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Pam Miner

I love comics! My favorite is End town. I can't think of many I don't like. I don't like right wing editorial comics. Some other favorites are Little Dog Lost, Duncan, Non-sequitur, and a couple that are not here Doc Rat from Australia, and Kevin and Kell. And Smith, Bewley and the elderberries, DOg eat Doug, and thatababy. I'm not sure what to write about for this.
Is it a contest or a drawing? This is the site I go to 1st usually. I forgot, Bob the squirrell is a big favorite too.
I'm hoping to win a calendar!

Pedro Silva

Unlike when it's about Calvin & Hobbes, which always I want all for myself, this time I would love to get the Garfield calendar because it would make for a very personalized and meaningful gift to surprise a friend whom I haven't seen in years!
Pedro Silva entering the contest- fingers crossed.

Janet Davis

Why, Janet Davis would like to enter yet another excellent contest. Thank you.

Curtis Hoffmann

A regular sequitur.
Curtis Hoffmann

trudy j k

Too many turkey cartoons about politicians. The turkeys deserve a better character representation than that.

trudy j k

Forgot to mention that I would like the second package of calendars if I am lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

David Adams

Ooh, nice! I love Garfield and Regular Show, so I'm fine with winning either set of calendars!
- David Adams

Jonas Rosin

And a happy new year is waiting!

Shelly Robbins

Garfield is my favorite fat cat! Shelly Robbins

Dale Stout

Is a random drawing just a scribble?

Chi Shannon

The kids and I love Regular Show AND Non Sequiturs :)

Bill Marcum

Are those all the comments? I like the odds! Bill Marcum.
Currently my favorite comics here are Dick Tracy, Heavenly Nostrils and Skin Horse, in no particular order.


Jorgelina Vega

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