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Ewal Doh

This is why blogs die ... nothing to say over a ten week period.


I love the mug storyline and whenever he decides to publish more collections I'll be buying them!


The Facebook link is now fixed. Thanks for letting us know!


the facebook link doesn't work :(



Trusty Tate

Hi Jef! I stumbled across Frazz on gocomics just a few months ago and became a fast fan. I can understand not being able to keep up with a blog since it sounds like you have your hands full. It is great to hear your story since I find myself in a similar situation just now, that is, needing to remake myself. I've got at least twenty more years of working life left and I'm back to square one. Maybe there is some talent that I haven't tapped into yet or some driving question that I need to answer. Thanks for the inspiration!

Navy Bean

Jef is a great writer, but not a great speller per his first name

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