lasagna everyday and every hour!
Cheers from Brazil!

Andrew Ede

Andrew Ede, I've been reading the fat cat since before I can remember. Happy Birthday! I'm sad to say I could probably only eat lasagna once a week.

Catherine DUBRUC

Très joyeux anniversaire Garfield !! I, Catherine Dubruc , could eat fresh lasagna for at least a week since we can find very good ones here in France !!


Tyler Pike here,The amount of lesagne I could eat is atrocious. I think I could eat firsts, seconds, thirds for breakfast, lunch, supper and midnight snack!

Ana Costa

Happy Birthday, my furry and funny friend! When you're born I was ten and could hardly read or understand english, but loved you anyway. All my friends know I'm a big fan, so many of them congratulated me on your birthday! Ana Costa

Mary Hower

Happy Birthday, Garfield! I'll be the big 3-5 this year too and love you just as much now as when I read my first Garfield comic strip. I could eat lasagna for 14 days straight. It might not be very wise, but I could (and would) do it! :-) Best wishes, Mary Hower

John Donohue

Happy Birthday Garfield. I like lasagna, but I don't think I could eat if for more than 4 days. John Donohue

Brad Stevens

Having spent the first ten years of my marriage eating spaghetti almost every single day, I would gladly and cooperatively eat lasagna for as many days as you might present it to me. Much as I will indulge in Garfield for as many days as you present him to me. Actually, a good friend suggested in the early 1980s that Garfield must be based on me. I was not insulted. I think she had a lasagna with her.

susanne volkmann

Hi, I (Susanne Volkmann) only could eat lasagna just once a week, leaving all the other uneaten lasagnas to Garfield..
Happy Birthday :-D

Johnathan Phillips

Thanks for teaching me to read! I had your rectangle comics before i could even read. That fat cat made me want to learn so i could laugh along with the big kids. A lot of fond memories. Thanks Garfield!!

Ramon Ramirez

Happy Birthday, Garfield! I'd eat lasagna for at least a week. That stuff is delicious!

Guillermo Carregha

Guillermo Carregha here and, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to eat lasagna for 100 days straight, should the opportunity present itself. Any more than that would be mere gluttony.

Brian Sampson

Happy birthday Garfield! Keep the antics coming and thanks for entertaining me for hours on end during Summer.

richard spiers

Happy, Happy Birthday! How about 35 days in a row, one for each of Garfield's years?

Alexis Seeley

Happy 35th birthday, Garfield!!! Thank you for filling my life with laughter! I would eat lasagna every single day for the rest of my life if it meant winning a an autographed Garfield Sunday from creator Jim Davis!
Love your biggest fan, Alexis Seeley.

Chong Cheng Yang

Happy Birthday to Garfield, my favorite Fat Cat!
Could eat lasagna every day as Garfield loves it!
Chong Cheng Yang

Mark Chocolas

Happy b-day Garfield! I could eat lasagne for at least a month straight, I love it.

Billy Chandler

Happy 35th birthday Garfield! Thank you for the 35 years of chuckles. In return, I may possibly eat lasagna for 35 years straight. Of course, this does seem impossible. I may leave this task to you.

Christa Sangataldo

Happy Birthday Garfield! When I was a kid I loved reading your books from beginning to end without stopping. Wish I still had them! I've eaten lasagna probably at least 4 days in a row and that's my limit :)

Adam Fire Cat

And a pleasant revolution around the daystar yet again to Jon's owner. In answer to the inquiry, I can and have eaten lasagna for two and a half weeks on a complex series of back-and-forth dares what escalated toward the dark places of the soul. Excellent job keeping the skills alive to Mr.Davis. I can only but wish you would do another Nine Lives book. That was some awe inspiring work. And a many good drawing to ye.

Geoff Elsworth

Best wishes for your Birthday, Garfield! I'm Geoff Elsworth and 3 days of lasagna straight would be enough for me. I love variety.

Betty Wilcox

Happy Birthday, Garfield! Betty Wilcox here, I've been with you since the beginning. I could probably eat lasagna for 8 or 10 days straight. Now I want to try and find out!

Shlomo Snyder

Happy 35th Birthday Garfield!
Shlomo Snyder

I actually work for the company that makes the Perfect Lasagna pan! We had to make lasagna almost every day to test the latest shipment samples! It was heaven!

Wish Garfield was around to help us with the leftovers!


Tyson Cole

Happy Birthday! As long as I could vary my other meals, I think I could have lasagna indefinitely. Pass the hot sauce!
-Tyson Cole

Mike Gilmour

Happy birthday big boy!! You look great. I could do five days of lasagna, and that's pretty light compared to you. Mike Gilmour

Jeff Weinfurter

Happy Birthday Garfield! I think I would try to eat as much as Garfield, because like him, "when the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean!" ~Jeff Weinfurter

Pete Muzichuk

Happy Birthday to the only cat that I've ever loved! I could probably eat lasagna for a month or so before I got sick of it.
~Pete Muzichuk

Brian Ponshock

Happy birthday, Garfield! I could eat lasagna for about 7 days. Best wishes from Brian Ponshock.

Matthew LeDrew

I could eat lasagna at least five days out of the week.

Samantha Coburn

Happy Birthday Garfield!!
Personally I do not like Lasagna, but I do like you!
Much love,
Samantha Coburn

Jeff Mortenson

Happy Birthday Garfield!
I would eat lasagna for just a couple of days before I couldn't stand it any longer.

Mark Fleck

I'd like to try for 7 days straight , 3 times a day :)

Maureen Swanson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARFIELD!!!!!!!! I could eat lasagna everyday of the week with my favorite fat orange cat. :D

Robert Guimont

Robert Guimont here... I would eat lasagna till it came out my ears! Oh, and I own every Garfield book from number one on. Happy birthday buddy!

mark bordner

liquefy, I.V., take it in for life, no worries

Lee Collier

Lee Collier would like to wish Garfield a happy 3-5! Here's to 35 more! I could eat lasagna every day, provided its gluten-free and vegan.

Marco Marchese

Happy B-Day Garfield!!! (sadly, I'm older than you)
I could it veg lasagna for a couple of months, maybe more. It depends on how much I feel for the challenge, I suppose ;)

Michael Pohrer

DOH! I'm not playing by the rules, but I want in on the cool contest. Again, Congrats on 35 years Jim. Garfield is outrageous! But,I'm still not going to eat the lasagna at all. Don't like it even a tad bit. Please send my servings to Garfield.
Your dedicated reader Michael Pohrer

Alex Wut

Happy birthday Garfield!

Why eating lasagna everyday and give up food from all over the world? So my answer is: having it everyday for snacks and other food for meals. What is "snacks" and what is "meal"? You bet.


Happy birthday Garfield . I love lasagna with garlic bread and cold drink i can eat 365 days

Michael Pohrer

WOW!Congrat's on 35 years. Unfortunately I couldn't get through one day. I just don't like Lasagna. More left for our favorite feline.

Robin Crossman

Happy birthday Garfield! Thanks for the laughs - Robin Crossman

Felisa Gómez

I eat lasagne two ot three time at month.
I wish you a very very happy birthday my dear Gardfield !!!!
My life is better since I met an orange and clever cat :-)

Felisa Gómez

I wish you a very very happy birthday, my dear Gardfield
My life is better since I met a orange and clever cat !!!

Denise LeMay

Happy Birthday Garfield! I've read your comic strips since I was a kid. I just turned 36 last month, I feel like we've grown up (or is that grown old) together! I could eat lasagna every day for a week! Maybe even two weeks.

Maria Margarita Castillo

Happy 35th birthday Garfield! I could eat lasagna with you for as long as you want! - Maria Margarita Castillo


Charles Castro here wishing a big, fat, happy birthday to Garfield, and I'd say I think I can eat lasagna for a week and a half straight then I'd maybe switch after that to other Italian food.

Katherine Lamer

Happy Birthday Garfield from Katherine Lamer in SC. Lasagna has always been one of my favorites, but you are #1!!! I could eat lasagna every day while I'm reading your comic strips.

Ana Velechovsky

35 and still looking fabulous! Happy birthday Garfield, and to many many more :)
To honor your BDay I will now eat lasagna for a month straight!

Curtis Hoffmann

Tanjoubi Omedetto Gozaimasu, Gar-chan!
(That's Japanese for "put a sock in it, lard butt". The Japanese are very cruel to cats, especially on their birthdays.)

I've been known to eat lasagna every day that it was made available to me. I've even tried to eat photos of lasagna during those days when the leftovers were gone. So, to answer the question "How many days straight do you think you could eat lasagna?", I'd have to answer "The world may never know".

Curtis Hoffmann

Mikhailova Natalia

Darling Garfield! Happy Birthdaaaaay!!!!!!!! Yeeeh!!! Specially for you I'll cook a really great lasagna so we could eat it the whole week long:)
Sincerely yours, Mikhailova Natalia :*

Austin O'connell-Milne

if i win this contest I resolve to eat it for a month . I want to win that bad

Elly Luijke-Carlson

Happy Catastic Birthday, Garfield! Hope you slept through most of it!!! =D I could eat lasagna indefinitely, especially if one changes up the ingredients... Yum!!!
From Elly Luijke-Carlson

Javier Pizá

Javier Pizá here. And Garfield, I'd like to wish you Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday) from Mexico! I'm just like you, I could eat lasagna every day!!!

RG de Stolfe

Happy birthday Garfield! You can eat lasagna until you burst (that could be forever!). However, remember your musical cartoon from the early 1990s, "Eat Garfield Eat"? You got as big as a universe! Ha, ha, ha! Have a good day!
RG de Stolfe

Betsy Warren

Happy Birthday Garfield! You look better every year. Hope you don't find any more gray wrinkled hairs! Tell you what, since my birthday's in 6 days, how bout we celebrate with a whole month of lasagna! - Betsy Warren

Lucy Duarte

Happy Birthday Garfield, I think I'd be able to eat lasagna for a whole week- Lucy Duarte

Amanda Vega

Happy birthday to the most famous orange cat in history, Garfield!!!! From Amanda Vega and I would eat lasagna everyday if it was a different type each day:)

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