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sandy ross

My favorite subject was science. We had a teacher that loved to do small experiments and we used microscopes & slides.

Trusty Tate

In sixth grade? English. During the week of Halloween my teacher read us "The Telltale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe!

Teresa Allison

Spelling. I was really good at it.
Teresa Allison

musa abo

i like math

Pierre Ducilon


Pierre Ducilon

I can't wait!!!!!!

Tristan Palmer

I spent most of the 6th grade (heck, most of my school career) in the hall. I was a *bit* disruptive in school. So, does lock picking count as a subject? All those hall lockers. All that free time. And all those unsuspecting bagged lunches. Kidding. Sorta.

Marisa F

Math was my favorite subject. We were able to do it at our own pace and I finished all the assignments midway through. In fact that's when I had the time to read Judy Blume's Forever. See, an excellent way to spend my math period.

Mary LePage

Creative writing. Every morning, our teacher would give out a writing prompt and we could take it any direction we chose. I had hoped we would do more the next year, but no such luck. That's part of the reason he was one of my favorite teachers.


Literature <3

Bisman Kaur

My favourite subject in grade 6 was geography. We made a bunch of maps, which was easy and fun.

David McLaurin

Art Class - our teacher was hot! (This was in 1974)

Yesenia Mozo

Science was my favorite subject in 6th grade. I got only A's each semester. :) -Yesenia Mozo

Erin Duffy

In sixth grade it would have definitely been Art class, I looked forward to that hour all day long.

Alexander Zerkle

Math was my favorite subject. I had a great teacher.

James Loyd


Sankait Laroiya

Mine was english, literature

Sahara Ali

Music class was my favourite one. Got to learn a lot of new stuff plus it gave mental relaxation after the daily grinds of other subjects.

Mark Bordner, author of the Mighty First sci-fi series

Recess, no doubt ! straight A's and perfect attendance for that subject

Austin O'connell-Milne

hmm thats a tough one i remember enjoying learning ancient mythology and drawing the heroes from it so is that art? i also liked science lust glad i didn't have mr galvin! i have the perfect place for this original big nate strip. right above my cartooning desk !Lincoln peirce is one of my all time heroes


I just finished sixth grade, and my favorite subject was music. I played the bass clarinet for my band.

David Adams

My favorite subject was probably math.
- David Adams

Dale Stout

Science, but a good teacher can make any class more enjoyable.

Matthew LeDrew

Geography was my favorite subject in 6th grade.

Sean Kleefeld

In 6th grade, my favorite subject would have to have been Art. I still had dreams of doing comics for a living back then.

Pierre Ducilon

Oh, plus,(I still have much to say) Although most of Nate's teachers look down on him(or so he thinks, for me the teachers think I'm so smart so brilliant... turns out I fail as much as everyone else in the classroom. I love to draw comics like Nate and I like to play chess as well as Big Nate and like my last comment: My favorite subject in the sixth grade was art. I'm an aspiring cartoonist so that was the easiest subject throughout the year. Sketching, painting, I had the works and I would be be more than honored to have this Big Nate original SIGNED by the creator, Lincoln Peirce

Pierre Ducilon

My favorite subject in the sixth grade was art. I'm an aspiring cartoonist so that was the easiest subject throughout the year. Sketching, painting, I had the works and I would be be more than honored to have this Big Nate original SIGNED by the creator, Lincoln Peirce!

Julian Spiro

During 6th, my favorite subject was probably science.

-Julian Spiro

Jonas Rosin

Loved all subjects, but my absolute favourite was history.

Evan Pierce

Math with Mr. Hume - a great person

Renee Miller

My was social studies. That was my year of the worst teachers ever.

Joy De La Paz

My Favorite subject during 6th grade was Art.

Suzanne Piccolo

My favourite subject in the 6th grade was Art.

Shelly Robbins

My favorite subject was boys. Okay something that was taught in school was Science or should I say the science of boys. lol
Shelly Robbins

Daniel Fry

Art Class with Mr. Damsa...

Navy Bean

Metallurgical Engineering.

Mari Mills

Mathematics was my favorite subject in 6th grade. It required logic and was less subjective than my other subjects. It either "added-up" or it didn't, so I was able to understand it much better. I enjoyed having the correct answer along with the other smart students. Eventually, I became an accountant, then a budget analyst, financial analyst, and finally a program analyst before I retired five years ago. I can relate to "Big Nate", because even though I was a girl, I remember having similar challenges in grade school; even always with a teacher, who expected more from me than I was aware that I was capable of! :) (Y)

Mike Kruger

Favorite subject: our teacher, Miss Bean, who was an attractive young woman in her first year of teaching. After years of ancient nuns, it was a new world.

Lud Hughes

Science was my favorite subject in 6th grade. Straight A's without any hassle...

Lud Hughes

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