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Stephen Beals

Ah, I remember the strip like it was the day before yesterday. If I remember correctly, the strip was marketed towards young children. By young, I mean beginning readers. At least that's what we were told. Of course, regardless of age preference, the comics were always placed in the same section, so there wasn't any advantage to having a beginning readers strip near Blondie and Bloom County.

Navy Bean

You should not criticize our Master. Jim Davis will smote you from your chair.

Comic Strip Critic

A Mr. Potato Head comic? I wonder what that looked lik- (clicks on the Amazon link) OH LORD HP LOVECRAFT MADE A COMIC STRIP! KILL IT WITH KNIVES AND HOT OIL, IT'S SCARING THE KIDS!

Dale Stout

U.S. Acres is the next best thing to Hee Haw.


Mr. Potatohead did make it to paperback.

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