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Paul Gesting

Pearls is the best! Paul Gesting

David Adams

Both sets look great!
- David Adams

Will L

I hope I win set 2! --Will Locatelli

William Schorie

Need a new calendar for my cubicle--William Schorie

Meredith Ford

Fun! Love those -Meredith Ford

Austin O'Connell-Milne

i love peanuts Austin O'Connell-Milne

Curtis Hoffmann

Curtis Hoffmann
Both sets look good.

Trudy J K

Close to Home & Peanuts are endearing & enduring comfort cartoons.

Troy Peterson

My wall is empty. I sure could use an awesome calendar.

Janet Davis

Hi. Janet Davis says, "great give-away." Thanks.

Cheryl Granger

I love the daily calendars. Cheryl Granger

Sarah Berger

Hard to choose but I'd have to wish most for Set 1! Sarah Berger

Shelly Robbins

Cool Calendars! Shelly Robbins


Tina Ivanisevic

Andrés Gómez

Peanuts FTW! Andrés Gómez

Jim  Benson

Peanuts is the best of all time. Jim Benson

Paige Pipitone

Love them all ~ Paige Pipitone

Thomas Mohan

I love Peanuts AND Pearls Before Swine! Tom Mohan

Kathy Tucker

I like them all! Kathy Tucker

Richard Tucker

Peanuts and Close To Home!! Richard Tucker

Mikel Wyatt

Nice. Mikel Wyatt

Laura Lynn Walsh

Pearls before Swine - Laura Walsh

Jessica Chambers

Peanuts or earls before swine... I can't choose!
- Jessica Chambers

Stephen Covert

Love Pearls before Swine! - Steve Covert

Galo Garcia

Saludos amigos desde Ecuador, I'm a huge fan of your page, I'd like to win the Peanuts' calendar set


Brett Sovereign

Jennifer Brindley

Nice calendars! Thanks, Jennifer Brindley

Johanna Gröning

Me want Pearls Before Swine! Johanna Gröning

tanvi butan

I love peanuts❤❤❤ i want it!!!Tanvi Buatan

Tanvi butan

i love peanuts <3 <3 <3 <3 i want it!!!!! :) Tanvi Butan

Mark Shoenfelt

Who can't use a calendar or two? I know I can. Mark Shoenfelt

Scott Hendershot

Great! Scott Hendershot.

Robert Corbett

Actually went through 2013 without a wall calendar. (I'm a bit of a procrastinator. Kept putting it off.) One of these would nicely settle that!

Pauliina Oksanen

Peanuts set :)
Pauliina Oksanen

Diane Kaylor

I would love the Peanuts set, but I'd be delighted to win either set! Just winning a prize is good, right?
Diane Kaylor.

Dallan Christenson

Pearls Befire Swine - my favorite (next to Calvin And Hobbes.

Karolinde Wilson

Huge Peanuts fan but I love them all. Karolinde Wilson


Awesome comics!- Timothy Fisher

Tony Savoni

Pearls before Swine - Tony Savoni

Simon Parzer

ooooh, I want one of those! - Simon Parzer

Greg White

Hey I just want a free calendar

Samia Chehab

PBS - Samia Chehab

 joyce herbster

Pearls is one of the best strips today!

Musa abon

Peanuts I like snoopy

Markku Siira

Great! -Markku Siira-

Mike Ostresh

Love Calendars!!Thank you!!
Mike Ostresh


They are are great set - RJ Patel

tanvi butan

I love peanuts!!!!😍❤❤❤ i want it.😊😊

Samia Chehab

PBS - Samia Chehab

Samia Chehab



Pearls Before Swine :D


Pearls rock!! :-)
Prabath Lankathilaka

Jan Coe

LOVE them both !!

Teresa Allison

I love giveaways!!!! Teresa Allison

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