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Hey. Wait a minute. Did I just get smacked around by Eric Hodecker? But . . . but . . . I'm just one of the Sherpa cartoonists. It's not my fault that stuff didn't get posted! It's not my fault! Really! It's not! Gee. I feel all guilty now . . .

A Facebook User

lolol!!!! Andy CAPPucino!!!!!! I want that recipe book. Do they have recipes for Charlie BROWNies? I hear it calls for a lot of Peanuts....... :)

Great selection again guys!!!!!!

Eric Hodecker

It's always tough in Sherpaland, or so I am told. There is no reason somebody over there couldn't manage to suck it and fix the blog. Nothing but complaints about how busy you are over there. You'd think you were building rockets.


It's been a tough few days for us here in Sherpaland.

Troy Peterson

Does this mean no comics caught their eye this week? I see no comics.

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